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PKI Part 5: Non-repudiation Kjell Jørgen Hole NoWires Research Group Department of Informatics University of Bergen last changed October 21, 2011 Outline ã Introduction to non-repudiation ã types of non-repudiation ã technical model ã Non-repudiation service based on PKI ã mechanisms for non-repudiation ã Dispute resolution? 2 Standard definitions ã Non-repudiation. Offers a person protection against a false claim by another person that a communication never took place ã Non-repudiation of ori
  Kjell Jørgen HoleNoWires Research GroupDepartment of InformaticsUniversity of Bergen last changed October 21, 2011 Outline ãIntroduction to non-repudiationãtypes of non-repudiationãtechnical modelãNon-repudiation service based on PKIãmechanisms for non-repudiationãDispute resolution? 2  Standard definitions ã Non-repudiation. Offers a person protectionagainst a false claim by another person thata communication never took placeã Non-repudiation of srcin. A personcannot falsely deny having srcinated amessage or documentã Non-repudiation of delivery. A personcannot falsely deny having received amessage or document 3 Legal view (1) ãNon-repudiation consists of the abilityto convince athird partythat a specificmessage or document srcinated with,or was delivered to a certain personãCredible evidenceis needed to persuade aã judge,ã jury, orãarbitrator 4  Legal view (2) ãBoth the quality and the presentation ofthe evidence determine the degree  ofnon-repudiation 5 Trusted third party needed ãTo obtain a high degree of non-repudiation,it is essential that at least one Trusted ThirdParty   (TTP) collects, validates, time stamps,signs, and stores relevant non-repudiationevidence 6  Non-repudiation in practice ãNon-repudiation consists of the ability toprove to a third party andafter the factthata specific communication srcinated with orwas delivered to a certain personãcredible evidence is needed to persuadethe judge, jury, or arbitrator that there isenough non-repudiation 7 Example: signed messagevia traditional mail ãSupports a moderate degree of non-repudiationãDifficult to forge signatureãPhysical bindingof signer’s identity to messageãCan use witnesses to increase degree of non-repudiation 8
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