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Library of Date Setters of The End of the World!!! Over 200 predictions and counting! Yes the end is coming, but all human predictions are wrong! Mathew 24:35-36 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. Jesus Christ. Date setters, making irresponsible predictions! Misleading the ignorant masses for higher TV ratings and book sales! An untold number of people have t
  Library of Date Setters of The End of the World!!!Over 200 predictions and counting!Yes the end is coming, but all human predictions are wrong!Mathew 24:35-36 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass away. But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. Jesus Christ.Date setters, making irresponsible predictions! Misleading the ignorant masses for higher TV ratings and book sales!An untold number of people have tried to predict the Lord's return by using elaborate time tables. Most datesetters do not realize mankind has not kept an unwavering record of time. Anyone wanting to chart for example100 BC to 2000 AD would have contend with the fact 46 BC was 445 days long, there was no year 0 BC, and in1582 we switched from Julian Years (360 days) to Gregorian (365 days). Because most prognosticators are notaware of all these errors, from the get go their math is already off by several years.Library of Date setters for end of the world!DateEvent44Theudas declared himself the Messiah, taking 400 people with him into the desert. T beheaded by Romansoldiers. Josephus records this.53Even before all the books of the Bible were written, there was talk that Christ's return had already taken place.The Thessalonians panicked on Paul, when they heard a rumor that the day of the Lord was at hand, and they hadmissed the rapture.80Ben Zakkai died about 80, and expected the Messiah about the time of his death100 -200Rabbi Eliezer ben Hyrcanus (1-2 Cent) thought the days of the Messiah would last 40 years. Before Bar Kochbathe Mess. age was short; longer afterward130Rabbi Jose, the Galilean, a contemporary of Hyrcanus and Azariah, thought the Messiah would come in threegenerations (60 years), after the destruction; namely 130 (Luther Martin, Date Setters, Guardian of Truth, Sept.15, 1994)381Return of Christ; Tichonus a writer of the 4th Cent (Luther Martin, Date Setters, Guardian of Truth, Sept. 15,1994)400Hippolytus calculated that 5,500 years separated Adam and Christ and that the life of the world was 6,000 sixfull 'days' of years until the seventh the day of rest. His calculations in 234 indicted there were still two centuriesleft. (from A History of the End of the World, Rubinsky and Wiseman, 1982)400  Rabbi Dosa (2-3rd Century) said the Messiah would come at the end of 400 years. This was based (?) on Gen.15:13 (Luther Martin, Date Setters, Guardian of Truth, Sept. 15, 1994)435Messiah comes; Rabbi Judah ha-Nasi (135-220) believed Messiah would come 365 years after Temple destroyedin 70 (Luther Martin, Date Setters, Guardian of Truth, Sept. 15, 1994)470Messiah would come; Rabbi Hanina (3rd C), though Messiah would come 400 years after Temple Destruction.(Luther Martin, Date Setters, Guardian of Truth, Sept. 15, 1994)500A Roman priest and theologian in the second and third centuries, predicted Christ would return in A.D. 500, based on the dimensions of Noah's ark.500Return of Christ; Hyppolytus (170-236) and Lactantius (250-330) said 500 would be the time for the secondcoming of Christ (Luther Martin, Date Setters, Guardian of Truth, Sept. 15, 1994)950Acrostic on the end of the world, predecessor of Celano's Dies irae, found in a ms. from Aniane (second half of the tenth century, ed. Paulin Blanc, Nouvelle Prose sur le Dernier Jour, Composée avec chant noté, vers l'AnMille... Mémoires de la Société Archéologique de Montpellier, 2 (1850), 451-509, second copy located byMichel Huglo: BN lat. 1928 f.178, Fécamp c.1040).950 Treatise on the Antichrist by Adso of Montier-en-Der, c.950, a response to a variety of crises at mid-centurythat provoked widespread apocalyptic disquiet, and rapidly become a central text in the European eschatologicalliterature (ed. by Verhelst, CCSL, Cont. med. aeui 40; study in the context of 1000, by Verhelst, Adso