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Graphic Design. Creative Vehicle and stationary package. Outline. Create a stationary package from the branding task Create a creative vehicle for a CV . Stationary package.
Graphic DesignCreative Vehicle and stationary packageOutline
  • Create a stationary package from the branding task
  • Create a creative vehicle for a CV
  • Stationary packageUsing the geometric shapes from my compass logo mainly the cardinal points I set about creating my letterhead which would also inform me of how my comp slip will eventually lookA screen shot of the letterhead template in Illustrator Using the Cardinal points of my compass logo I’ve created two side bars top left and bottom right then reduced the opacity so as not to distract from the body content of the letter. The compass sits nicely over the top side bar. This leave a nice white area in the middle and gives the visual illusion of a positive stress line running through the letter.Completed LetterheadTo add a bit of individuality I've put my email and phone number running inside the bottom side bar and added my address to the topComp SlipUsing the same elements as before the comp slip took shape pretty fast all I changed was the position of my logo because it would have looked a bit silly with a reduced size and moved my address down and center after the comp sectionBusiness CardThe front of my business card is set to imitate a computer monitor with a rip off strip to open the card up with my details and tag line in. Creative Vehicle for CVUpon getting the brief I had a lot of idea from a interactive pop up book to an all singing all dancing app. But with the time available and the resources I decided to go for something low tech and just as interactive that still shows my creative side and apply the semiology that we've been learning about in the lectures.CV TemplateI started by designing a “fortune teller” template in Illustrator showing where all the fold lines will be CV with logoThen I dissected my logo design and broke the compass down into four quarters so when the design is complete my logo will appear as a completed whole.CV with IconsThen I decided on what attributes would or should describe where I'm at at the end of my degree and inserted the icons onto the next layer of my design so when it is interacted with the viewer gets to see what is beneath the logo.CV completeFor the final layer of my design I drew a silhouette and inserted into that the values that I assign to myself so in essence the CV is a representation of myself over three layers, the logo on top, the attributes that “I” think I have and the values that “I” think I have Conclusion Through out this process the medium that I want to present my CV on was always going to be a heavyweight paper 160+ gsm but in building the prototype of my design I found that the weight of the paper was such that the folds became extremely difficult to achieve so on reflection it would have to be on a paper of around 80 gsm. The corporate package paper would be on a similar paper around 80 gsm or 100 gsm with a texture with this said more research would be needed to find out the paper’s idiosyncrasy's in how the print would be affected by the texture and would there be any bleed?
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