Courtship by John Wesley

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John Wesley poetry
  1 This document was produced by the Duke Center for Studies in the Wesleyan Tradition underthe editorial direction of Randy L. Maddox, with the diligent assistance of Aileen F. Maddox.Last updated: August 1, 2010. MS Courtship 1 This slim octavo notebook volume (about 6 in. by 9 in. in size) is clearly dependant upon MSDeliberative Hymns, reproducing ten of the seventeen hymns in the larger collection. The introduction tothe former volume applies to this one as well. As Sarah Wesley Jr. inscribes at the front of the presentvolume: “These Hymns & Prayers were written by the Revd C. Wesley, when he had thoughts of marrying Miss Sarah Gwynne, who became his wife afterwards.” There is no indication of a specificoccasion for this separate collection of selected hymns.MS Courtship is part of the collection in the Methodist Archive and Research Centre, accessionnumber MA 1977/583/4 (Charles Wesley Notebooks Box 4). The transcription below is provided withpermission of the University Librarian and Director, The John Rylands University Library, TheUniversity of Manchester.  Table of Contents [I][1]–[2]II[2]–3III4–5IV5–6V7–8VI9–11VII11–13VIII13–15IX15–16X17–18  [Page 1] 2 Appears also in MS Deliberative Hymns, 1–2; and MS Occasional Hymns, 4–6. Publishedposthumously in Unpublished Poetry , 1:217–18.  [I.] 2 [1.]All good, all wise, almighty Lord,Supremely just and true,I cast me on thy faithful Word,And wait thy Will to do:Thy Will concerning me reveal,Thy Heavenly Light impart,And speak by Signs infallibleThe Answer to my Heart.2.Thee, Lord, in all my Ways I own,My Counseller and Guide,I hang upon thine Arm alone,And in thy Love confide;Ah! do not then my Soul rejectBut all my Paths attend,But all my Works and Thoughts directTo thine appointed End.3.Thou readst th’ unutterable CareThat labours in my Breast,And knowst, till Thou the Mind declareI know not what is best.A Sinner, doubly dark and blind,A foolish foolish Worm,O how shall I the Secret find,And all thy Will perform.4.I would not my own Soul deceive,My own Designs pursue,  [Page 2] 3 Appears also in MS Deliberative Hymns, 3–4; and MS Occasional Hymns, 13–14. Publishedposthumously in Unpublished Poetry , 1:218–19.I can no more an Heart believeWhich never yet prov’d true.Death in the Error of my LifeI would not fondly find;Declare, O Lord, to end the Strife,The Thing by Thee design’d.5.For thy Determining CommandI at thy Footstool lie,Intent to mark the Pointing Hand,To catch the Guiding Eye.To Thee with meek submissive FearTh’ Important Doubt I leave,Till Thou in Heavenly Light appear,Till Thou the Fiat give.6.Jesus, thro’ thine orepowering GraceI every Wish resign,Nor can I, till Thou shew’st thy Face,To This or That incline;Thy Face conceal’d  , thy Mind unknown Preserves the Balance even,And makes me cry Thy Will be doneOn Earth, as tis in Heaven.  II. 3 [1.]Heavenly Counseller DivineWaiting for thy Will I stand,Both mine Eyes, Thou knowst, are Thine,Reach me out an Helping Hand:Thou my faithful Pilot beWhile these threatning Billows roar,
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