vanMontier-en-Der en de angst voor het jaar Duizend, Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis, 90 (1977), 1-10); and C.Carozzi, La fin des temps: Terreurs et prophéties au Moyen Age (Paris: Stock, 1982), pp.186-94. See below # .950-80:Letter on the Hungarians that speaks of widespread apocalyptic reactions among the population, Ac primumdicendum opinionem quae innumeros tam in vestra quam in nostra regione persuasit frivolam esse et nihil veri inse habere, qua putatur Deo odibilis gens Hungrorum esse Gog et Magog ceteraeque gentes quae cum eisdescribuntur... Dicunt enim nunc esse novissimum saeculi tempus finemque imminere mundi, et idcirco Gog etMagog esse Hungros, qui numquam antea auditi sunt, sed modo, in novissimo temporum apparuerunt. R.B.C.Huygens, Un témoin [n.11], p.231, lines 94-106; letter from the bishop of Auxerre to the bishop of Verdun(commentary by Huygens, p.236f). Dated variously early tenth century, or, according to Huygens, to second half of the tenth ( Un témoin de la crainte de l'an 1000: La lettre sur les Hongrois, Latomus, 15 (1956), 224-38);considered the background of Adso's treatise (see below #3).950In A.D. 950 Adso of Montier-en-Der wrote a Treatise on the Antichrist which was a response to a number of mid-century crises that had provoked widespread alarm and fear of an end-time apocalypse.(5) Five years later,Abbo of Fleury heard a preacher in Paris who announced that the Antichrist would be unleashed in the year 1000and that the Last Judgment would soon follow.(6) At about the same time a panic occurred in the German army of Emperor Otto I because of a solar eclipse that the soldiers mistook as a sign of the end of the world.(7) And whenthe last Carolingian dynasty fell with the death of King Louis V in 987, many saw this event as a precursor to thearrival of the Antichrist. King Otto II of Germany had Charlemagne's body exhumed on Pentecost in the year 1000 supposedly in order to forestall the apocalypse. Both Halley's comet in A.D. 989 and a super nova in A.D.  1006 were interpreted as signs of the end. About the same time, the Moslem caliph, Al Hakim, destroyed the HolySepulcher in Jerusalem prompting apocalyptic fear in the west as well as violent anti-Jewish outbursts.(8)964: Dum saeculum transit finis mundi appropinquat... [As the saeculum (century?) passes, the end of the worldapproaches.] Cartulaire de Saint-Jouin-de-Marnes, pp.1, 11, 17.965:Abbo hears a preacher in Paris announcing the unleashing of Antichrist for 1000 AD and the Last Judgment for shortly thereafter (see below # 7, 17).968:Panic in Otto's army at an eclipse the soldiers took to portend the end of the world (Gesta episcoporumLeodensium, MGH SS IX, p.202)968-9:Annalists note in the margin of Easter tables:   mille anni a nativitate Christi, based on a misreading of the baseyear in the Easter Tables as Anno passionis. Three years earlier unusual events with apocalyptic tonality (firefrom heaven, release of demons) occur. (Annales de Saint Florent de Saumur, et de Vendôme, Halphen Recueild'annales angevines, p.58 n.2, 116 n.6.) Note that, in typical capstone style, Halphen does not include the note,with its millennial consciousness in the text of his edition, nor even in a footnote to that year, but appended to afootnote for another year, and explained away as a mistake.969 and/or 980:widespread apocalyptic expectation in Lotharingia at the coincidence of the Annunciation and the Crucifixionagaist which Abbo writes a letter.979:Igneae acies visae sunt in caelo per totam noctem 5 Kalendas Novembris. Hoc anno complentur mille anni anativitate Christi, secundum veritatem evangelii, qui secundum cyclum Dionisii anno abhinc 21 finiuntur; sicquein anno domincae passionis veritati evangelicae contraitur. Sigebert of Gembloux, Chronicon universale c.1114,PL 160 c.194 (here using Abbo's correction of the date AD; see next item).983-4:Abbo redates the year 1000 four years into the past (true AD 1000 = Dionysus' 979) using the apocalyptic beliefsabove (#7, see also #17) as the basis of his calculations.987-91:The last Carolingian dynasty (the final hindrance to the arrival of Antichrist according to Adso) falls; the captureof the last potential ruler occurs under most dastardly