Music Video Analysis

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music video analysis worksheet
  Video Which genre? How do you know? What generic features do you see (e.g. dance routine: dance/pop music) Sound  –  genre, instruments, lyrics, emotion Performance/narrative/concept? How much of each? Which parts? (e.g performance in chorus, narrative in verse) How does this link to genre? Representation DRCAGES SETTINGS THEMES Camera shots  –  which types? What variety of shots is there? What are shots of? Are there shots of artist? How many? What are they doing/type? Editing  –  How are camera shots edited? What is the pace like? How does the editing fit the music Mise-en-scene  –  comment on costume, setting, hair, props, make up, facial expressions etc How does this fit genre? How does the artiste want to be seen? Does it link with any of their other videos? Who does the video appeal to?   
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