Mastering the Malconvoker

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Description;topic=289.0 Brilliant Gameologists Forum Min/Max = Handbooks = Topic started by: Dan2 on May 21, 2008, 05:02:20 PM Title: Treantmonklvl20's Mastering the Malconvoker Post by: Dan2 on May 21, 2008, 05:02:20 PM PHEW! Formattings done! Alright guys, as you should know, this is a guide by Treantmonklvl20, not me. HERE ( is a link. Here's
  Brilliant Gameologists Forum Min/Max => Handbooks => Topic started by: Dan2 on May 21, 2008, 05:02:20 PM Title: Treantmonklvl20's Mastering the Malconvoker Post by: Dan2 on May 21, 2008, 05:02:20 PMPHEW! Formattings done!Alright guys, as you should know, this is a guide by Treantmonklvl20, not me.HERE ( is a link.Here's the guide!Title: Re: Treantmonklvl20's Mastering the Malconvoker Post by: Dan2 on May 21, 2008, 05:03:43 PM Mastering the Malconvoker: ( Or “The end justifies the means” Take him my slaves! Drag his soul back to your dark masters! -Argyll Te'Shea,servant of Pelor and malconvokerQuote from Complete Scoundrel THE MALCONVOKER  is a prestige class from Complete Scoundrel thatspecializes in Summon Monster spells and Planar Binding spells. Entry requirements:Alignment: Any non-evil. Skills: Bluff 4 ranks, Knowledge (The planes) 4 ranks. Languages: Celestial, Infernal Feats: Augment Summoning, Spell Focus (Conjuration) Special: Ability to cast Summon Monster III The standard concept of the perpetual war between good and evil is cliched tosome: a black-and-white vision of reality, suitable only for religious sermonizing. Afew who understand the complexity of the battles that rage throughout the planeshave taken up a dangerous path, entering into powerful pacts with the foulest abominations of the Lower Planes to turn evil against evil. These daringSummoners are Malconvokers, and they bargain with their lives.- Complete Scoundrel  First – all Malconvokers should check out thesethreads: 3.5 summonable creatures thread ( /showthread.php?p=14042017#post14042017) - This thread breaks downSummon Monster spells, unlike this one, non-core summons are examined and;topic=289.01 de 42  critiqued. The Summoner’s handbook ( /showthread.php?t=883099) : A general guide for Summoners of all types. Beadviced not all general summoning advice applies to Malconvokers.I would like to aknowledge this thread: Mastering the summoned monster – a comprehensive guide ( - You won't find muchin this thread I haven't covered here. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The Conjurer's Handbook ( /showthread.php?t=918686) - not a summoner's thread - but if you are enteringMalconvoker through the Conjurer, this can give you a nice guide of spellsavaible and feats to consider. Second: Why should I play a Malconvoker? Consider looking through your new splatbook. You see a PrC for casters thatlooses a caster level. Already you think This better have some great classabilities. , you are ready to turn the page.The first level ability has a +1 metamagic added to spells for free. You think That's not enough to make this worthwhile - if you weren't bored you wouldhave already gone to the next PrC.The fourth level ability effectively doubles one of your specialty feats. You nowthink Still not enough. The fifth level ability then adds +4 Metamagic to spells for free (thats +5levels of metamagic for free). You read it again - yes - thats +5 metamagic levelsto spells free. You must have been reading the Malconvoker. There are many advantages to playing a Summoner, but if you are willing tofocus completely on summoning - nothing beats a Malconvoker. You may nothave the best HP, BAB, AC, or be as good at the other spells - but when it comesto Summoning - you will be king.Up to the time I looked at the Malconvoker I was of the opinion that you shouldnever consider a PrC that reduces your spellcasting level. The Malconvoker doesthis at level 1.However, level one of the Malconvoker gives an extend spell effect on allSummon Monster spells where you summon evil creatures as long as you beattheir sense motive with a bluff (free action bluff)The fourth level of the Malconvoker gives a +2 to damage on all attacks and +2HP/HD to any evil creatures which were summoned with the first level ability.The fifth level of Malconvoker adds an extra creature when you summon an evilcreature. That's basically a free Twin Spell. If you use a Summon Monster tosummon lesser level creatures, it works out closer to an empower spell (still verygood).If you are a Wizard/Cleric who pops off the occasional Summon Monster spell –this isn’t a worthy trade. If you are a Wizard/Cleric who specializes in SummonMonster spells – this is just too good to pass up.;topic=289.02 de 42  Third: How many levels should I take? The Malconvoker is a 9 level PrC. The first 5 levels will focus primarily onSummon Monster spells, the final 4 levels focus more on Planar Binding spells. Itis a decent choice for full 9 level progression – but there are options.The best ability the Malconvoker gets is Infernal Legion at level 5, this makeslevel 5 an ideal breaking point if you want to pick up some different PrC levels.Level 6 gives you (IMO) the best Planar Binding ability with Deceitful Bargaining.This gives a decent break point with lots of Summon Monster specialization, anddecent boost to Planar Binding.Levels 7-9 are decent - nothing spectacular, but you aren't losing spellcastinglevels either - so it's still solid. Fourth: Which class should I qualify with? Which class to choose