Dominic Robinson CV 042013

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Dominic Robinson CV 042013
  DOMINIC N. Y. ROBINSON The Old Coach House020-8390-4044 (H)Upper Brighton Road07808-587027 (M)Surbiton KT6 EDUCATION  A. C. A., Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (first time pass)C. A., Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (first time pass)B. A. (Econ.) Economics and Econometrics, Manchester University A Levels, Marlborough College (Maths, Physics, Business Studies) PROFILE ã Senior business analyst / data analyst / programmer specialising in Microsoft Access, Excel, VBA andSQL (Oracle) ã Over 15 years experience in creating tactical systems / solutions and migrating and analysing data for Investment Banks in the areas of client MI, finance systems, general ledger SAP migration /conversion, human resources, and regulatory reporting. ã Thrives on taking a project from a sponsor’s initial idea through to the finished product, anticipating,developing and refining users’ requirements as the project progresses. SUMMARY OF BUSINESS EXPERIENCE RBS - GTS - Client MI - design, build and manage tactical access solutionMar 2010 - Mar 2013UBS (London / Zurich) - various tactical systems, migrations and reconciliationsFeb 2003 - Feb 2010Prodata Partners - BT sales segmentation modelsNov 2001 - Jan 2003UBS (London / Zurich) - SAP General Ledger ConversionsJul 2000 - Jun 2001Deutsche Bank - Maintain and manage tactical access solutionJun 1997 - Mar 2000Barclays Bank - Design and build BOE reporting systemsSep 1995 - Dec 1996HSBC - Finance systems / International Financial ControlMar 1991 - Nov 1994 BUSINESS EXPERIENCERBS Global Transaction Services Client MI – London March 2010 – March 2013 Consultant Business Analyst / Programmer  ã Contract in RBS Global Transaction Services (GTS) Client MI to design, build and manage atactical access database. GTS includes domestic and international cash management andinternational trade products ã System combines high volume of data (12 million records ) from a number of sources, addsclient and other static data and then creates a standard monthly suite of Client MI reports. ã Client MI function off shored to Poland in March 2013  Achievements ã  Automated client management to financial information reconciliation process ã Created GL analysis sub-system for use in the MI / FI reconciliation and strategic solution ã Created additional sub-system for independent use by the FI client department. ã Part of team to design and test new feed into strategic BO solution, going live, on schedule inJanuary 2013 UBS Wealth Management – LondonJanuary 2009 – February 2010 Consultant Business Analyst / Programmer  ã Contract in Wealth Management Finance (Change the Bank) in connection with the migration of approximately £3b assets of 8000 clients from a separate legal entity, with its own legacysystems, into UBS WM Ag. ã Responsible for the reconciliation of the data migration, from a finance perspective, from sourcedealing / general ledger (Figaro), static and management information (Lotus Approach) systemsinto target static (ICRM), dealing (Paladign), general ledger (SAP) and management information(GMIS) systems. ã  Also tasked with creating tactical solutions by automating repetitive / labour intensive financeprocesses -1 -  Dominic N. Y. Robinson (continued)  Achievements ã Planned, designed and built all reconciliations in Oracle SQL (TOAD) utilising direct links into allsource and target systems ã Designed summary reconciliation which demonstrated, on one page, the results of the completemigration ã Migration was successful with minimal errors ã Designed and built Access system to test fee accrual process. System imports accrual data files,analyses the data and exports analysed data into Excel pivots. Introduction of the systemresulted in significant time saving in the testing process UBS – London / ZurichMarch 2007 – July 2008 Consultant Project manager / Business Analyst / Programmer  ã Contract in Group HR Logistics to:a)transfer $1.1b of hedging assets from Jersey based trust accounts to UBS denominatedreporting entity specific accounts in accordance with IRS S409A, andb)replace the related liability based Microsoft access reporting system with an “off theshelf” asset based reporting system  Achievements ã Planned, managed and co-ordinated project with inputs from senior tax, finance and HRexecutives in New York, Zurich and London ã Successfully transferred $1.1b assets from a number of .Jersey based trust accounts to reportingentity specific UBS accounts - 450 investment vehicles hedging liabilities to 2000 employees UBS – ZurichSeptember 2003 – November 2006 Consultant Business Analyst / Programmer  ã Contract in Group Equity Participation Controlling department (GEPC) to define and develop anumber of reporting, consolidation and reconciliation systems in connection with the bank’sequity based employee compensation plans and related trusts.  