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  LOGICAL DATABASEDESIGN  ã Starting Point --> Local Conceptual Models ã Database design methodology: conceptual,logical and physical database design. ã Logical database Design:  –  The process of constructing a model of information used in an enterprise based on aspecific data model, but independent of a particular DBMS or other physicalconsiderations. ã Step2: Build and validate local logical datamodel for each user view. ã Step3: Build and validate global logical datamodel  Step2: Build and Validate LocalLogical Data model for each user view.   ã Step2.1: Map local conceptual data model to locallogical data model. ã Step2.2: Derive relations from logical data model. ã Step2.3: Validate model using Normalization. ã Step2.4: Validate model against user transactions ã Step2.5: Draw E-R Diagram. ã Step2.6: Define integrity constraints ã Step2.7: Review local logical data model withuser.  Step2.1: Map local conceptual data modelto local logical data model. ã Objectives:  –  Remove M:N relationships.  –  Remove complex relationships.  –  Remove recursive relationships  –  Remove relationships with attributes  –  Remove multi-valued attributes  –  Re-examine 1:1 relationships  –  Remove redundant relationships.
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