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Resene ColourWise 6/07 colour therapy healing with colour _________________________________________ feeling off-colour As we go through life we inevitably feel ‘off-colour’ at some stage. Our physical health and emotional and spiritual wellbeing is influenced by our genes, life experience and the quality of our environment. Mental and emotional development causes changes in colour energies – specific changes in the aura (invisible sheath of coloured light around the body) or colour energies of
  Resene ColourWise 6/07  ___________________________________________________________________________    colour therapy healing with colour  _________________________________________ feeling off-colour As we go through life we inevitably feel ‘off-colour’ at some stage. Our physical healthand emotional and spiritual wellbeing is influenced by our genes, life experience and thequality of our environment.Mental and emotional development causes changes in colour energies – specific changesin the aura (invisible sheath of coloured light around the body) or colour energies of thespine indicate health problems that may exist.Colour therapy (sometimes called chroma-therapy) can often detect and work onemerging health issues before they manifest into more serious illnesses.Optimum health and vitality comes through the balance of mind, body and soul – theholistic health movement has brought about a renewed interest in ancient practices suchas colour therapy, acupuncture and reflexology.Colour is like a nutrient and supports different parts of the body – as well as seeingcolour with your eyes via the brain, you absorb colour and light through your skin. Eventhe food you eat can affect the colour and shape of your aura, as can negative emotions,hard drugs and viruses or changes within your physical environment. The colour of theclothes you wear, the colour of the paint on the walls, the colour of the car you drive;all have an impact on how you feel on the inside, and what you project on the outside of your body. natural colour energies By extending your understanding of the natural colour energies and developing yourawareness of their power, you will open your eyes and your mind to the miraculousworld of colour.  Resene ColourWise 6/07  ___________________________________________________________________________   Patterns of energy interactions within and around the human body are similar to thosethat occur around every living entity in nature – an imbalance of the energies causesdiscomfort and illness. While the aura is not normally visible to the human eye, colourtherapists can ‘see’ it or may use scientific equipment to take a reading of the colourenergies and thus diagnose the wellbeing of the person, animal or plant.Rebalancing and revitalising the body’s energies, colour treatment can assist the body toheal itself or support other treatments and therapies for minor ailments or more seriousillness, as well as stress-related and mental disorders.Colour therapists use a variety of techniques to rebalance and revitalise patients – fullspectrum lamps, coloured crystals and silks, coloured water and oils, colour visualisationor colour breathing and scientific and computerised equipment with sensors and concisecolour radiation lights, which are applied onto a specific reflex zone. colour at home and work With the wealth of colours now available, information on the particular effects of different colours is more in demand, and colour consultants can advise on colour use inthe home, hospitals, schools, offices and factories.Rudolph Steiner studied the effects of colour on individuals and developed colourschemes for classrooms – rose pink for 6 and 7 year olds, moving towards yellow for 12year olds and gentle green for teenagers.Hospital colour schemes can help the healing process – red to increase energy, blue forcalmness, magenta to bring about change, turquoise for immunity, green to createbalance, yellow for detachment or orange for joy.In offices and factories management of colour improves the work environment andincreases productivity and efficiency. Colour is also used for safety features, such as redsigns for danger areas, or green for emergency exits.People who spend a great deal of time in artificial lighting, which does not emit thesame balance of colours as sunlight are depriving themselves of colour nourishment andare more prone to depression.The response to colours and health is similar worldwide, which suggests that colourassociations are a part of our inherent connection with the planet.  Resene ColourWise 6/07  ___________________________________________________________________________   g the density andmperature of the air that surrounds objects – touch at a distance – people with poorreathing does more than bring oxygen into your body and remove carbon dioxide fromins and revitalises your spiritual energy. Relax your body, sitd will power – breath outturquoise. ã   reathe in yellow to increase your objectivity and intellectual powers –athe out red. colour for living  nlight for photosynthesis – the energy penetratese leaves and combines the carbon dioxide from the air with water and trace elementsthed in light from the sun that penetrates our skin and muscles, even ourones, in order to bring warmth and trigger chemical changes in the body tissues forand releases energy – input and output – the outputnergy is our aura of light.d humans all have their own aura, which differ in complexitynd colour ranges.Visually impaired people can interpret colours through feelintesight can live in a world of colour. breathing colour Byour blood – it sustacomfortably and breathe colour for the following situations. ã   Red – breathe in red for vitality, energy, strength an ã   Orange – breathe in orange of joy, happiness and fun – breathe out blue. Yellow – bbreathe out violet. ã   Turquoise – breathe in turquoise to counteract inflammation/fever and supportimmune system – bre ã   Blue – breathe in blue for relaxation and peace or to combat insomnia – breathe outorange. ã   Violet – breathe in violet to increase self respect, dignity and beauty – breathe outyellow. ã   Magenta – breathe in magenta to let go of old obsessions and thoughts – breathe outgreenWe easily accept that plants require suthfrom the soil.Humans are babgrowth and reproduction processes.Everything on earth takes in energye Minerals, plants, animals ana  Resene ColourWise 6/07  ___________________________________________________________________________   ody are eight chakras corresponding to the eight coloured layers of e aura. Red – the base chakra is connected to passion, life energy, sexuality and the power– the sacral chakra relates to the adrenal glands and influenced by genetic ã   e solar plexus has descended into the nervous system – the centre of the ã   the thymus chakra of the thymus gland is connected with generosity of  ã   hroat chakra is linked with the thyroid gland and the centre for creative ã   row chakra, also known as the third eye, is the centre of creative ã   a at the top of your head is the centre of spirituality and backbone of colours  Spinal diagnosis – analysing colour in the spine, gives more opportunity to diagnose thecondition of the body and mind, and another way of allowing colour into the body forhealing purposes.ensity of colours increase towards the bottom of the spine. Physical area - the sacrum (tail bone) can provide information about your physicalth yournd us. ã   d bones of the skull receive messages from our higherWithin the human bth ã to create. ã   Orange patterning. Yellow – thself worth. Turquoise –life and love. Blue – the texpression through sound. Violet – the bvisualisation and higher self. Magenta – the crown chakrconnects you to infinite intelligence.The order of the colours within each section is the same, following the colours of therainbow, and the int ã being – sexuality, obsessions and habits, physical ailments, exercise and sport, etc. ã   Metabolic area – the five lumbar vertebrae represent issues connected wihousehold tasks, metabolic processes, digestive system, food, toxins, drug andalcohol consumption. ã   Emotional area – the next 12 vertebrae up the spine are known as the thoracicvertebrae and carry information about your soul, relationships, feelings – how wereact to the world arou ã   Mental area – colour in this area of the spine relates to the ego, thoughts, memoryand intellect. Spritual area – the eight fusespiritual self and are not used in diagnosis because of the difficulty of interpretation.
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