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   efJeefJeOe  1. Meyo meb#eshe   efheÚues 15 Je<eeX kesâ SSC  kesâ ØeMve he$eeW ceW ‘‘Meyo meb#eshe’’  NATO  keâe hetje ™he keäÙee nw? — North Atlantic Treaty Organisation  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008)  RAF  efkeâmekeâe mebef#ehle ™he nw? — Rapid Action Force  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008)  NREGP  efkeâmekeâe meb ef#ehle ™he nw?— National Rural EmploymentGuarantee Programme  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008)   Fvšjvesš kesâ heles ceW heo http  keâe mener efJemle=le ™he nw — Hyper Text Transfer Protocol  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe Øee. hejer#ee, 2008)  NIEO  keâe hetje mJe™he keäÙee nw?— New International Economic Order  (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS)  hejer#ee, 2013)  CTBT  keâe hetje ™he keäÙee nw?— Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2006, šwkeäme DeefmemšWš  hejer#ee, 2007; kesâvõer Ùe hegefueme mebie ve (C.P.O.)  hejer#ee,2009)  ATM  keâe het  je veece nw— Automated Teller Machine  (šwkeäme DeefmemšWš hejer#ee, 2008, mebÙegòeâ neÙej meskeâC[jer (10±2) mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2012)  TRAI  mebkesâlee#ej mes DeefYeØeeÙe nw?— Telecom Regulatory Authority of India  (cewefš^keâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2001)  DTP  keâe hetje veece nw— Desk Top Publishing  (mšsvees«eeHeâj «es[ [er    hejer#ee, 2013)  SAARC  keâe hetje ™he nw— South Asian Associationof Regional Co-operation  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2013)   ceesyeeFue HeâesveeW ceW ØeÙegòeâ CDMA  ØeesÅeesefiekeâer nw:— Code Division Multiple Access  (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS)  hejer#ee, 2013)   mebkesâlee#ej IGNOU  mes keäÙee DeefYeØeeÙe nw?— Indira Gandhi National Open University  (cewefš^keâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2001)     mebkesâlee#ej NHRC  keâe DeefYeØeeÙe nw— National Human Right Commission  (kesâvõer Ùe hegefueme mebie ve (C.P.O.)  hejer#ee, 2001)  MCA  keâe hetje ™he nw— Master of Computer Application  (kesâvõer Ùe hegefueme mebie ve (C.P.O.)  hejer#ee, 2001)  IBRD  keâe hetje ™he nw— International Bank of Reconstruction and Development  (cewefš^keâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2002)  NIS  keâe hetje ™he nw— National Immunization Schedule  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2002)  TRIPS  keâe hetCe& ™he nw— Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights  (cewefš^keâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2002)   mebkesâlee#ej TRP  mes DeefYeØeeÙe nw— Television Rating Roint  (cewefš^keâ mlejer Ùe hejer#ee, 2002)  MRI  keâe hetje ™he nw— Magnetic Resonance Imaging  (meskeäMeve Dee@Heâer meme& hejer#ee, 2002)  TRAI  keâe DeLe& keäÙee nw?— Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Ltd  (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS)  hejer#ee, 2013)  DVD  keâe ØeÙeesie efkeâmekesâ efueS neslee nw?— Digital Versalite Disc/Digital Video Disk  (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS)  hejer#ee, 2013)  FDI  keâe hetje veece keäÙee nw?— Foreign Direct Investment  (ceušer šeefmkebâie mšeHeâ (MTS)  hejer#ee, 2013)  GUI  efkeâmekeâe mebef#ehle ™he nw?