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  RESTRICTED AVIONICS SYSTEM DESIGN OF AN ELECTRONICINTELLIGENCE UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (ELINT UAV) By xyz COLLEGE OF ENGINEERINGKorangi Creek October 2, 2009 AVIONICS SYSTEM DESIGN OF AN ELECTRONICINTELLIGENCE UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (ELINT UAV) By Adil iiRESTRICTED  RESTRICTEDREPORT SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OFTHE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE DEGREE OF BE (AVIONICS)THE FACULTY OF AVIONICS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERINGPAF Academy, Risalpur  October 2, 2009 COLLEGE OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERINGPAF ACADEMY, RISALPURAVIONICS SYSTEM DESIGN OF AN ELECTRONICINTELLIGENCE UNMANNED AERIAL VEHICLE (ELINT UAV) By Adil khan iiiRESTRICTED  RESTRICTED  A report submitted to the College of Aeronautical Engineeringin partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of B.E (AVIONICS) APPROVED ( ATTIQ UR REHMAN)( Najeeb )Sqn LdrGp Capt(retd)Course CoordinatorHead of Avionics DepartmentCollege of Aeronautical Engineering PAF KIET ABSTRACT Avionics System Design of an Electronic Intelligence Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(ELINT UAV) 1.The report gives a detailed design of an electronic intelligence (ELINT) UAV.The mission of the UAV is to gain information about enemy radars and developElectronic Order of Battle (EOB).In this regard the required capabilities andperformance specifications were given and in view of this information, a detailedstudy of different alternatives for avionics systems, avionics architectures.Communication buses and cooling systems was carried out. Finally the bestmatched systems were selected and an analysis of power and weight distributionivRESTRICTED  RESTRICTEDover different systems was carried. It was also analyzed as to how closely the power and weight specifications were met. The final analysis shows that all the requiredperformance and capability parameters were closely matched using state of the artmodular equipments. The designed UAV is a highly potent modern ELINT platformcapable of competing with any third generation ELINT UAV. TABLE OF CONTENTS   Chapter    Page  Approval Formiv AbstractvTable of ContentsviDelimitationix AcknowledgementxDedicationxiI INTRODUCTION 1vRESTRICTED
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