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1. How To Learn Chinese Created By: Karen Rechnitzer & Stella Martinez 2. What Will Be Discussed in This Presentation ã Tones ã Basic Phone ã Count 1-100…
  • 1. How To Learn Chinese Created By: Karen Rechnitzer & Stella Martinez
  • 2. What Will Be Discussed in This Presentation • Tones • Basic Phone • Count 1-100 conversation • Time and Year • Hobbies Time and year 2 • Where you from • How To Survive China • Dating conversation • How Many Family • Dialogue Members You Have • Characters in • Likes and dislikes Chinese • Where you work and • Links go to school • Website
  • 3. Tones This is how the tones look in Chinese Pinyin. Back to slide two
  • 4. Count from 1 to100 back to link 2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 一 二 三 思 悟 六 七 八 九 十 yi er san si wu liu qi ba jiu shi 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 十一 是二 是三 十四 是无 时流 式其 时把 是就 而是 Shi yi Shi er Shi Shi si Shi Shi liu Shi qi Shi Shi jiu Er shi san wu ba 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 三十 四是 无事 六十 七世 霸市 就是 摆 San Si shi Wu Liu Qi shi Ba shi Jiu Bai Slide shi shi shi shi 2
  • 5. Time and Year Part 2 Monday Tuesday Wednesd Thrusday Friday Saturday Sunday ay xingqiyi xingqier xingqisan xingqisi xingqiwu xingqiliu xingqiri 星期一 Febr 星期二 Janu Marc 星期三 April May June July 星期五 Sept Octo 星期四 Aug 星期六 星期日 Nove Dece ary uary h ust emb ber mber mber er yiyue eryue sany siyue wuyu liuyu qiyue bayu jiuyu shiyu shiyiy shier ue e e e e e ue yue 一月 二曰 三月 四月 五月 六月 七月 八月 九月 十月 十一 十二 月 曰 Year Month day Day of Slide 2 the week nian yue Hao/ri xingqi 年 月 好/日 星期
  • 6. Time and Year 2 back to slide 2 O’clock Half Hour Quarter Hour Minutes Dian/dianzhong ban Ke fen 店/点钟 半 可 分 7:00 PM Wanshang qi dian 晚上七点 5:30 Wanshang wu dian 晚上五点半 ban 4:15 Wanshang si dian 晚上四点一刻 yi ke 8:05 Wanshang ba dian 晚上八点零五(分) ling wu (fen) May 11th 2010 January 8th 1990 December 30th 1988 Wuyue shiyi hao er Yiyue ba hao yi jiu Shi eryue san shi yi ling yi ying jiu ling jiu ba ba
  • 7. How to survive China Key terms like: • Where is the local restaurant? where’s there bathroom, – Fandian zai nar? bus/train station, locate a restaurant, local school, movie theatre, and air • Where is the school? port or nearest library. – Xuexiao zai nar? Here is some sayings in • Where is the movie theatre? Chinese Pin yin : – Nar shi dianyingyuan? • Where is the bathroom? • Where is the airport? – Xi shou jian zai nar? – Jichang zai nar? • Where is the Bus/Train Station? – Dianche zai nar? • Where is the library? – Huoche zhan zai nar? – Tushuguan zai nar? • Back to slide 2
  • 8. How many family members do you have • Members of Family: • Ni jia you ji kou ren? Mother: – Mama • Wo jia you si kou ren. Wo • Father: baba, wo mama, yi jiejie. – Baba Older Brother: – GeGe • Wo jia you si kou ren. Wo baba, wo mama, yi mei • Older Sister: mei. – JieJie • Younger Brother: – DiDi • Zenme duo jia you zuo ni? • Younger Sister: • Slide 2 – MeiMei
  • 9. Likes and Dislikes • I like watching • I don’t like Coffee movies • Wo bu xihuan kafei ba. -Wo xihuan kan dianying • I like to play video • I don’t like games Chemistry -Wo xihuan Shipin youxi – Wo bu xihuan huaxue • I like to drink to tea – Wo xihuan he cha • I don’t like the color pink • I like to listen to – Wo bu xihuan fen hong se music – Wo xihuan ting yinyue • Slide 2 • I like the color blue – Wo xihuan yaise lai