Achievements IFRS2 Expense Reporting and Reconciliation ã Designed and developed a system to test the accuracy of group equity based compensationexpense calculated in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standard 2 (IFRS2). ã System produces a suite of reports which compares and reconciles instrument quantities andexpense calculated on an Access based system (i.e. the benchmark) to that produced on thenewly developed IFRS2 module of the bank’s core system (Oracle based|). ã Built in Access / VBA with automated pivot reporting into Excel Compensation Plan Income Reporting ã Designed and developed compensation plan investment income reporting system for the bank’sU.S. tax department. ã System extracts investment transactions from core Oracle system into Access and thencalculates realized and unrealized income on a first-in / first-out (FIFO) basis. ã System includes a complete continuity of investment costs, on a FIFO basis, and an extensivesuite of reports which analyse all components of plan income and expense. Group Consolidation Feeder System ã Specified, designed and developed system to feed trust data into bank’s consolidation process. ã System extracts data from Oracle based accounting system into Access, converts the data intothe format required by the group and then carries out a suite of tests to ensure that the finaloutput is in the prescribed group format. Other  ã  Automated monthly and quarterly production of all trust accounts. Standardised presentation of all accounts and automated push of data held in Oracle accounting system into Excel. ã  Acted as VB / Access / Excel technical resource for both GEPC and other Corporate Centredepartments. - 2 -  Dominic N. Y. Robinson (continued) UBS – ZurichFebruary 2003 – June 2003 Consultant Business Analyst / Programmer  ã 5 month contract to build a system to carry out the conversion of an AccPac accounting systemto Oracle, and to extend an existing Oracle employee liability trust system, which was inventorybased, into an asset / liability / accounting / trading system with automated reconciliation to allother external repository and accounting systems.  Achievements ã ...Further developed automated conversion process into object orientated Access workflowsystem. Includes full logging facilities to record the results of each task and the source andreason for any errors. ã Created interface to old and new oracle systems using ODBC. Reconciliation of expected toactual values completely automated using Excel pivot tables – any breaks are immediatelyidentified. ã Created Abacus data-mining system using Excel and Extra! System resulted in client savingseveral man days per month within the department and is still in use in other divisions withinUBS. Prodata PartnersNovember 2001 – January 2003 Consultant Business Analyst / Programmer  ã Contract to build VBA / Access / Excel models of BT customer sales, market, and survey data.  Achievements ã  Automated segmentation model process. Key model parameters are defined. Model thenautomatically produces pivots and charts based on these defined parameters ã Created automated excel based decision tree. Key decision points are predefined andincorporated into the model. User selects customer and then is able to see that customer’s paththrough the decision tree. ã Developed comprehensive model of BT International product sales. Model integrates data fromBT’s general ledger, multiple survey results, and market related data. Update of general ledger data automated through Access / VBA. Model includes complex search routines and reports,developed using object orientated methods. UBSW – ZurichJanuary 2001 – June 2001 Consultant Business Analyst, Finance IT Department  General Ledger SAP Conversion ã 6 month contract to design and build systems required to convert legacy Abacus general ledger system in Zurich to SAP through PPP / GPP / IMS. System built in Access 97 / VBA / DAO withautomated reporting into Excel 97 pivot tables using VBA.  Achievements ã ....Created testing system for Unit testing and UAT. System imports data from various RiskManagement Systems (Desy FX / MM, Indigo, Nosy, OBS, Ranger) and creates automated pivotreports detailing expected output from BEE, IMS, DREP and SAP. ã Conversion process completely automated, from linking to Abacus extracts to exporting files toPPP, AMT4, Abacus and Excel pivot control reports. ã Developed automated bulk journaling facility for ongoing entries into Abacus. UBSW - LondonJuly 2000 – December 2000 Consultant Business Analyst, Finance IT Department  General Ledger SAP Conversion ã 6 month contract to design and build systems required to convert legacy mainframe BAS generalledger system to SAP / DREP through IMS. System was built in Access 97 with automated pivotreporting into Excel 97.  Achievements ã Developed reporting suite for each conversion strategy, and extensive ad hoc reportingcapabilities. - 3 -  Dominic N. Y. Robinson (continued) ã  Automated all reconciliations indicating the extent of the conversion’s success. Users were ableto anticipate the effect of conversion entries, and then, confirm that actual results were in linewith expectations. - 4 -
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