Development of Science and Technology for Prosperity

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Development of Science and Technology for Prosperity. HUMAN RESOURCES TRAINING AND EDUCATION The Trinidad & Tobago Experience… 17 th November 2011 Presenter: Mr. Chandar Gupta Supersad, Chairman of Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme. SNAPSHOT OF T&T.
Development of Science and Technology for Prosperity HUMAN RESOURCES TRAINING AND EDUCATION The Trinidad & Tobago Experience… 17th November 2011 Presenter: Mr. Chandar Gupta Supersad, Chairman of Youth Training and Employment Partnership Programme SNAPSHOT OF T&T LOCATION – Southern most islands of the Lesser Antilles, located close to South America GOVERNMENT - Parliamentary Democracy POULATION - 1,300,000 citizens SOCIETY – Multicultural IDENTITY - Known internationally as the Land of Steelpan, Calypso Chutney, Limbo and The Soca Warriors. It is also renowned for its annual Carnival celebration. Eco-tourism. T&T’s - Competitive Advantages at the crossroads of the Americas
  • ECONOMY – Based on Petroleum, Natural Gas, Asphalt, Petrochemicals, Iron & Steel, Manufacturing, Construction, Tourism (Tobago)
  • Strategic location
  • Market access
  • Pro-business environment
  • Advanced infrastructure
  • Highly educated workforce
  • Trinidad & TobagoGovt’s 7 Pillars for Sustainable Development
  • People-Centred Development
  • Poverty Eradication and Social Justice
  • National and Personal Security
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • A more Diversified, Knowledge Intensive Economy
  • Good Governance
  • Foreign Policy
  • SUCCESSES Establishment of a Regional Advisory Committee (CANTA) 2003 Award of CVQs – Caribbean Vocational Qualifications NTAs: Barbados (1998), Jamaica (1991), Trinidad and Tobago (1999) Developed a Regional Model Competency Based Have initiated the process to develop a Caribbean LMIS SUCCESSES Government’s Agenda 2004 2008 2001
  • The country has reported significant increases in the local tertiary education participation rate within recent years.
  • Steadily increasing through government incentives (GATE) so as to achieve a targeted participation rate of at least 60% by 2015.
  • 7% 15% 40% TERTIARY ENROLMENT - 2011 100% Computer Literate 60% in Engineering and Sciences Vocational Training Annual Output 85% undergo Lifeskills Training 25% undergo entrepreneurial training 25% do computer programmes Emphasis on Work based learning and life skills Investment in UTT & UWI relevant to labour market needs Development of Science and Technology for Prosperity. Investment in IT Skill Development Vocational Skills Training in schools (ICT etc) NIHERST – forcused on promoting science education and technological creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. . SECONDARY SCHOOLs 1st FORMERSStudent Laptop Initiative Educational goals: • creation of lifelong learners • the development of higher-order cognitive skills • learning of critical thinking and problem solving skills • fostering creativity and innovation to benefit society • use computers and understand ICT • change teaching to a student-centered process • teach research and analysis • better prepare students for the workplace • make education more relevant • improve students' collaborative skills 2010 – 20,400 laptops 2011 – 17,300 laptops Closing the Digital Gap
  • Targets 10,000 persons for certification many of whom may have never had any form of IT certification before.
  • Develop a National ICT Competency Framework to guarantee minimum standards of ICT competency for persons entering the work force.
  • Use existing workplaces as Workforce Assessment Centres (institutions and programmes listed in subsequent slides)
  • Establishment of programmes with vocational alignment:
  • Youth employment and the transition from school to work and life long learning (Lifeskills Preparation)
  • CVQ in Secondary Schools
  • Youth, Training, Employment Partnership Programme (YTEPP)
  • Multi-sector Skills Programme (MuST)
  • Helping Youth Partnership Programme (HYPE)
  • On-the-Job Training Programme
  • Re-training Programme
  • Established Institutions:
  • Metal Industries Company Limited (MIC)
  • National Energy Skills Center (NESC)
  • UTT
  • Initiatives in Science, Technology and Innovation TVET Operating Model using CBET Approach Caribbean Vocational Qualifications Labour Market Needs & Analysis TVET Registry & Industry Demand Regional Harmonization including Naming of Occupations Occupational Analysis Knowledge & Understanding (Theory & Know-how) Performance Criteria & Employability Skills Development of Standards & Qualifications Development of Instructional Materials Development of Assessment tools and Instruments Training Intervention Assessment of Learners Apprenticeships, MuST, MIC/HYPE NESC, MoE, SERVOL & YTEPP... Award of Certification (Unit Awards & CVQs) Workforce Assessment Centres T&T - Seamless System of Education & TrainingArticulation Pathways – “Bridges & Ladders” Bridging Programmes University [Degree] INDUSTRY Work-based Apprenticeships [CVQ L4 & 5] Level 4&5 Associate Degree / Technician Diploma Bridging Programmes INDUSTRY Work-based Apprenticeships [CVQ L3] Level 3 INDUSTRY Work-based Apprenticeships [CVQ L2] CXC CAPE CXC CVQ Level 2 Institution CVQ L2 Level 2 Bridging Programmes INDUSTRY [CVQ L1] Level 1 CXC CSEC CXC CVQ Level 1 Institution CVQ L1 PLAR Education System (Academia) Competency Based Training System World of Work 22 Thank you… Contact us: Level 16-18, Tower C, International Waterfront Complex 1a Wrightson Road Port-of-Spain Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Telephone: (868)627-9508 Fax: (868)627-5437 Email: [email protected]
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