Milk Monitor - iPhone app for breast feeding and bottle feeding parents.

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Milk Monitor is the new iPhone app from Milo Creative. Milk Monitor helps parents to keep track of their new born baby's feeds and needs with a simple tap. Weather you are breast feeding or bottle feeding Milk Monitor will record the quantity and frequency of feeds and let you note down any other events in your baby's day.
  • 1. Milk Monitor brings the simplicity of the iPhone to recording your baby’s feeds and needs. No more lists or trying to write stuff down when you are feeding baby.
  • 2. Whether you are breast feeding or bottle feeding it’s always useful to keep track of baby’s progress. Now you can do this with a simple tap. Breast feeding Mums can keep tabs on which breast baby has fed from and for how long.
  • 3. Bottle feeding parents can track the quantity and frequency of feeds. Using the simple slider Milk Monitor will add how much baby is taking from each bottle.
  • 4. You can also keep a record of key events in your baby's day. Milk Monitor makes a personalised record for your baby.
  • 5. It's easy to add more babies for parents with twins, triplets or more...
  • 6. You can share baby's feeds and needs through email and twitter.
  • 7. Milk Monitor can email a full feed history...
  • 8. ...or just share a tweet to let your friends know that you’re busy.
  • 9. Using Milk Monitor will help build a record of baby’s feeds and needs. through their first months, letting
  • 10. Milk Monitor, recording baby’s feeds and needs with a simple tap.
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