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basics of color imaging
   Yao WangPolytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY11201 Basics of Color Imaging  ©Yao Wang, 2006EE3414: Color2 Outline ãColor perception and specification  –Color as EM waves –Human perception of color  –Trichromaticcolor mixing theory ãDifferent color representations  –Primary color (RGB, CMY) –Luminance/chrominance ãColor image capture and display  –3D to 2D projection –Analog vs. digital camera ãColor quantization  –Uniform –Adaptive –Dithering  ©Yao Wang, 2006EE3414: Color3 Light is part of the EM wave Color images with figure captions in this and following slides are from [Gonzalez02]  ©Yao Wang, 2006EE3414: Color4 Illuminating and Reflecting Light ãIlluminating sources:  –emit light (e.g. the sun, light bulb, TV monitors) –perceived color depends on the emitted freq.  –follows additive rule: R+G+B=White ãReflecting sources:  –reflect an incoming light (e.g. the color dye, matte surface, cloth) –perceived color depends on reflected freq (=emitted freq-absorbed freq.) –follows subtractive rule: R+G+B=Black
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