for qualifying for the Malconvoker:Red: Very strong choiceBlue: Good choiceGreen: Fair choice Cleric:   Not a bad choice if you start with the Summoning domain. You willgive up the wizard’s alternate class features in exchange for a better AC andBAB. Take this if Summoning isn’t your only focus. (Actually, one tactic that canbe excellent for Cleric/Malconvokers is to use Twin Spell or Repeat Spellmetamagic along with Divine Metamagic for extra conjurations. It is a feathungry build - but by high levels this can add up to quite a few creatures - atleast comparable with the Master Specialist 10 option for Conjurers - thank youSigfried for the suggestion)Also - there is an alternate class ability in the Planar Handbook for Clerics atlevel 4 that allows turning of summoned creatures (which could be handy forfailed bluff rolls) at a penalty of -3 levs for turning undead. This seems to me likean easy choice. Wizard: This is my favourite option. Especially when using the variousalternate class features which can improve Summon Monster spells. Obviously,you should specialize in Conjurer. If your DM does not allow the RapidSummoning alternate class feature from UA – go with Cleric or Archavist instead.It is that one option that makes the Wizard shine as a Malconvoker. Wizard Class Variants to take/not to take:Focused Specialist: I would not recommend this for most wizards going intohigh level campaigns, but since you will be memorizing at least 3 SummonMonster spells per level - this is actually a no-brainer. You do have to give upone more spell school (which hurts) - but alternate casting is the secondarypurpose of your character. Enhanced Summoning: You get Augment Summoning as a free feat at firstlevel instead of Scribe Scroll. This is a no-brainer. If you continue Conjurer tolevel 5, your summons are harder to dispel (+2 caster level check). If youcontinue to level 10, your Augment Summoning bonuses improve to +6/+6. Feelfree to jump ship early on. The first level ability is the best.;topic=289.03 de 42  Rapid Summoning: This is a must have. Yes, you must sacrifice ImmediateMagic (which hurts), but you have no choice. You are a summoner first andforemost. Standard action Summon Monster spells are what makes the ConjurerSummoner better than the Cleric summoner. Spontaneous Summoning: This is a bad option. No need for spontaneoussummoning - just memorize it. Your spells lose a whole level by using thisvariant - definitely not worth it at any level. Archivist: This is a pretty strong entry choice. You will be able to cast bothSummon Monster and Summon Nature's Ally (of course none of yourMalconvoker abilities will extend to Summon Nature's ally - but your Summoningfeats/items will). You will need to take one of the other methods to make yoursummoning rapid (Feats/magic items). This just means more options whensummoning - and options are always good. Dark Knowledge has excellentSynergy with Summoned Creatures.I think flavor-wise this is also a good option. A very nice mix with Malconvoker. Wu Jen: Not a bad option. You are looking at less spells to cast then aspecialist wizard, and there's no Rapid Spell variant, however, your DM mightconsider allowing Rapid Spell as an applicable spell secret since it's a 1 levelmetamagic enhancement. This would have to be houseruled though - because inthe RAW it isn't offered.The most attractive part of the Wu Jen would be the ability to reroll initiativerolls. That can be a big boost for a Summoner. (only if you are using RapidMetamagic though) Sorcerer: Can’t qualify until level 7, and since you will be casting the samespell most of the time – spontaneous casting is less of an advantage. (you willactually have less castings than a focused specialist conjurer as well). However,Bluff is a class skill, and CHA will be high – which is an advantage to Bluff and toPlanar Binding spells. (Bonzai also points out that Sorcerers can get thesummoning domain with a 5th level substitution level in CC. This gives all thespells of the domain and the +2 CL for Conjuration (Summoning) spells). Thething to think about with the sorcerer/wizard choice is this: Do I want the CHA,or the Rapid Summoning? My personal preference is for the standard actioncastings - but there is definitely a counter-argument to be had.Other Options: Some other options exist in the Splatbooks (such as favouredsoul) – none are particularly better suited than the above.If you choose one of the non-conjurer options, or your DM does not allowUnearthed Arcana material (Rapid summoning variant in particular). Then takethe Rapid spell feat, use Metamagic School Focus (Conjuration) to power it 3times/day. At higher levels, Arcane Thesis can give you unlimited uses with SMIX and VIII for example. What NOT to take (Just because you can doesn't mean you should )Bard: Yep, the Bard can qualify by level 7. However, you won't get manysummon spells per day, you will get lower level summon spells, and you willnever get access to Summon Monster VII, VIII, or IX. Buffing abilities aside, thismakes the Bard a sub-par summoner.Beguiler/True Necromancer/Warmage etc: This applies to any arcane caster thatdoes not have Summon Monster III on their casting list. The trick of course is totake Arcane Disciple feat with the Summoning Domain which will give access toSM III. Of course you won't get access to SM VI, VIII, or IX - and the rest you canonly cast once per day. Always a terrible option.;topic=289.04 de 42
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