cirumstances. Southern charters begin to date AD, withChrist reigning, a traditional interregnal formula with apocalyptic antecedants (Kantarowicz, The King's TwoBodies, p. ).989, August:Halley's Comet appears, cited in Annales divionenses, MGH SS V, p. ; and Annales Quedlinburgenses MGH SSIII, p.68; Thietmar of Mersebourg, Chronicon IV, 10; (also Glaber III, 3? acc. to France, p.110-11, and n.4, butsee below under 1006, #29); P. Moore and J. Mason, The Return of Halley's Comet (Cambridge, 1984), p.46)989-1000:First wave of peace councils in the South (see below).990s:mention of apocalyptic beliefs leading to violent seizure of church property at St. Hilaire.  990s-1010s:Preaching of Aelfric and Wulfistan, filled with images of Last Judgment, explicity linked at points to the year 1000 and the unleashing of Antichrist (Gatch, Milton McC., Preaching and Theology in Anglo-Saxon England:Aelfric and Wulfstan (Toronto, U. Press, 1977).992:Coincidence of Crucifixion and Annunciation; Nouaillé begins its charters for the next decade with Appropinquante finem mundi... ; Adso, an old man, leaves on a one-way pilgrimage to Jerusalem; Germanchronicles report light from north at dawn like the sun, rumor among many that 3 suns, 3 moons and stars werefighting, indicating heavy mortality and famine (Thietmar IV, 19; An. Quedl. ad an. 993, MGH SS III, 69;Annales Augustani, ibid. p.124).994-1000:Outbreaks of sacer ignis throughout France, associated in Limoges with the Peace of God.994-5:various signs (including a monstrous child), famines, plagues and mortality in Saxony, referred to as the biblical tria iudicia pessima (Annales Quedlinburgenses, MGH SS, III p.94; also Thietmar IV, 17; Annales Augustani,MGH SS III, 124).994-6:De fine quoque mundi coram populo sermonem in Ecclesia Parisiorum adolescentulus audivi, quod statim finitomille annorum numero Antichristus adveniret, et non longo post tempore universale iudicium succederet: cui praedicationi ex Evangeliis ac Apocalypsi et libro Danielis, qua potui virtute, resistiti. Denique et errorem qui define mundi inolevit abbas meus beatae memoriae Richardus sagaci animo propulit, post quam litteras aLothariensibus accepit, quibus me respondere iussit; Nam fama pene totum mundum impleverat, quod, quandoAnnuntiatio Dominica in Parasceve contigisset absque ullo scrupulo finis saeculi esset. De initio etiam Adventusqui ante Nativitatem Domini per singulos annos agitur, aliquando error gravissimus extitit, aliis inchoantibus postv. Kalendas Decembris aliis ante, cum numquam plus quatuor ebdomadas, saltem unam diem Adventus habeat;cumque de huiusmodi diversitate soleant contempiones in Ecclesia crescere, concilio determinandum est, utomnes qui in ea viviumus unum sapiamuis quod vestra industria CONCEDAT qui nos unanimes VULTHABERE IN DOMO SUA. Abbo of Fleury, Apologeticus ad hugonem et rodbertum reges francorum, London,BM 10972, f.22v; PL 139 c.471-2; dated before 996 by Vidier (p.105- 7); 994-5 by Mostert (p.48-51).Concerning the end of the world, as a youth (adolescentulus) I heard a sermon in a [the?] church in Paris that assoon as the number of a thousand years should come, the Antichrist would come, and not long thereafter, the LastJudgment would follow; which preaching I resisted with all my strength from the Evangels and the Apocalypseand the book of Daniel.994-999:Otto III engages in elaborate program of renovatio imperii romani that, from the apocalyptic scenario, wouldreaffirm the existence of the barrier to Antichrist, particulary important given the demise of the last of theCarolingians in the previous decade (see above # 3, 9). In this he recapitulated many of Charlemagne's responsesto the coming of the year 6000 (see below # 14, 17).999 Iste fuit Girbertus, tempore cuius inpletus est annus millesimus ab incarnatione Domini. Annales Pragenses adan. 999, MGH SS III, 120.1000This year goes down as one of the most pronounced states of hysteria over the return of Christ. All members of society seemed affected by the prediction that Jesus was coming back on Jan 1, 1000 AD. There really weren'tany of the events required by the Bible transpiring at that time. The magical number 1000 was primarily the sole
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