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Flight Tests and Experimental Models LAB. Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Politehnica University of Bucharest 1 Polizu , sect. 1, Bucharest, ROMANIA Tel.: +40214023812 E-mail: parvu@aero.pub.ro. FTEM Lab Mission.
Flight Tests and Experimental Models LABFaculty of Aerospace Engineering, PolitehnicaUniversity of Bucharest1 Polizu, sect. 1, Bucharest, ROMANIATel.: +40214023812E-mail: parvu@aero.pub.roFTEM Lab Mission
  • Provide students with practical insight in the study of Flight Dynamics, Guidance and Control, Aerodynamics,
  • Allow development of experimental skills with low costs
  • Create a team working environment
  • Accepting challenges of international contest
  • Gather sponsorships for further developments
  • FTEM Lab history
  • Flight Tests and Experimental Models Laboratory was founded in 2008, autumn, at the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering, Politehnica University of Bucharest
  • Founders:
  • Prof. V. Stanciu – Dean
  • Prof. S. Danaila – Department Head
  • Assoc. Prof. M. Stoia-Djeska – vice-dean
  • Assoc. Prof. P. Parvu – Head of FTEM Lab
  • Euroavia Bucharest – student association
  • August 2009 – Air Cargo Challenge 2009
  • May 2011 – Future Flight Design 2011
  • August 2011 – Air Cargo Challenge 2011
  • May 2012 - NASA - Lunabotics Mining Competition
  • Facilities4 workbenches2 computers1 MICRO miller FF 500/CNC1 Lathe system PD 230/EVarious specific toolsSeagull telemetry setArduino Autopilot systemsUAV DevBoard Autopilot systemsElectric engines and propellers benchmark standSubsonic wind tunnelProjects The Seagull Telemetry system has 3 main components:Seagull Dashboard Telemetry Receiver - this unit displays telemetry data, and sounds alarms when problems occur. Onboard Flight Data Recorder - this unit collects the data from built-in and external sensors. Onboard Telemetry Transmitter - this unit sends the data from the Recorder to the Dashboard Aerial platform: 1:10 Yak54 replicaProjects Wind tunnel test of propellers and electric motorsProjects The UAV DevboardThe UAV Dev Board, originally designed by Bill Premerlani, is an IMU-based development platform for building controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.The UDB3 comes with a dsPIC30F4011 CPU, an MMA7260 three axis accelerometer and two dual-axis Inversense IXZ500 gyroscopes. With the addition of a GPS receiver, it can be used to develop a UAV controller for an RC plane. Aerial platform: Wing Tiger Art-TechProjects
  • Features:
  • Programmable 3D waypoints; return-to-launch mode, in-flight reset ability, fully programmable actions at waypoint and totally expandable board.
  • Integrates the stabilization and navigation functions. Controls elevator, rudder and throttle, plus one accessory servo or ailerons.
  • "Fly-by-wire" mode gives the user a unique way to pilot the aircraft by telling it where you want to go and allowing the ArduPilot to fly the plane which is great for complete novices to fly.
  • Stores home waypoints and sensor calibration in EEPROM, so they are retrained even in the case of a system restart.
  • Supports Ground Stations for real-time telemetry
  • Uses a desktop setup utility for waypoints and autopilot settings.
  • Uses "cascading PID loops" to combine the stabilization and navigation functions seamlessly.
  • The ArduPilotArduPilot is an inexpensive, simple to use open source autopilot platform created by Chris Anderson and Jordi Munoz , with code developed by Jason Short and Doug Weibel. The hardware consists of the core autopilot board, and various sensors and accessories to add to its functionality. Projects The ArduPilot Aerial platform: various modelsInternational contest participation
  • Air Cargo Challenge 2009
  • Covilhã – Universidadeda Beira Interior, 27th-31st August 2009
  • Two teams: Sonic Kids, Infiniteam
  • 4th and 11th place of 27 teams
  • Air Cargo Challenge 2011
  • EuroaviaStuttgart and AkamodellStuttgart, 11th -15th August 2011
  • 1 team, Phoenix
  • 4th place of 26 teams
  • Future Flight Design 2011
  • Istanbul - Turkish Air Force Academy, 11th-14th May 2011
  • 1 team, Student Wings
  • First place in Autonomous Flight category
  • NASA Lunabotics 2011
  • Kennedy Space Center, Florida, 21st-26th May 2012
  • 1 team
  • Air Cargo Challenge 2009 Sonic Kids TeamFacultatea de InginerieAerospatialaTeamProject and realization3D model – SolidWorks; Aerodynamics –XFLR5, Fluent; Structural – ANSYS; Flight Dynamics – in house softwareProject and realizationContestTeamProject and realization
  • 3D model – SolidWorks; Aerodynamics –XFLR5, Fluent;
  • Structural – ANSYS; Flight Dynamics – in house software
  • Project and realizationContestFuture Flight Design 2011TeamFuture Flight Design 2011Project and realization3D model – SolidWorks; Aerodynamics –XFLR5, Fluent; Structural – ANSYS; Flight Dynamics – in house software; ArduPilot; FlightSim – Real Flight G4Future Flight Design 2011Project and realizationFuture Flight Design 2011ContestTeamProject and realization3D model – SolidWorks; Aerodynamics –XFLR5, Fluent; Structural – ANSYS; Flight Dynamics – in house softwareProject and realizationContestFTEM Lab Future Competitionswww.xprojects.roFTEM Lab Future Projects
  • Quad copter
  • Matlab - Simulink autopilot design model optimization
  • ACC2013 wing optimization
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