  • 10. Where you work and go to school • I am a College • Wo shi da xuesheng Student • I go to school in • Wo dao xuexiao zai Cobleskill cobleskill • This is my second semester • Zhe shi er xueqi • I work at late night • Slide 2 • Wo gongzuo zai wan xiawu
  • 11. Basic Phone Conversation A:Hello A: Wei B. Hello B: Wei A: May I speak with Saria please? A: Qing Wen B: May I ask who is calling B: Wo keyi shi zhe A: Her friend Tammy A: Ta peng you Tammy B: I am sorry but Saria is not home at the moment B: Duibuqi, Saria shi mei jia A: Do you know where she is went A: Zuo ni zhi dao nar ta hao B: She has gone to the library to study for her math test B: Ta hao zai tushugueu gei xue, Shuxue tomorrow. Kaoshi ming tian A: Okay, can you tell her I called and that she can call me A: Hao, Keyi ni gaosu ni ta gei da dianhua back when she is available. B: Dui, Wo yao you ta da dianhua ni. B: Yes I will have her call you back A: Xie Xie , Bai Bai A: Thank you , Good bye B: Bai Bai B: Good bye Slide 2
  • 12. Hobbies Whats your hobby? • I like to go online to chat – Wo xihuan shang wang liao tianr • I like to watch television and read a book – Wo xihuan kan dian shi yi kan da shu. Shenme shi ni shihao? Slide 2
  • 13. Where are you from? • I am from New York. • Do you live in the – Wo shi Niuyue ren Country? • I live in America. – Ni zhu zhege guojia ma? – Wo lai zi meiguo • Do you live in the • Where are you from? City? – Ni zhu zai nali? – Ni zhu zai chengshi • Do you come from Slide 2 China? – Ni lai zi zhongguo
  • 14. Dating Conversation • Nice outfit. • Piaoliang yi fu. • Oh thanks! • Xie Xie • Do you come here often? • Zuo ni lai zher chang chang? • Why yes I do. • Dui wo zuo. • Can I buy you a cola? • Keyi wo mai ni kafei ba? • No thanks I already have one. • Bu xie xie wo yijing you yi. • So what’s name? • Shenme mingzi ma? • My name is Fei and yours? • Wo jiao Fei ni ne? • My name is Toby, nice to meet you. • Wo jiao Toby, renshi ni hen gaoxing. • Nice too meet you too. • Renshi nimen wo ye hen gaoxing. • Are you Chinese? • Ni shi Zhongguo ren ma? • Yes I am are you also Chinese? • Dui, wo shi Sichuan ren. Ni shi Zhongguo ren ma? • Yes. I can take you to the chinese restaurant this • Dui, wo shi Hong Kong ren. Wo keyi na ni Zhongguo weekend? fandian zhe zhoumo? • I don’t know I think I am busy. • Wo bei zhidao? Wo si nian mang. • Okay, here is my number feel free to call me anytime. • I will. • Hao, zher shi wo shu ma, qing han wo ren he shi jiam le. • Bye • Wo yao. • Bye • Bai Bai • Bai • Slide 2
  • 15. Dialogue
  • 16. Characters in Chinese slide 2 Perso Sun Heart Moon Wood Rain Mount Wind Cloud Fore n set ain st ren xi xin yue mu yu shan feng yun lin 人 稀 新 月 沐 浴 山 峰 云 林 Sea Fire Earth Water Field Walk Face Mouth Stomac Foot h hai huo tu shui tian zou lian kou wei zu 还 花 土 睡 天 走 连 口 味 足 Gold Fine Strength Peac Big Small Mediu Knife Bow Hand silk e m jin mi li an da xiao zhong dao gong shou 近 米 里 安 达 效 忠 到 供 受
  • 17. Link to a How to Learn Chinese • Learning Chinese Language • Slide 2
  • 18. YouTube Videos
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