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  TOP JULY RELEASES :DC / MARVEL / IMAGE / VALIANT AND MORE DC COMICS CRITIQUES :BATMAN / SUPERMAN / TALON / FLASH MARVEL COMICS CRITIQUES :X-MEN / SPIDER-MAN / MILLARWORLD IMAGE COMICS CRITIQUES :BEDLAM FILM REVIEW : IRON MAN 3 ISSUE 13 MAY 2013 DEVILCOMICS.COM © 1999-2013 Devil Comics Entertainment . All othertrademarks and logos are the property of their respectiveowners. All rights reserved.  DC COMICS TOP JULY 2013 SOLICITATIONS The much-hyped Trinity War begins this July and ends in August consisting of three Justice Leaguetitles including the main Justice League, Justice League America, and Justice League Dark. Many fanswere expecting a separate series instead of the current issues of theNew 52. Trinity War #1 would definitely sell more issues than JusticeLeague #22 but DC Comics seems to respect the readers by keepingit low key and pushing up the demand for the current titles.The two-month event will climax with an undisclosed Septemberevent celebrating the beginning of the third anniversary of the New52. The Trinity War involves the Secret Society of Super-Villains andrumors abound the September issues will involve villains taking overthe main titles. Instead of Flash #25, the series will celebrate thecurrent villain running through their arc with a special issue: TheReverse Flash #1.The company-wide release will replace the ongoing series for onemonth with new #1 issues of the villains which include Relic, CrimeSyndicate of America, Bane, the Cyborg Superman, Reverse Flashand the Joker’s daughter.   July solicitations erupt with DC annuals exploring the relationships between the characters or expand on themain series.The Flash Annual #2 presents the first meeting between the Flash and Green Lantern while The BatmanAnnual #2 expands on the Batman: Zero Year story. Both Batman: Zero Year and Superman Unchained get Director’s Cutspecials revealing the stunning pencil art of Greg Capullo and Jim Lee as wellas scripts by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV.Highlights from other July DC Comics include:- Count Vertigo makes his New 52 debut in Green Arrow #22- New Genesis comes alive in Wonder Woman #22- War rings as the heroes take on Steppenwolf in Earth 2 #14- Artist Kenneth Rocafort returns in Superman #22- Batman and Superman travel to Earth 2 in Batman/Superman #2- Batman: Zero Year reveals Bruce Wayne’s past in Batman #22- Calvin Rose takes on Bane in Talon #10- Grant Morrison closes out his run with Batman, Incorporated #13- Jeff Parker brings the collected digital editions in Batman ’66 #1  MARVEL COMICS TOPJULY 2013SOLICITATIONS In July Marvel releases the aftermath of the Age of Ultron event with Avengers A.I which unites the artificial intelligence of the Marvel Universe inone book and Guardians of the Galaxy which featuresNeil Gaiman’s Angela.Marvel also releases a classified Age of Ultron #10 U.C with the word Hunger  in purple. Many believe this is the coming of Galactus however in 2003 writerJim Starlin wrote a Thanos series involving a character called the Hunger. TheHunger consumed countless realities so it seems to reason the classified writerto Age of Ultron #10 U.C is Jim Stalin.Highlights from other July Marvel comics include:- The Prelude to Infinity hits the Avengers and New Avengers - The Grim Reaper, Daken, Banshee, and the Sentry return as Four Horsemen- Superior Spider-Man takes on Shadowland- Two new series Superior Foes and Superior Spider-Man Team-Up- Mark Millar continues his finale for the Kick-Ass TrilogyAfter April’s Superior Spider-Man #9 , Peter Parker no longerexists as Doc Ock wiped him completely from his mind. Thissetup brings Spider-Man 2099 into Superior Spider-Man inSeptember. During C2E2, writer Dan Slott indicated withall thetime travel stories in the Marvel Universe including Age of Ultron , All-New X-Men , and Spider-Man 2099 are allintentional.Rumor has it since Doc Ock destroyed Peter, the timeline haschange resulting in Spider-Man 2099 to return to the present toset things right.  IMAGE COMICS TOPJUL Y 2013 SOLICITATIONS Meanwhile various writers continue with their creator-owned series including J. Michael Straxzynski’s Ten Grand ,RobertKirkman’s The Walking Dead , ErikLarsen’s Savage Dragon , KurtisJ.Wiebe’s Peter Panzerfaust , Nick Spencer’s Moring Glories and  Bedlam , Jonathan Hickman’s The Manhattan Projects and Eastof West , Greg Rucka’s Lazarus , and Matt Fraction’s SatelliteSam .Image Comics collects a series of trades as Top Cow’s TheDarkness hits the series finale before launching Darkness Falls . Writer RonMarz is set to return tothe Witchblade series shortly after Darkness Falls event.During C2E2 Kurtis J. Wiebe of  Peter Panzerfaust bringsanother comic this September called Rat Queens . PeterPanzerfaust is being adapted as both a motion comic andlive action TV series.
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