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  VOLUME 39, NUMBER 2COMMUNICATIONS WORKERS OF AMERICALOCAL 1023, CRANFORD, NJOCTOBER 2010 Representing: Verizon-NJ Commercial & Marketing, Occupational Center of Union County, North Haledon Police Dispatchers,Data-Tele, AT&T Mobility and American Labor Museum Botto House. THOUSANDS MARCH ON WASHINGTONAT ONE NATION RALLY 33 members of CWA Local 1023 rode to Washingtonand participated in the One Nation Rally on October 2,2010. INSIDE THIS ISSUE . . .  W INNErSof  J o A NN D IANA S cHolArSHIp MoTM W INNEr  !f  ArEWEllfroM o NE r  ETIrINg M EMbEr  . . . A ND M orE Over 300 different groups and organizationsrallied in Washington DC on October 2nd to demandour leaders support policies that will strengthen theeconomy, protect workers rights, and providemeaningful immigration reform. The One Nationmovement is comprised of labor groups such as CWAand UAW as well as nationally known civil rightsgroups like NAACP, but also has the support ofseniors, anti-war activists, environmentalists. veteransand religious leaders as well. What united all thedifferent causes and groups was the fact that theelections in November will shape whether progresscan be made. Ben Jealous, head of the NAACP,reminded those in attendance that a minority ofRepublicans wants to stop any and all legislation thathelps provide good paying jobs, strengthens civilrights, ends wall street abuses and ensurescompanies treat workers fairly and safely. Jealoussaid that the One Nation movement would rather see jobs for 99 percent of Americans instead of tax cutsfor one percent of Americans. Reverend Al Sharprtonreminded everyone that We've got to get ready forthe midterm exam. We can't stop in '08! Held at the Lincoln Memorial, the rally began with aninterfaith service at 11am. Over the next several hoursspeaker after speaker spoke about the issues that faceour nation. Those in attendance expressed the sameconcerns through signs that supported the variety ofcauses represented. Some of the signs included “StopRacism Now” “We March For Hope Not Hate” “WeShould Not Fear Muslims” “Arizona The Show Me YourPapers State” “We Need Jobs Not Rhetoric” and “TheRepublicans Want To Party Like It’s 1929”. Seen bysome as a response to the Tea Party group and theGlenn Beck Rally held a month earlier, the rally wasplanned before Beck's rally was announced. One Nationorganizers hope that this rally will encourage people tohelp spread the word and get out the vote. Said MichaelTravali of CWA Local 1022, the people “have to showWashington that the middle class and the workers count.People have to stand up for themselves.”  2 It is hard to believe that we are looking at the fourthquarter of 2010. There have been so many changesthis year it is enough to make our heads spin.While Verizon claims their customer base continuesto shrink, the effect of all the changes imposed by thecompany have not made doing business with thecompany very “customer friendly.” To the contrary,these changes have actually caused more customerirritation. Not to mention the amount of undue stressthat it has caused the employees.Our local lost a total of 297 members when Verizonoffered the most recent EISP. The most shocking factabout it is that only 71 folks were pension eligible. Theother 226 walked away from lucrative jobs with a 100%company funded benefit package. Most were hired in2007 or after. This is a disgrace and Verizonmanagement should be ashamed of themselves forcreating an environment that would drive folks out oftheir offices.Our members at the Occupational Center of UnionCounty continue their protracted struggle for a faircontract against an employer who wants to reducehealthcare, wages, pensions and hours.On a more positive side, the FutureLink conferenceheld in Baltimore this September was a huge success.The most important message to all members is: usethese valuable career counseling services. Go to thewebsite or catch Mitch Baskin when he is in yourbuilding and ask him to assist you in helping you findsome courses that are beneficial for you.The fourth quarter Membership Meeting will be heldon Wednesday, December 8th, 2010 and we will bevoting to merge with CWA Local 1020. Local 1020consists of 12 Traffic employees located at 95 WilliamsStreet, Newark and 900 Clinton Avenue, Irvington.These folks prepare reports mandated by the NewJersey Board of Public Utilities and monitor traffic onVerizon trunking equipment. As the Verizon employeebase continues to shrink these types of local mergersare critical to the survival of smaller locals. It’s good forLocal 1020 and good for us!The “One Nation” rally in Washington DC on 10-2-10 drew an unofficial count of 175,000 activists fromover 400 organizations that signed up to attend. I wouldlike to take this opportunity to thank all our membersand their families and friends who participated.October 2nd was not the end of “One Nation”. It isthe beginning. We need to get all Americans out to thepolls this November to helpelect politicians who areworking family and union friendly. We must vote outthose obstructionist politicians who have imposed astrangle hold on legislation that will move this countryforward to preserve the middle