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  6 CONTENTS  General Aviation Manufacturers Association Statistical Databook & Industry Outlook  GENERAL AVIATION   The General Aviation Manufacturers Association (GAMA) represents over 65 of the world’s leading manufacturers of xed-wing general aviation airplanes, engines, avionics, and components. In addition to building nearly all of the general aviation airplanes yingworldwide today, GAMA member companies also operate eets of airplanes, xed-based operations, pilot / technician training centers,and maintenance facilities.Headquartered in Washington, DC, with a European ofce in Brussels, Belgium, GAMA represents the interests of its members to government agencies throughout the world. These interests include legislation, safety regulations and standards, market access, development of aviation infrastructure, and aviation security.GAMA also works with national and international industry groups and regulatory authorities to promote the interests of general aviation througha variety of means including the development of worldwide standards at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Through its public information and education programs, GAMA promotes better understanding of general aviation and the important role it plays ineconomic growth and in serving the transportation needs of communities, companies and individuals around the globe. GENERAL AVIATION IS ONE Of THE wORLD’S MOST IMpORTANT ANDDYNAMIC INDUSTRIES.   As an integral and vital part of a magnicentsystem operated for the public benet, general aviation provides services and fullls needs that are more essential to the world economy than ever before. It is millions of people working to bringthe advantages of the airplane to communities around the globe.General aviation touches every aspect of our lives, our economy, and our future. It represents over one million jobs, billions of  dollars in revenue, and the growth of thousands of cities,businesses, services, and manufacturing facilities around the world. General aviation is defined as all aviation other than militaryand scheduled commercial airlines. Consider the scope of  general aviation: + Over 320,000 general aviation airplanes worldwide, ranging from two-seat training aircraft to intercontinental business jets, are ying today; nearly 228,000 of those airplanes are based in the United States. + General aviation contributes more than $150 billion to the U.S. economy annually and employs more than 1,265,000 people. + In the U.S., general aviation aircraft y almost 24 million hours and carry 166million passengers annually. + There are nearly 4,000 paved general aviation airports open to the public inthe U.S. By contrast, scheduled airlines serve less than 500 airports. + Over two-thirds of all the hours own by general aviation aircraft are for business purposes. + General aviation is the primary training ground for most commercial airline pilots.  i Statistical Databook & Industry Outlook  Generl viin GENERAL AVIATION MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIATION
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