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Application Form for Direct Recruitment of Teachers Bank Draft Details (Date & amount & Name of Bank):_________________________ 1. Full Name (In block letters)___________________________________________ 2. Post applied for Department______________________ 3. (a) Father s/Husband s Name: ________________________________________ (b) Mother s name:_________________________________________________ 4. Address with phone/email (if available): Address for Correspondence Address: Address: Permanent Addr
  1 Application Form for Direct Recruitment of Teachers Bank Draft Details (Date & amount & Name of Bank  ):_________________________   1.   Full Name (In block letters)___________________________________________   2.   Post applied for Department ______________________   3. (a) Fathers/Husbands Name : ________________________________________  (b) Mothers name: _________________________________________________  4. Address with phone/email ( if    available) : Address for Correspondence Permanent Address   Address:   Address:   Phone:   Phone:   Email:  5. (a) Date of Birth: (b) Place of Birth: (c) Nationality : (d) Male or Female: (e) Marital status: (e) Category:   (f) Religion:  6. Educational Qualifications (Strike off which is not applicable):   Exam Passed   University/ Board   Year of    Passing   Percentage of    Marks/Grade   Division   MainSubjects   Award/Medal/ Merit, if any   Matric   Hr.Sec./Pre.Univ./ 10+2/    Inter/Equivalent   BTech/BBA/BSc/B.Com/    Any Other   MTech/MBA/MCom/MA/    MSc  /MCA    /Any other   NET/GATE   M.Phil   Ph.D   Subject........................... ....................  Topic of Thesis..... Year of Award of  Degree. Name of the University/Institute that has awarded the Ph.D.   Any other Exam.   Area   of Specialization     Paste Attested   Passport Size   Photograph    2 7. Teaching/Professional/Research positions held   (Give in chronological order starting with the presentpost).   Employer   Post held   Pay Scale   Basic Pay   Period of employment   Nature of duties/ work   8. (a)   Has there been any break in your service career? ________________________________________   If so, give details thereof with reasons_________________________________________________   (b)   Have you ever been punished during your service:________________________________________   or convicted by a Court of Law? If so, give details._______________________________________   (c)   Have you ever been declared medically unfit ? or asked to submit your resignation or discharged or D ismissed   from service? If yes, give details on   a separate sheet._____________________________  9 . (a) Total teaching experience(full - time) in Institute/College/University :_ ________________________   (b) Total Research experience: ______________________________________________________   (c) Any other experience: ______________________________________________________   10 . Guidance/Supervision of Ph.D. Thesis:   (a) Number of Candidates registered for Research Supervision at present: ____________________   (b ) Number of Candidates who have successfully Completed/Submitted Ph.D   Thesis . 11 . Have you studied Hindi up to Matric standard? Yes/No12. Present D esignation and Grade Pay   (Rs) In the Pay Scale of (Rs). Total Emoluments.. 13. List of Publications: Publications   Published   With details of publication   Accepted for Publication   With details Books   a)   Independently   b)   Jointly   Research Papers   a)   Independently   b)   Jointly   Patents   a)   Independently   b)   Joint ly   Any Other Publication   a)   Independently   b)   Jointly   *Paper accepted for publication will carry weight equivalent to published paper     3 14. RESEARCH AND ACADEMIC CONTRIBUTIONS (Applicable to  Professors & Associate  Professor    only )   S.N.   APIs   Engineering / Sciences Humanities / Library / Physical Education / Management   Max. Points for university &   College teacher position.   API   Score   allotted   Self App. Score+   Verified   APIScore#   III A   Research    /Review   Papers* publishedin:   Refereed & Indexed Journals journals with impact factorRefereed & IndexedJournals journals withimpact factor above 5   40/publication  Refereed & Indexed Journalswith impact factor 2 -5Refereed & IndexedJournals with impact factor 2 -5 30/publication   Refereed & Indexed Journalswith impact factor 1 -2 Refereed & IndexedJournals with impactfactor 1 -2 25/publication   Refereed & Indexed journals Refereed & Indexed journals20/publication   Refereed Journals   Refereed Journals   15/publication   Non - refereed but recognizedand reputable journals &periodicals, havingISBN/ISSN no.   Non - refereed butrecognized & reputable journals & periodicals,having ISBN/ISSN no.   10/publication   Conference proceedings asfull papers, etc. (Abstractsnot to be included)   Conference proceedings asfull papers, etc. (Abstractsnot to be included)   10/publication   Continued on   page --- 4 ---    4 IIIB   Research   Publications   (Books, chapters inbooks, other   than refereed    journal articles)   Text or Reference BooksPublished by InternationalPublishers   Text   or   Reference booksPublished by InternationalPublishers  50 / sole author(book) & 10 eachchapter in an edited book   Subjects Books by NationalLevel Publishers / State andCentral Govt. Publications with ISBN/ISSN no.  Subjects Books byNational Level Publishers / State & Central Govt.Publications with ISBN /  ISSN no.  25/sole author(book) and 5each chapter in an edited   book.   Subject Books by Otherlocal publishers withISBN/ISSN numbers   Subject Books by Otherlocal publishers withISBN/ISSN numbers   15/sole author   (book) & 3 eachchapter   in an edited   book.   Chapters   contributed   toedited   Knowledge   basedvolumes   published   byInternational Publishers  Chapters contributed toedited Knowledge based volumes published   byInternational Publishers   10/chapter   Monographs /books  Published without ISBN / ISSNno/ edited conferenceproceedings / refresher course proceedings / case studies, etc.  Monographs / books publishedwithout ISBN / ISSN numbers / edited conference proceedings/ refresher course proceedings / business games/case studies, etc.   10   pointseach   Chapters in Knowledgebased volumes by Indian/Nat ional Level publishers with ISBN / ISSNnumbers and with numbers of national and internationaldirectories.  Chapters in Knowledge based volumes   by Indian /National Level publishers with ISBN  / ISSN numbers   & with numbers of    national   &international directories.   5/chapter   Continued on page --- 5 ---  
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