— Graphical User Interface  (keâebmšsefyeue (GD) Yeleea hejer#ee, 2013)  IPCC  keâe hetje ™he nw— Intergovernmental Pannel On Climate Change  (mebÙegòeâ mveelekeâ mlejer Ùe Øee.    hejer#ee, 2013)  efJeefMe° leLÙe ‘‘Meyo meb#eshe’’ A.A.Automobile Association, Anti AircraftA.A.A.A.Asian Amateur Athletic Association.A.B.C.Atomic, Biological and Chemical WarfareA.B.M.Anit-ballistic MissileA.C.Ante Christum (bfore Christ), AlternateCurrent, Ashok Chakra, Air ConditionerA.C.C.Associated Cement CompanyA.S.Anno Domini (After Christ)  A.D.B.Asian Development Bank A.E.C.Atomic Energy CommissionA.I.A.D.M.K.All India Anna Dravida MunetraKazhagamA.I.C.C.All India Congress CommitteeA.I.D.S.Acquired Immune Deficiency SyndormeA.I.I.M.S.All India Institute of Medical SciencesA.I.R.All India RadioA.I.T.U.C.All India Trade Union CongressA.L.H.Advanced Light HelicopterA.M.Ante Meredium (before Noon)A.N.C.African National CongressA.T.S.Anti Tetanus SeumA.S.L.V.Augmented Satellite Launch VehicleA.V.A.R.D.Association of Voluntary Agencies forRural DevelopmentA.V.S.M.Ati Vishisht Seva MedalA.J.T.Advanced Jet TrainerA.P.C.Agriculture Prices CommissionA.P.E.CAsia Pacific Economic CorporationA.S.E.A.NAssociation of South East Asian Na-tionsASOCHAMAssociated Chambers of Commerce andIndustry of IndiaB.A.Bachelor of ArtsB.A.R.C.Bhabha Atomic Reserch CentreB.B.C.British Broadcasting CorporationB.C.Before ChristB.C.G.Bacillus Calmetee GuerinB.E.Bachelor of EngineeringB.H.V.P.Bharat Heavy Vessels and PlatesBENELUXBelgium, Netherlands and LuxemburgB.I.S.Bureau of Indian StandardsB. PharmBachelor of PharmacyB.S.F.Border Security ForceB.A.L.C.O.Bharat Aluminium CompanyB.E.L.Bharat Electronic LimitedB.H.E.LBharat Heavy Electricals LimitedBIMSTECBay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-SectorTechnical and Economic CooperationC.A.Chartered AccountantC.A.D.Computer Aided DesignC.B.F.C.Central Board of Film CertificationC.C.I.Cricket Club of IndiaC.D.P.Community Development ProgrammeC.G.A.Central Ganga AuthorityC.G.S.Chief of General Staff/Centimetre GramSecond (system)C.I.A.Criminal Investigation Agency/CentralIntelligence Agency (U.S.A.)C.I.D.Criminal Investigation DepartmentC.I.Chief JusticeC.I.M.Chief Judicial MegistrateC.A.P.A.R.T.Council for Advancement of People'sAction and Rural TechnologyC.P.I.Communist Party of IndiaC.R.Y.Child Relief and YouC.S.I.R.Council of Scientific and Industrial Re-searchC.V.C.Chief Vigilence CommissionerC.I.S.FCentral Industrial Security ForceC.F.T.R.ICentral Food Technoogical ResearchInstituteC.I.C.AConference on Interaction and Confi-dence Building Measures in AsiaC.M.P.Common Minimum ProgrammeC.T.B.TComprehensive Test Ban TreatyD.A.Dearness Allowance, Daily AllowanceD.C.Direct Current, Deputy CommissionerD.D.T.Dichloro-diphenyl-trichoroethaneD.I.G.Deputy Inspector GeneralD.M.District MagistrateD.M.K.Dravida Munetra KazghagamD.N.A.Deoxy-ribose Nucleic AcidD.O.T.S.Directly Observed Treatment Short-CourseD.V.C.Damodar Valley CorporationD.W.C.R.A.Development of Women and Childrenin Rural AreasDMRCLDelhi Metro Rail Corporation LimitedE.C.M.European Common MarketE.E.C.European Economic CommunityE.F.T.A.European Free Trade Associatione.g.exempl gratia (  for example )E.M.F.Eectromotive ForceE. & O.E.Errors and Omissions ExpectedE.P.z.Export Processing ZoneE.S.A.European Space AgencyE.S.R.OEuropean Space Research, OrganisationE.S.M.AEssential Services Maintenance ActE.X.I.MExport-Import Bank of IndiaF.A.O.Food and Agriculture OrganisationF.B.I.Federal Bureau of InvestigationF.C.I.Food Corporation of India, Fertilizer Cor-poration of IndiaF.I.C.C.I.Federation of Indian Chambers of Com-mence and IndustryF.I.H.Federation for International HockeyF.R.C.P.Fellow of the Royal College of PhysiciansF.R.C.S.Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons  F.E.M.A.Foreign Exchange Management ActG.A.T.T.General Agreement on Tariffs and TradeG.I.C.General Insurance CorporationG.M.T.Greenwitch Mean TimeG.N.P.Gross National ProductG.P.O.General Post OfficeG.S.I.Geological Survey of IndiaH.A.C.Hindustan Aluminium CorporationH.A.L.Hindustan Aeronautics LimitedH.E..Heavy Electricals LimitedH.M.T.Hindustan Machine ToolsH.R.D.D.Human Resource Development Depart-mentH.U.D.C.O.Housing and Urban Development Cor-porationI.A.A.I.International Airport Authority of IndiaI.A.F.Indian Air ForceI.A.E.A.International Atomic Energy AgencyI.A.R.I.Indian Agricultural Research InstituteI.A.S.Indian Administrative ServiceI.B.R.D.Internatioinal Bank of Reconstructionand DevelopmentI.C.A.O.International Civil Aviation OrganisationI.C.A.R.Indian Council of Agricultural ResearchI.C.B.M.Inter Continental Ballistic MissileI.C.C.International Chamber of Commerce; In-ternational Cricket CouncilI.C.J.International Court of JusticeI.C.M.R.Indian Council of Medical ResearchI.C.R.C.International Committee of the Red CrossI.D.A.International Devleopment AssociationI.D.B.I.Industrial Development Bank of IndiaI.F.A.Indian Football AssociationI.F.C.I.Industrial Finance Corporation of IndiaI.F.S.Indian Foreign Service, Indian ForestServicesI.I.A.A.Indian International Airports AuthorityI.I.T.Indian Institute of TechnologyI.L.O.International Labour OrganisationI.M.F.International Monetary FundI.N.A.Indian National ArmyI.N.S.A.T.Indian National SatelliteI.N.T.E.S.A.T.International Telecommunication Satel-liteINTERPOLInternational PoliceI.N.T.U.C.Indian National Trade Union CongressI.O.C.Internatioal Olympic Committee. IndianOil CoporationI.P.C.Indian Penal CodeI.P.S.Indian Police ServiceI.Q.Intelligence QuotientI.R.B.M.Intermediate Range Ballistic MissileI.R.E.D.A.Indian Renewabl Energy DevelopmentAgency LimitedI.S.R.O.Indian Space Research OrganisationI.S.I.Indian Standard InstitutionI.S.T.Indian Standard TimeI.T.D.C.Indian Tourism Development Corpora-tionI.T.I.Industrial Training Institute; Indian Tele-phone IndustriesI.T.O.International Trade OrganisationI.A.A.I.International Airport Authority of IndiaI.C.I.C.I.L.Industrial Credit and Investment Corpo-ration of India LimitedI.C.C.International Criminal CourtI.F.F.I.International Film Festival of IndiaI.R.D.A.The Insurance Regulatory and Devel-opment AuthorityI.R.C.O.N.Indian Railway Construction (Company)I.V.R.I.Indian Veterianry Research InstituteJ.A.L.Japan Air LinesJ.C.O.Junior Commissioned OfficerJ.K..L.F.Jammu and Kashmir Liberation ForntK.G.Kinder GartenK.V.K.Krishi Vigyan KendraKRIBHCOKrishak Bharti Co-operative LimitedL.A.S.E.R.Light Amplification by Stimulated Emis-sion of RadiationL.B.W.Leg Before WicketL.I.C.Life Insurance CorporationL.L.B.Bachelor of LawsLt. Col.Lieutenant ColonelL.S.D.Lysergic Acid DeiethylamideLCALight Combat AircraftLPGLiquified Petroleum GasM.A.Master of ArtsM.A.S.E.R.Microwave Amplification by StimulatedEmission of RadiationM.B.A.Master of Business AdministrationM.B.B.S.Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of SurgeryM.C.C.Marylebone Cricket ClubM.D.Doctor of MedicineM.I.G.A.Multilatera Investment GuaranteeAgencyM.I.S.A.Maintenance of Internal Security Act.M.K.S.Metre Kilogram Second (System)M.L.C.Member of Legislative CouncilM.M.T.C.Mineral and Metals Trading Corporation  M.P.Member of ParliamentM.R.C.P.Member of the Royal College of Physi-ciansM.R.C.S.Member of the Royal College of Sur-geonsM.Sc.Master of ScienceMTCRMissile Technology Control RegimeNASANational Aeronautics and Space Admin-istration (USA)M.C.F.Master Control FacilityM.C.O.C.A.Maharashtra Control of Organised CrimeActM.P.L.A.D.S.Member of Parliament Local Area De-velopment SchemeN.A.T.M.O.The National Atlas and Thematic Map-ping OrganisationN.A.T.O.North Atalantic Treaty OrganisationN.C.C.National Cadet CorpsNCERTNational Council of Educational Re-search and TrainingN.D.A.National Defence AcademyN.E.F.A.North-East Frontier AgencyN.F.D.C.National Film Development CorporationN.I.S.National Institute of SportsN.M.D.C.National Mineral Development Corpo-rationN.O.I.D.A.New Okhla Industrial Deveolpment Au-thority AssociationN.R.E.P.National Rural Employment ProgrammeN.R.I.Non Resident IndianNSSONational Sample Survey OrganisationN.T.P.Normal Temperature and PressureN.A.B.A.R.D.National Bank for Agriculture and RuralDevelopmentN.A.F.T.A.North American Free Trade AgreementN.C.R.National Capital RegionN.H.D.R.National Human Development ReportN.P.T.Nuclear Non-Proliferation TreatyN.R.E.P.National Rural Employment ProgrammeN.T.P.C.National Thermal Power CorporationN.R.Y.Nehru Rozgar YojnaO.E.C.D.Organisation for Economic Co-operationand DevelopmentO.E.E.C.Organisation for European EconomicCo-operationO.I.L.Oil India LimitedO.K.All CorrectO.N.G.C.Oil and Natura All Gas CommissionO.P.E.C.Organisation of Petroleum ExportingCountriesO.T.C.E.Over the Counter Exchange of IndiaO.C.I.Overseas Indian CitizenshipP.A.Personal AssistantP.A.C.Public Accounts CommitteeP.C.S.Provincial Civil ServicePh.D.Doctor of PhilosophyPIBPress Information BureauP.I.N.Postal Index NumberP.M.Prime Mnister, Post MeriduiumP.S.C.Public Service CommissionP.T.Physical TrainingP.T.I.Press Trust of IndiaP.T.O.Please Turn OverP.V.C.Param Vir ChakraP.V.S.M.Param Vishisht Seva MedalP.W.D.Public Works DepartmentP.A.C.Parliamentary Affairs CommitteeP.L.O.Palestine Liberation OrganisationP.O.T.A.Prevention of Terrorism ActP.U.R.A.Providing Urban Amenities in Rurla Ar-easQ.M.S.Quick Mail ServiceR.A.P.P.Rajasthan Atomic Power ProjectR.B.I.Reserve Bank of IndiaR.I.E.G.P.Rural Landless Employment GuaranteeProgrammeR.M.S.Railway Mail ServiceR.S.S.Rashtriya Swayam Sevak SanghR.A.W.Research and Analysis WingR.E.C.Rural Electrification CorporationR.G.I.P.T.Rajiv Gandhi Institute of PetroleumTechnologyS.A.I.L.Steel Authority of India LimitedS.A.L.Sport Authority of IndiaS.C.Security Council, Supreme CourtS.D.O.Sub-Divisional OfficerS.D.R.Special Drawing RightsS.E.B.I.Security and Exchange Board of IndiaS.I.T.E.Satellite Instruction Television Experi-mentS.R.O.S.S.Stretched Rohini Satellite SeriesS.T.A.R.D.Science and Technology Application forRural DevelopmentS.T.D.Sexually Transmitted Disease/Subscrib-ers Trunk DialingS.A.R.S.Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeS.A.P.T.A.South Asian Prefeerntial Trading Ar-rangementS.C.O.Shanghai Co-operation OrganisationS.G..R.Y.Sampoorna Grameen Rojgar Yojna
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