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An Open Ended growth Scheme, seeking to generate capital appreciation, from a portfolio that is substantially constituted of equity securities and equity related securities of the 100 largest corporates, by market capitalisation, listed in India. December 2011Asset Allocation Top 10 Stocks As on 29 Feb, 2012 Sr No. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 As Name of Instrument Reliance Industries Wipro ICICI Bank Tata Motors Kotak Mahindra Bank Bharat Petroleum Corpn. Hindustan Unilever Net Assets (%) 7.81 6.39
  An Open Ended growth Scheme, seeking to generate capital appreciation, from a portfolio that is substantiallyconstituted of equity securities and equity related securities of the 100 largest corporates, by market capitalisation,listed in India.December 2011 Asset AllocationTop 10 Stocks   As on 29 Feb, 2012 SrNo.Name of Instrument Net Assets(%) 1 Reliance Industries 7.812 Wipro 6.393 ICICI Bank 5.564 Tata Motors 5.465   Kotak Mahindra Bank 5.366 Bharat Petroleum Corpn. 4.237   Hindustan Unilever 3.918 Housing Development Finance Corporation 3.499 Tata Consultancy Services 3.2910   Maruti Suzuki India 2.84 Top 10 Sectors   As on 29 Feb, 2012 SrNo.IndustryNet Assets(%) 1 Banks 15.762   Petroleum Products 12.043 Software 11.604   Auto 10.405 Industrial Capital Goods 5.986 Finance 5.677   Pharmaceuticals 4.088 Consumer Non Durables 3.919 Cement 3.51  10 Power 3.37 SchemeDSP-BR Top 100 Equity - RP (G)HDFC Top 200 Fund (G) Fund ClassLarge CapLarge CapFund Type Open-Ended Open-EndedRankingRank 3Rank 3Scheme AssetRs in cr 2,879.59Dec-30-2011 10,537.06Dec-30-2011 Inception Date Feb 21, 2003 Aug 19, 1996Last DividendRs/Units N.A. 2.500Benchmark BSE 100 BSE 200Minimum InvestmentRs Rs.5000 Rs.5000AMC/FundFamilyDSP BlackRock Investment ManagersLimitedHDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd.   AMC AssetRs in cr 30,564.90Dec-31-2011 88,628.03Dec-31-2011 >More Scheme Info   >More Scheme Info   NAV Details Latest NAVRs/Units 99.126 Mar-20-2012  200.098 Mar-20-2012  52 week high 104.912 Feb 21, 12  218.732 Apr 25, 11  52 week low 86.185 Dec 19, 11  170.980 Dec 19, 11   Performance Returns as on Mar 20, 12   * Returns over 1 year are Annualised   3 Months14.1% 15.8%6 Months4.3% 2.8%1 Year3.5% 0.1%2 Years4.6% 5.1%3 Years25.4% 31.0%5 Years12.7% 14.3%>Detailed Performance   >Detailed Performance   Portfolio  Top 5 holdings Reliance, Wipro, ICICI Bank, TataMotors, Kotak MahindraSBI, ICICI Bank, Infosys, ITC, Tata Motors(D)Weightage totop 5 holdings30.58% 28.74%Top 3 Sectors Banking/Finance, Oil & Gas, Technology Banking/Finance, Technology, Oil & GasWeightage to   top 3 sectors46.81% 43.75%>Full Portfolio   >Full Portfolio Management & Fees Fund Manager Apoorva Shah Prashant JainEntry Load 0% 0%Exit Load 1.00% 1.00%Load comment Exit Load 1% if redeemed within 12months from the date of allotment.Exit Load 1% if units are redeemed / switched-out within 1 year from the date of Quick Enquiry    Tools & Resources o   SIP/STP/SWP Calculators  o   Power of Compounding Calculator  o   Goal Calculator  o   Risk Profiler     Contact Us  Toll Free No. : 1800-300-11111  Tel No. : 022 30301111  Email :      Systematic Investment PlanReliance Systematic Investment PlanInvest as little as Rs. 100 per month.   Welcome to Reliance Mutual Fund  Just as drops of water make an ocean, small but regular investments can go a long way in buildingwealth over time. This way you grow step by step. It's always prudent to invest with a long term horizonin mind. Small but regular investments go a long way in creating wealth over time. Reliance SystematicInvestment Plan (SIP) helps you achieve just that. It is an investment technique where you deposit aslittle as Rs. 100 regularly every month into the mutual fund scheme at the then prevailing NAV (NetAsset Value), subject to applicable load. No need to time the markets Imagine, if you could always pick the right time to buy and sell. However,timing the market is a time-consuming and risky task. Through disciplined, regular investments you canstop worrying about when and how much to invest. In short, it eliminates the need to actively track themarkets. Lower cost per unit Since your investments are spread regularly over a period of time, buying fewerunits during rising markets and buying more units during falling markets reduces the average cost perunit of your investments - this concept is known as Rupee Cost Averaging. Illustration - Rupee Cost Averaging Say you have opted for Reliance Systematic Investment Plan,investing Rs. 1000 every month from March 2009 to Feb 2010 in a diversified equity fund. Now checkthe average purchase cost per unit of your investments. It would be lower than the average NAV of yourinvestment over 12 months.
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