Doctor Who 4 Ep.X - Shooting Script - Voyage of the Damned - 20.07.07

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Doctor Who 4 Episode X By Russell T Davies Shooting Script Yellow Revisions 20/07/07 Ep X - Yellow DW4 www.thew Doctor Who 4 - Episode X - Pink pages - 03/07/07 - page 1. 1 INT. TARDIS - DAY REPEAT OF 3.13 SC.92. THE TARDIS in flight. THE DOCTOR walks around the console. Deep in thought. And then... EXPLOSION! The Doctor's showered with debris! 1 He's on the floor. Coughing. Smoke in the air. He waves his hand to clear the air, looking up. Gobsmacked. What? THE DOCTOR But..
   D W 4 -  E p  X -  Ye l lo w w w w. t he w r i te rs ta m  Doctor Who 4Episode XByRussell T DaviesShooting ScriptYellow Revisions20/07/07   D W 4 -  E p  X -  Ye l lo w w w w. t he w r i te rs ta m  Doctor Who 4 - Episode X - Pink pages - 03/07/07 - page 1.11INT. TARDIS - DAYREPEAT OF 3.13 SC.92. THE TARDIS in flight. THE DOCTORwalks around the console. Deep in thought. And then...EXPLOSION! The Doctor's showered with debris!He's on the floor. Coughing. Smoke in the air. He waveshis hand to clear the air, looking up. Gobsmacked.THE DOCTORWhat? But... what??FX: WIDE SHOT, the PROW OF A SHIP, an old-fashioned liner,now sticking through the whole of the right hand wall ofthe Tardis, filling half the space.The Doctor finds in the debris, a lifebelt. He flips itover. It says: TITANIC.THE DOCTOR (CONT'D) What??!  (End repeat, new material.) He leaps to his feet, slamsaway at the Tardis console. Engines roar -FX: the prow of the ship withdraws through the hole.He slams more switches, the Time Rotor rising and falling,the sound of materialisation filling the air...CUT TO:22INT. SMALL CUPBOARD - NIGHTTiny, dark linen cupboard, just big enough for...FX: the TARDIS materialises.THE DOCTOR comes out, still brushing himself down. Patsthe Tardis, to make sure it's okay. Then opens the cupboarddoor, steps out.CUT TO:33INT. TITANIC RECEPTION, DECK 22 - CONTINUOUSTHE DOCTOR steps into -Large space, reception desk, all wood & marble, more TITANICsignage, STEWARDS passing to and fro, and GUESTS in theirfinery, chatting, laughing. It all looks very 1912... almost. It's part luxury-liner, part hotel. And it'sdecked out for Christmas, nice big tree, nothing gaudy,all very period and classy. The Doctor walks through...Men in black tie. Ladies in posh dresses. Staff lookingimmaculate. A WAITRESS in uniform - ASTRID, young, bright,feisty - walks past, carrying a tray. Then he sees -(CONTINUED)   D W 4 -  E p  X -  Ye l lo w w w w. t he w r i te rs ta m  Doctor Who 4 - Episode X - Shooting Script - 28/06/07 - page 2.3CONTINUED:3Two GOLDEN ANGELS, guarding a set of internal doors. THEHEAVENLY HOST. Like metal statues - tall, with beautifulgold, blank faces, simple tunics, hands locked in prayer,folded wings, glowing haloes suspended above by thin struts.One of them slowly turns his head. Looks at the Doctor.Black eyes in a gold face.The Doctor creeped out, then distracted by seeing -BANNAKAFFALATTA strolling past, in black tie; three foottall, head like a spiky red conker.The Doctor's getting the hang of it now, goes to portholeset in the wall.CU the Doctor, framed in the porthole.THE DOCTORRiiight....CUT TO:44EXT. FX SHOT - NIGHTFX: LONG HERO FX SHOT, pulling back to see the whole ship -A SPACESHIP, exactly like the Titanic, but with mightyantigravity engines underneath. Keep pulling out wider,to see the vessel sailing majestically above the Earth.Over this:TANNOYThe Titanic is now in orbit aboveSol 3, also known as Earth,population: Human. Ladies andgentlemen, welcome to Christmas!CUT TO OPENING TITLES55OMITTED66INT. BRIDGE - NIGHTQuiet and dark. A long room, rather than deep; computerbanks, still with brass ship's fittings, and centre, abig, wooden SHIP'S WHEEL, facing windows, which look outon to BLACKNESS. An oil painting of the boss, MaxCapricorn, stares down.CREW operating controls, in smart 1912-ish uniform - NB,everything on board is only an approximation of the period.CAPTAIN HARDAKER stands centre - 60, wise, calm.CAPTAIN HARDAKEROrbit nice and steady. Good work,Mr Cavill. And maintain position.(MORE)(CONTINUED)   D W 4 -  E p  X -  Ye l lo w w w w. t he w r i te rs ta m  Doctor Who 4 - Episode X - Shooting Script - 28/06/07 - page 3.6CONTINUED:6CAPTAIN HARDAKER (CONT'D)(more relaxed)Now then, gentlemen, according tothe traditions of the planet below,Christmas is a time of celebration.I think you might be entitled to atot of rum. Just the one! Offyou go, I'll keep watch.The men head off, except MIDSHIPMAN FRAME, young, nervous.CAPTAIN HARDAKER (CONT'D)And you, what was it..?MIDSHIPMAN FRAMEMidshipman Frame, sir. Only justqualified, sir. First trip out!CAPTAIN HARDAKERThen you can stand down, Midshipman.MIDSHIPMAN FRAMEBut, um... Regulations say theBridge has to be staffed by twocrewmembers at any one time, sir.CAPTAIN HARDAKERWell said. Very good! Should benice and quiet. It's only a LevelFive planet down below, they don'teven know we're here. Silent night,I believe they call it. A silentnight.And they stand together, on duty.CUT TO:77INT. TITANIC RECEPTION, DECK 22 - DAYAn advert, horizontal lines visible, seen on a TV screen.The Reception is empty except for MAX CAPRICORN to CAMERA -50, bit of a showman, gold tooth, waxy black moustache,MAXMax Capricorn Cruiseliners, thefastest, the furthest, the best.And I should know, cos -(big smile, CU)My name's Max!FX: his gold tooth goes ding! Screen blips, footage replays, and PULL OUT TO REVEAL:CUT TO:
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