Optimization through GA in Star Textile Pvt Ltd

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Optimization in star textile pvt ltd. using GA
    OPTIMIZATION OF PROF IT AND COST IN “STAR  TEXTILE MILL FAISALA BAD”   06-11-2016   Submitted To:   Dr. Muhammad Shafiq Submitted By: Ali Ahmed 14-IE-12 Muhammad Waqar 14-IE-43 Adnan Khan 14-IE-46 INDUSTRIAL ENGG. DEPARTMENT UET,TAXILA    STAR TEXTILE PVT LTD Title Minimize the transportation cost & Maximize the profit of STAR Textiles Mills Faisalabad. Introduction We chose the STAR Textiles Mills Faisalabad that is located near Bawa chak Faisalabad. OUTLINE Objective Introduction to industry Problem statements Solutions on different Soft wares Introduction to Industry: Star Textile Mills Limited  started production in 1952 producing finest quality polyester, cotton and blended yarn for domestic and international markets. It has installed capacity of 45000 spindle units, utilizing state of the art machinery imported from countries like Japan, China,Italy and Switzerland. Certificates: The management of star Textile Mills Limited has taken ISO 9001:2000 as a first step towards Total Quality Management. Sense Of Duty Towards Environment: We strictly believe that our planet is our home and we are doing our best efforts to make sure that our home remains clean and pollution free. At star Textile Mills, the management is well aware of this global hazard and has taken substantial initiatives for the preservation of the environment. Sense Of Duty Towards Employees: Star Textile Mills Limited believes in admirable work environment. The management/staff relationship, which exists within star Textile Mills Limited, bears witness to this principle. Various social welfare schemes and programs like social security, provident fund, free services,easy loan and regular and performance bonuses facilities have been implemented for the benefit of the  employees. Our employees are our biggest assets and we believe that by taking care of our employee we are ensuring a better future for our mills. Combination of state of the art Chinese/Japanese/Swiss Machinery installed at Star textile Mills Limited Type of Machinery Unit # of Units Date of Purchase Make Blowroom No. 1 line 3 scutcher 1993 Shanghai China Cardings No. 28 1993 Shanghai China Drawings Set 5 1993 DYH-500 C Simplex No. 5 1993 Toyoda FL-16 Right Frames No. 34 1993 Shanghai China Auto Coners No. 8 1993 Murata 7-11 Mach Splicer PROBLEM Statements There are two kind of problems that we optimize in this industry    Transportation problems    Optimization problems Transportation problems:- Star Textile Ltd produce different varieties of clothes and distribute them in different cities of Pakistan. The Industry has two facilities to provide the cloths. One is direct from the industry with supply capacity of 400000 and other is Mandir Gali that is 8 km away from it with supply capacity of 200000. The company has to distribute its cloth to Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan and Gujranwala. The cost related to each option and demand of each city is in table as following. we have to minimize the transportation cost: Rawalpindi Karachi Lahore Multan Gujranwala Supply Industry 308 0.3542 1052 1.2098 184 0.2110 234 0.2691 158 0.1817 400000 Mandir Gali 316 0.3634 1044 1.2006 192 0.2208 226 0.2599 166 0.1909 200000 Demand 25000 45000 40000 30000 28000  Solution of the Transportation Problem LP modeling: Minimization the transportation cost Objective function Min=0.3542*x11+1.2098*x12+0.2110*x13+0.2691*x14+0.1817*x15+0.3634*x21+1.2006*x22+ 0.2208*x23+0.2599*x24+0.1909*x25 Constarints: X11+x12+x13+x14+x15<=400000 X21+x22+x23+x24+x25<=200000 X11+x21=25000 X12+x22=45000 X13+x23=40000 X14+x24=30000 X15+x25=28000 Non-negativity contrains: X11,x12,x13,x14,x15,X21,x22,x23,x24,x25>=0 Solving on Lingo Software:
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