Personal Pollution

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Detoxing in a toxic world
  Personal Pollution  Tissues with Issues! Seminar by Carla Brown, RCNP, MSc   Tree of Life   The root system represents our constitution andis affected by   –  mental and emotional stress,nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, toxicoverload.  The trunk    represents thebiological terrain and thebranches represent ourbody systems. Dis easehappens in body systems. Heartattack ColitisColds ArthritisFeverLow thyroidCancerBiological Terrain If we only prune the branches  –  theygrow back. We must ensure the rootsystem is healthy. Constitution  In acute illness, the body is always congested with metabolic toxins.  Colds and flu  Fever  Sore throats  Ear aches   Acute headaches Metabolic wastes are byproducts of cellular activity  Illnesses that may involve environmental toxins…     Allergies   Asthma   Autism  Birth defects  Cardiovascular disease  Cancer  Migraine  Fatigue    Kidney Diseases  Learning disabilities  –    ADD/ADHD, senility   Liver disease  Obesity   Skin disorders  –   eczema, psoriasis,rashes It is likely that all chronic illness involves toxicity
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