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ASSESSMENT OF MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION AS A NURSING SUBJECT IN WORLD CITI COLLEGES – ANTIPOLO CITY A Thesis Presented to The Faculty Of Colleges of Nursing In partial fulfillment Of the Requirements in the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Nursing Presented By: JESSA M. HERRERA JOFILINE S. BERNARDO ABIGAIL R. LIGUMBRES October 2009 9 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Accomplishing this study would always involve copious disputes and hardships. Admits this sacrifice and difficulties, we are exceeding grateful
  AA SSESSMENTSSESSMENT   OFOF MM EDICALEDICAL TT RANSCRIPTIONRANSCRIPTION AA SS A NA N URSINGURSING SS UBJECTUBJECT II NN WW ORLDORLD CC ITIITI CC OLLEGESOLLEGES – A – A NTIPOLONTIPOLO CC ITYITY A Thesis Presented toThe FacultyOf Colleges of NursingIn partial fulfillmentOf the Requirements in the Degree of Bachelor of Science in NursingPresented By: JJ ESSAESSA M. HM. H ERRERAERRERA JJ OFILINEOFILINE S. BS. B ERNARDOERNARDO AA BIGAILBIGAIL R. LR. L IGUMBRESIGUMBRES October 2009 9  ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Accomplishing this study would always involve copious disputes andhardships. Admits this sacrifice and difficulties, we are exceeding grateful for thekindhearted people who extended their support and incited us to draw morecourage and inspiration. It is for this reason that we wish to express our reflectiveappreciation to the following worthy people. For without their lending hand thisstudy would not be possible.Primarily, to our  Almighty God for giving us the vigor, knowledge andproficiency to finish this study and for all the blessing he has showered upon usto make everything achievable. For making us all considerate and for giving uspatience to understand everything.To Dr. Sergio S. Santos for the knowledge he imparted us, as well as hisguidance, patience and unconditional support.To Professor Catherine Magyani for being accommodating during theinterview regarding her subject and most especially for trusting us on givingsomeone information for the betterment of this study.The researcher would also want to take hold of this opportunity to expressgratitude to our supportive and understanding family for their unconditional loveand support.Lastly, for each and every one of us,  jhe, jof  and abhie , who made eacheffort worthy in making this thesis possible.  10  CC HAPTER HAPTER  IITT HEHE PP ROBLEMROBLEM   ANDAND   ITSITS BB ACKGROUNDACKGROUND II NTRODUCTIONNTRODUCTION World Citi Colleges embarks another endeavor through redefining the faceof quality education by focusing on the fundamental needs of its students byequipping them with useful and relevant education that they can use when theyface the real world outside the school boundaries.The World Citi College Bachelor of Science in Nursing course has beentraditionally thriving in constantly delineating its plan to improve its students withthe latest scientific and technological education that prepares the for cutting edgestandards in delivering the whole range of nursing care services.Through the ebb and flow of global opportunities, WCC has incorporatedMedical Transcription Training in the curriculum of the allied medial coursesoffered by its college of Nursing and Midwifery. The subject, Introduction toMedical Transcription introduced MT as a career to allied medical fields. Fromthen the institute became an excellent training center for students who wants tobecome medical language specialists. 11  In the broadest sense, Medical Transcription also known as MT, is anallied health profession, which deals in the process of transcription, or convertingvoice-recorded reports as dictated by physicians and/or other healthcareprofessionals into text format.Physicians and other healthcare providers employ state of the artelectronic technology to dictate and transmit highly technical and confidentialinformation of their patients. These medical professionals rely on skilled medicaltranscriptionists to transform spoken words into comprehensive records thataccurately communicate medical information.As future registered nurses, nursing students certainly should be capableof reading and understanding most medical reports. Consequently, includingmedical transcription in their curriculum can add value to their services byincorporating technology that will handle a task, which is basically done by other in-office medial staff.We have decided to peruse this study, in order for the nursing student torealize the importance of the Subject Medical Transcription to the nursing course.This will help in the assessment of level of difficulty of the topics under MedicalTranscription on the nursing course. This would be beneficial to all nursingstudents planning to take Medical Transcription as an option for their futurecareers. 12
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