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Welcome to the Museum of Greece. Museum Entrance. Back Wall Artifact. Architecture. Culture. Things to do. Location. Curator’s Offices. Curator’s Office. Jennifer Felix.
Welcome to the Museum of GreeceMuseum EntranceBack Wall ArtifactArchitectureCultureThings to doLocationCurator’s OfficesCurator’s OfficeJennifer FelixI am a student at Emporia State University studying Vocal Music Education. In my free time, I enjoy taking long walks, playing piano, journaling, and photography. My goals as a educator are to make a difference and to be there for children when no one else is. Place your picture here.Contact me at jenfelix2009@gmail.comReturn to EntryNote: Virtual museums were first introduced by educators at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. This template was designed by Dr. Christy Keeler. View the Educational Virtual Museums website for more information on this instructional technique.LocationRoom 1Artifact 2Return to EntryLocationGreece is a decent sized country located in south-eastern Europe on the south end of the Balkan peninsula. Other countries that surround it include are Turkey and Albania. Most of the country is covered in mountains making Greece one of the “most mountainous countries of Europe”. (Visit Greece|Geography, 2012)Map of EuropeReturn to ExhibitArchitectureRoom 2Artifact 6Return to EntryArchitecture Greek Architecture is best known especially for their temples. Along with the distinguished temples is the open-air theatre. In modern times, most of these structures are now in ruins, but still substantially in tact. Majority of their buildings are unique in structure and decoration. They are unique in structure and decoration because some were built after geographical areas, personalities, and the like.(Ancient Greek Architecture, 2012)The ParthenonReturn to ExhibitCultureRoom 3Artifact 10Return to EntryCultureMany of the people in Greece have traditions ranging from religious backgrounds to paganism. Greeks are also very superstious. Many think seeing a black car will bring bad luck. Music is a big part of the creek culture as well. From poetry, dancing, and even playing music, the culture is brought out in all of it. Food is also a big part of the people of Greece. Gyros are a famous dish. People of GreeceReturn to ExhibitWhat to do in GreeceRoom 4Artifact 14Return to EntryThings to do in GreeceGreece is full of culture, history, fun, and excitement. There are plenty of sights to see including Mount Olympus, Beaches of Crete, and the Epidaurus Theater. The Ladadika Jewish Quarter (pictured right) is one of the few communities to come back after the Nazi’s had destroyed it. It’s a great place for people to hang out. There are tons of other beaches to see, mountains to climb, and fun to experience. Ladadika Jewish QuarterReturn to ExhibitGo Greece!I look forward to going to Greece one day! I love the culture, food, and history!Linked citation goes hereReturn to Exhibit
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