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1. Movies That Have Changed the Way We See Film By: Chris Linn 2. Contents ã 1940-1960 Films that were influential ã Citizen Kane Link ã The Good, The Bad, and The…
  • 1. Movies That Have Changed the Way We See Film By: Chris Linn
  • 2. Contents • 1940-1960 Films that were influential • Citizen Kane Link • The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Link • Quiz 1 Link • 1970-1980 Films that were influential • Star Wars A New Hope Link • The Terminator Link • Quiz 2 • 1990-Present Films that were influential • Pulp Fiction Link • The Matrix Link • Quiz 3 • Work Cited
  • 3. Orson Wells Citizen Kane •Written and Direct by Orson Wells, Released in 1941 •Nominated for nine Academy Awards, Won One for best screenplay •Wells directing debut, he created a new style of film making that was ground breaking for its time. •Wells used new ways of shooting his film by including “deep focus” and “low angled shots” so the audience could analyze everything in the scene
  • 4. Sergio Leone’s The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly • Sergio Leone’s Third Epic Spaghetti Western Film, Released in 1966. •Starred Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef, and Eli Wallach. •Quentin Tarantino has called it “ The best-directed film of all time.” •Considered the best film for its genre and time. •Leone uses a new technique to transcend the character development throughout the film, and he incorporates a new way of taking shots in the film. •His new shot technique was to limit the amount of vision that the viewer could see in his shots, so the audience felt like they were seeing the landscape as the actor would. With this new technique he could surprise audiences by adding quick scene changes or angles to his shots that would shock the viewer.
  • 5. Quiz One 1) The film Citizen Kane is directed and stars which actor? a) Orson Wells b) Sergio Leone c) Clint Eastwood d) John Wayne 2) What of the two film techniques did Orson implore in his film? a) high angle shots b) still motion shots c) deep focus shots d) low trajectory clips 3) Sergio Leone was a controversial and experimental director for his time. What was so important about this director? a) He designed a new camera that could take multiple of shots at one time. b) He developed a new technique of shooting scenes to surprise the audience. c) He was the first director to include three people to star in a movie. d) He made a new technique of shooting shots at night.
  • 6. George Lucas’s Star Wars: A New Hope •George Lucas the director and writer of the fifth Star Wars, was extremely influential for this movie that was released on May 25, 1977. •The film received critical acclaim and was nominated for ten academy awards. •For its time it became the highest grossing film making well over 700 million dollars worldwide. •Lucas also founded the company Industrial Light and Magic that paved the way for new and exciting technological advancements in the film industry. One for example would be motion control photography which became very influential to films such as Blade Runner.
  • 7. James Cameron’s The Terminator •Release date October 26, 1984 •Starring Lisa Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Michael Biehn •Schwarzenegger was originally casted to play the part of the human Kyle Reese, and Michael Biehn was originally chosen to play the Terminator. •The film employed multiple technical innovations that have been influential for its time. For example the creation of a fully mobile cyborg, the terminator. Here is a short clip that explains the different aspects of how the crew created the different bodies of the Terminator. •http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCvM per-2Vc&feature=related •Also the film has many futuristic shots that have been influential for making the other three films after it. One of these techniques is called force perspective , which enables the director to include a large scene with a multiple of props into a relatively small area.
  • 8. Quiz 2 1) Star Wars was both influential and ground breaking for its time. What specific new technology did the film incorporate? a) Motion Control Photography b) Slow motion photography c) Digital motion technology d) Still Motion photography 2) James Cameron implored a special photography technique, what technique does he use in his film The Terminator? a) Force Perspective b) low angled shots c) high angled shots d) computer generated movement 3) George Lucas’s Star Wars A New Hope won how many academy awards? a) 1 b) 3 c) 10 d) 0
  • 9. Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction •Released in September 23, 1994 •Starring John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis, Quentin Tarantino, and Uma Thurman •Like Citizen Kane, Pulp Fiction also implores a nonlinear story line. •The film was nominated for seven Oscars, and won one for best screenplay. •“Pulp Fiction is viewed as the inspiration for many later movies that adopted various elements of its style. The nature of its development, marketing, and distribution and its consequent profitability had a sweeping effect on the field of independent cinema. A watershed within Anglophone popular culture, Pulp Fiction's influence has been felt in several other media.”
  • 10. Wachowski Brother’s The Matrix •The film released on March 31, 1999. • The film is best known for its “slow bullet” scene, where the directors implore new technological advances that allow the shots to virtually get rid of the old still camera format. The new format is known as the virtual camera. •With the creation of the virtual backgrounds and CGI innovations, The Matrix paved the way for its sequels to adventure into new ways to develop and use the technology.
  • 11. Quiz 3 1) Quentin Tarantino implores what kind of technique in his film Pulp Fiction? a) non linear story line b) linear story line c) reverse story line d) natural occurring scenes 2) The Wachowski Brothers include what new technology in their film The Matrix? a) slow motion controlled shots b) virtual camera c) Massive d) CGI 3) Did Quentin Tarantino direct or star in the film Pulp Fiction? a) Direct b) Star c) both d) neither
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