MKI Artist List (13-14)

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Melvin Kaplan, Inc. Artist List (2013-2014)
  INNOVATE 2014–2015 artist   list MELVIN KAPLAN INC .  For more than fty years, Melvin Kaplan, Inc.,has represented many o the world’s mostinnovative musicians, specializing in the bestchamber music and soloists. The artists on ourroster are known or their artistic excellence,ertile imaginations, limitless creativity, andwarm personalities. They are emerging stars andestablished, venerated household names.We take special pride in working with presentersand our artists to develop innovative programs,special projects, and unique collaborations.We encourage you to explore just a samplingo these distinctive oerings and imagine howthey would enhance your series and exciteyour audience. Melvin Kaplan  rachel   barton   pinehamao   fujiwaramaxim   mogilevskymenahem   presslerorion   weissjennifer   grim collaborate american   string   quartet   ariel   quartet   dover   quartet   fine   arts   quartetleipzig   string   quartet   meccorre   quartet   new   orford   string   quartet   pacifica   quartetparisii   quartet   talich   quartetying   quartetgryphon   triohermitage   piano   trionew   york   chamber   soloistsnew   york   chamber   soloists   orchestrapasquier   triosalzburg   marionette   theatermozart   orchestra   of   new   york gerard   schwarz ,   music   director   celebrateinnovateexplore  Leipzig String Quartet   The Leipzig Quartet oers a choose-your-own-Beethoven  program, in which theaudience decides which early,middle, and late quartet willbe perormed. Hermitage Piano Trio   The Hermitage Piano Trio proudlyoers a program o pieces withties to the Trio’s namesake, St. Petersburg’s legendaryHermitage Museum, eaturingGlinka, Beethoven, Rachmanino,and Tchaikovsky. Gryphon Trio The Gryphon Trio perorms multimedia programs withphotographic projectionpaired with traditional reper-toire, and a stunning programo love songs perormed with a cabaret singer. Talich Quartet The Talich Quartet perormsits native Czech repertoire –music by Janácek, Smetana,Dvorák, Martinu, and others– with a singular understand-ing borne rom the Quartet’sty-year heritage. Ying Quartet The Ying Quartet presentsits Dim Sum program, withbite-sized works by Chinese-American composers pairedwith pieces by Mozart, Ravel,and Debussy. Meccorre Quartet The Meccorre Quartet drawson its rich Polish heritage to oer wonderully inormedperormances o Penderecki,Lutosławski, and Szymanowski. Parisii Quartet   The Parisii Quartet is the onlyquartet in the world perorm-ing Pierre Boulez’s Livre pourQuatuor in its entirety; theirperormance called Open Book  is a unique presentationo the Livre paired with Bachand Beethoven. Fine Arts Quartet   The Fine Arts Quartethearkens back to the goldenage o perormance withprograms eaturing works byKreisler, Zimbalist, and Ysaÿe. INNOVATE      ˆ   ˆ ˚ 
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