First Report CHA Demonstration

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Chemical method of emasculation in cotton was demonstrated throughout Pakistan to replace manual cotton hybrid seed production as practiced in India and China.
  First Report A NOVEL arrowhead TECHNOLOGY for Low Cost Hybrid Bt-Cotton Seed Production Demonstration of CHA Technology at PSC farm, Khanewal  Federal Seed Certification & Registration Department G-9/4, Islamabad, Ph: 051-9260126  Bulk of the Hybrid Bt-Cotton seed production in China, India, Israeland Vietnam is being done through manual emasculation andpollination resulting in huge cost of hybrid seed production which isultimately transferred to the cotton growers.Fig: Manual emasculation of cotton flowers The novel hybrid Bt-cotton seed productiontechnology replaces cumbersome laborious job of emasculation with low cost ChemicalHybridizing Agent (CHA). 2   Technology provider SEED CARE SERVICES  TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATION FACILITATOR Federal Seed Certification & RegistrationDepartment  Technology consumer HYBRID SEED PRODUCING COMPANIES  TECHNOLOGY BENEFICIERIES Cotton Growers of Pakistan 3  Benefits of Hybrid Cotton Seed Production 1. Traditional breeding takes long time in combiningbeneficial traits available in two different varietieswhereas hybrids instantly integrate such traits in onego.2.High yields, good fiber quality, bollworm resistance,herbicide tolerance, CLCuV resistance, heat anddrought tolerance traits can be integrated throughhybrid seed production.3.Studies indicate increase in yield up to 25% due tohybrid vigor, depending upon genetic distance. 4. Hybrid Bt-cotton with CLCuV resistance and herbicidetolerance traits will reduce cost of insecticides andweed-control to the tune of 50% and boost farmers’yield and income by 30%. 5. Hybrid seeds provide inbuilt technology protection, inabsence of plant breeder’s rights, to the seedcompanies.6.Hybrid seeds will ensure uniform cotton quality for thebenefit of textile industry.7.Hybrid seeds will solve the chronic problem of lowgermination / vigor in Bt-cotton genotypes.8.National goal of increasing cotton yields to meetindustry needs can be realized through extensive use of hybrid Bt-cotton seeds. 4
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