class. Currently, any billleaving the House of Representatives that is workingfamily/union friendly is being strangled by the minoritybloc in the Senate. We must make sure that ourmessage is loud and clear this November. The local willbe looking for folks to volunteer to go door-to-door, callour members and just get out the vote.If you cannot give of your time, please ask yourChief for a COPE card. Sign up to give to COPE orincrease your current weekly contribution.To those of you who stayed, despite Verizon’s besteffort to bribe you out of your job, remember you stayed,as I did, for a reason. The struggle will always be there,no matter what company you work for. As Verizonbargaining approaches, repeat after me: “we will lastone day longer than the company!” The President’s Corner MANDATORY TRAINING  Verizon, responding to an ongoing misuse of email,will be conducting mandatory training on proper use ofemail. The class will focus specifically on how to sendemail to the correct recipient. This is to insure theaccuracy of emails and that private and confidentialinformation is not disclosed to unauthorized parties. Thecourse is available in Netlearn and is entitled “How tosend an email for Dummies”. The course code isDERP101. Please see your local management for timeto take this course and remember that training is neverto be done on closed time. If time permits there will beinstructor led training, where management willdemonstrate the proper way to send email to theintended party.  3 FutureLink  A conference for FutureLink Advocates was held inBaltimore on September 14_17, 2010.In attendance were 128 Advocates from the old “BellAtlantic” footprint representing New Jersey, Virginia,Delaware and Pennsylvania. The theme was “Inspire,Acknowledge and Train”.The four day conference offered classes that areavailable to our Members in the form of face-to-face, on-line or home study. The Advocates met the folks thatare responsible for the administration of the FutureLinkprogram as well as the FutureLink Advisor’s from variousstates.Our Advisor is Mitch Baskin.Mitch is a careercounselorwho works for FutureLink to provide face-to-face training, to assist you in writing your résumé or helpyou choose the services available that would be right foryou.Prior to the formation of the Training Advisory BoardExecutive Council (TABEC), the company’s idea ofcareer counseling consisted of your supervisor askingyou what you aspired to be after they reviewed youryearly appraisal.Whether you are looking for a job internally orexternally, you need a résumé. Mitch can teach you thetechniques that help your résumé stand out.Bargaining is just around the corner. FutureLinkservices need to be used or there is a chance that thesevaluable services will be lost. Professional careercounseling costs big bucks. FutureLink provides theseservices at no cost to you.Check out the FutureLink website atvz-futurelink.net.Take advantage and help preservethese beneficial services. Instead of spending hours onFacebook, see what FutureLink has to offer. If you knowanyone who left the payroll this September with theEISP, remind them that they are entitled to FutureLinkservices for up to 3 months after leaving. CWA CREATES NEW CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTIVIST NETWORK  CWA National has created a new committee calledthe Customer Service Activist Network to specificallyaddress the problems faced by members of CWA whowork in customer service jobs across the country. TheCWA has 700K total members, but over 150K of themwork in customer service jobs at numerous differentcompanies such as Verizon and AT&T, as well as theairline and newspaper industry. These workers aresubject to daily harassment, unreasonable sales quotas,unacceptable levels of stress (and the inevitable healthproblems created by such stress), and a lack of respectfor the hard work they do. The committee goal is toimprove the quality of work by focusing on issuesspecific to this job type thru bargaining, legislative effortsand appealing directly to the companies involved. This isan effort we should all support, even the corporationsthemselves, because customer service employees arethe first and often only employees the customer dealswith. It would serve the corporation well to have a betterwork environment so that the employee can give thebest service possible. The network will meet in Octoberto develop a more detailed strategy. Winners of the Jo Ann Diana Scholarship  Congratulations to the following members whosechildren will receive a $500 scholarship courtesy of theJo Ann Diana Scholarship.Maxine Mount from the MASST office. Her son JohnMount will be attending the College of NJ.Giovanna Jacobs from the Livingston Retentionoffice. Her son Lamont Jacobs will be attendingBloomfield College.Maria Nunes from the MASST office. Her son Samand her daughter Samantha both won. Sam will beattending Merimack College. Samantha will be attendingMarywood University. NLRB Upholds Union Election for EZ-Pass Workers  By a 2-1 vote, the NLRB rejected a request by XeroxCorp to throw out a decision that certified the EZ-Passworkers union election. In August 2009, EZ-Passworkers at the Staten Island call center voted for CWArepresentation with Local 1102. Xerox appealed theelection results and has refused to bargain for over ayear. With this decision it expected that Local 1022 canbegin contract negotiations on behalf of the workers. f Check outLocal 1023 onFacebook to stay on top ofcurrent events!!!!  