Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park<br /> 2. Kilauea Volcano<br />Active volcano<br />Last big eruption in 1954, about 60 years ago. <br /> 3. Mauna…
  • 1. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park<br />
  • 2. Kilauea Volcano<br />Active volcano<br />Last big eruption in 1954, about 60 years ago. <br />
  • 3. Mauna Loa<br />The largest volcano in the world.<br />Covers half of big island.<br />Mauna Loa covers 2014 square miles.<br />
  • 4. Mauna Kea<br />
  • 5. Waipo Crater Valley Lookout<br />The volume of the Waipo Valley is 405,017,600,000 cubic feet. This is a beautiful place to eat a picnic.<br />
  • 6. Molokini Crater<br />
  • 7. Holei Sea Arch<br />At Holei sea arch, the cliffs are 80 to 90 feet high but many waves still spray or wash over it.<br />Lower on the cliffs there is a eruption Viewing platform.<br />
  • 8. Pacific Ocean<br /><ul><li>35,838 thousand ft down to the sea floor
  • 9. Biggest ocean in the world</li></li></ul><li>Hawaiian Archipelago<br />2,000 miles from the nearest landmass<br />One of the biggest clusters of volcanoes in the world.<br />
  • 10. Scoria Cones<br />Lots of them in Hawaii<br />They’re the most common type of volcano<br />
  • 11. Admire the video<br />Kilauea Volcano Erupts<br />
  • 12. Hawaiian Plants<br />
  • 13. Ama’u<br />7,000 divided by 5 equals 1,4000 ama’u trunks could fit into how high above sea level it is.<br />
  • 14. Ohelo<br />The range above sea level is 5,000 feet<br />
  • 15. Pukiawe<br />6-24 inches tall<br />Red and white small berries<br />The average of <br />The ft. above sea <br />Level is 4,375 ft <br />Above sea level<br />
  • 16. Painiu<br />Native lily<br />Leaves covered <br />with silver hairs<br />Orange fruits<br />
  • 17. ‘Akia<br />Shrubs or small trees<br />Smooth grey bark<br />Bark-fiber used to make cordage<br />
  • 18. Ohialehua<br />
  • 19. Lilikoi<br />Flowers are white, purple, yellow<br />Black brown edible seeds<br />The purple<br />Flower can be<br />found within a<br />2,000 ft. range <br />above sea level.<br />
  • 20. Hapu’u<br />Fern<br />Pillow stuffing, food, medicine<br />6,000 feet above sea level<br />The range of how high the <br />fern is 38 feet.<br />
  • 21.
  • 22. Happy Face Spider<br /><ul><li>Happyface Spider’s back looks like a Happy Face!
  • 23. The happy face spider is 5 millimeters, which is the same as 3/16 of an inch</li></li></ul><li>Monk Seal<br />prefer tropical climate to cold one.<br /> most endangered seal species.<br />Monk seals stay with young 2 weeks, otters stay with young for year<br />monk otters stay <br />with their young 10.4 times <br />longer than monk seals.<br />
  • 24. Hawaiian Hawk<br />8.9 percent of Hawaiian Hawk’s life spent with mother. 25.7 percent of humans life is spent with their mom.<br />Hawaiian Hawk usually lays one egg at a time, with three eggs as the most.<br />Sign of royalty <br />
  • 25. Hawaiian Hoary Bat<br />The Hawaiian Hoary Bat can eat up to it’s own weight in bugs in just one night. <br />endangered and solitary species. <br />they weigh <br />230g. or 8oz. so I found <br />out they <br />weigh exactly 226.80 g.<br />
  • 26. Hawksbill Sea Turtle<br />Critically endangered species<br />7th most endangered species<br /> the average hawksbill sea turtle’s lifespan is about 40 years. An <br />average dogs life is 12.8 years.<br />The average sea turtle’s life is <br />3 times the average dog’s.<br />
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