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location recce
  Level 3 Media Cambridge Technical LOCATION RECCE LOCATION Tyrer road park LOCATION ADDRESS Tyrer road. TYPE OF BUILDING/STRUCTURE/LANDSCAPE Park WHY IS THIS LOCATION SUITABLE FOR YOUR PROJECT? This locaton is suiable as i is a casual place herefore i shows ha he clohes can be worn in everyday life. ACCESS TAN!POT LIN ! TO LOCATION #alkin$ P%&!ICAL ACC'!! TO !IT' Throu$h a park $ae. GENERAL INFORMATION People who (i$h be a)eced by recordin$ in his locaton* People on he park. Precautons+(easures aken o (ini(ise he i(pac of your recordin$* 'nsure ha I do no obsruc anyone who (ay be in he park. Power sources availableN+ACaerin$N+AToilesN+ATelephonesN+A,ayli$h t(es -if recordin$ ouside/*01a(23*01p(Locals+Auhorites o be conacedN+A4easure(ens of space used on locaton* -5se paces if necessary67( 8 67(,escribe any resrictons+ha9ards in he i((ediae viciniy*None#here will he crew work on his locaton:On he park#here will he cas work on his locaton:On he park.  Level 3 Media Cambridge Technical TOP 3 RISKS IDENTIFIED ON LOCATION -N.;. his does no replace he isk Assess(en for( which (us be carried ou for any practcal pro<ec !lippin$ on possibly we $rass.=e>n$ (u$$ed by so(eone passin$ by.;ein$ a?acked by a do$ which is o) he lead. Descrie ! e #es! e$cs %& ! e '%c#$%(   -e.$. ,escribe he poental ca(era shos or describe he acoustc value of he locaton The lar$e rees which surround he park.The park which is in he cenre of he @eld.
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