and makes her a unanimous 1st place winner is the factthat she disciplined a member when she wasn't evenmanagement! That's right! While Christine Dilullo was acard carrying union member she tried to suspend one ofher co-workers! The member was actually suspended butwon their grievance because Christine had no authority todiscipline anyone. It didn't matter though, becauseChristine had made her bones and demonstrated tomanagement that she had the ability to run things like atrue prison warden. Unfortunately for Christine, it's a hollowvictory because she, like all management, still has toanswer to someone above her. Unfortunately for Christine,she doesn't have a union to fight for her whenmanagement decides to treat her like... well, like the wayshe treats us. RUNNER UPS: These individuals were stronglyconsidered for winner of the MOTM but ultimately wereout-shined by Christine Dilullo. We have not run a MOTMin several issues so we decided to give them a briefmention. Edelweiss Neil, Team Leader, Livingston CSSCThis manager observed on one consultant and toldthat member the following: “You should have done morefor the customer.” “Such as?” “I don't know, but youshould've done something.” It's worth noting that themember informed her of Verizon policy in such situations,and she reiterated that the member “should've donesomething more” but could not provide any examples. Dania Stephenson, Team Leader, RetentionShe knows what she did. :) Eileen Barker, DirectorMs Barker is a runner up because she wants you towork without paying you, and needed it explained to herthat she can't do that. Barker wants CSSC workers to beready to take calls in the CSSC at precisely 8AM. Theproblem is that you can't take calls till the computer bootsup and you have logged into the system (which can takeseveral minutes.) Barker wanted members to begin bootingthe computer before 8AM so the system would be ready at8AM. This would mean members would be working at755... but they wouldn't be paid for it. Local 1023 VP WardRiley had to explain that the members could not be askedto work for free and that if we can't take calls precisely at8AM then that's Verizon's problem and Verizon's fault.They changed the phone system to be part of thecomputer. Deal with it This serves as a reminder to all members: DO NOTengage in any sort of work prior to the start of yourshift. Do not boot your computer, read company email,read training materials, look at snail mail, or ask a managera question about some issue you had the day before. If youare working before your tour you are giving away yourlabor for free. If Barker asked you to rake leaves at herhouse without pay, would you? No? Well then why wouldyou want to do any sort of work for her or Verizon withoutbeing paid? Bottom line: don't do it. 4 MOTM: CHRISTINE DILULLO  The MOTM award has not been given out recently, butrecent events demanded it return. The mother of the monthaward is reserved for a special breed of manager. Beingbell-shaped and having no heart aren't enough to benominated for this special recognition. It takes acombination of audacity, ineptitude and a penchant forpushing the boundaries of credibility. The person mostreflecting the values of the MOTM is …. drum roll please....NJ Force Team Specialist Christine Dilullo!!!What makes her so deserving? Well to start, she's themost visible face of a group who makes consultants feellike criminals for trying to do their job, for trying to providecustomer service. Her job is to enforce adherence with thesubtlety of a police baton. You've closed your light and shedoesn't know why? She will follow you to the bathroom tomake sure that's where you're headed. A co-worker asksfor your help with a problem because there's nomanagement available to ask? Don't help them otherwiseshe'll criticize you for being closed without a valid reason!Christine loves to talk out of both sides of her mouth.One consultant was disconnected from a customer anddidn't call them back. BAD CONSULTANT! Shortlyafterwards this same consultant was disconnected andcalled their customer back. Failure to get permission? BADCONSULTANT! Christine, like so many other managers,feels rules apply to other people and not to her. InChristmas 2009 members were told that no children werepermitted to attend the office “christmas party” (which iswhere our family gets to come in and watch us work). Didshe forget this when she brought her son to work that day?Or was she just flaunting the fact that she can do what shewants? And ethics? HA! If the office AHT is approachingcritical levels, she'll manipulate the data by telling you toterminate the call and call the customer back (thus givingthe appearance of reducing AHT). Now if you did that ofcourse, you'd get stern discipline because you're falsifyingrecords. Funny how when she does it, she's not wrong.What really sets her apart from the other nominees MOTHER OF THE MONTH
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