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A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell. Place of Bliss. Paradise. Where is paradise? Christian view In accord with nature? Eastern religion: Going beyond ego, and opposites. Hinduism. The mythology that fits science is Hinduism
A Mythic Journey with Joseph Campbell Place of Bliss Paradise
  • Where is paradise?
  • Christian view
  • In accord with nature?
  • Eastern religion: Going beyond ego, and opposites
  • Hinduism
  • The mythology that fits science is Hinduism
  • The universe is energy; gods its personalization, and matter its concretization
  • Expanding the notion of time diminishes our notion of the importance of the present moment, and see it as just a flash on the water of eternity.
  • Forest Books: You are It. Disengage from the vortex of birth and death, and engage in meditation to achieve Nirvanic harmony.
  • Buddhism
  • Order of Elders(Theravada): Renounce the world and step into the ferryboat of monkhood to the Other Shore.
  • Great Vehicle (Mahayana): 1st century in Northwest India.
  • An analogy: one way ferry to Berkeley from SF; we identify with things that come and go, when we are illusions of consciousness
  • The culmination of consciousness is in accord with the (serpent) power of universe.
  • Buddhism (2)
  • The Buddha taught the 'way'(yana) to transcend duality.
  • Why mythology?
  • How else do you speak of the transcendent?
  • Is wonder best expressed in mystical terms?
  • Death & Resurrection
  • Death of animal instincts & birth of spiritual rapture.
  • Reincarnation
  • A sacred place is where eternity shines through time.
  • The net of Indra: we are all gems in the great net. All the characters in the dream has their own dream.
  • Pure Land of Infinite Radiance
  • Vow: I'll not accept illumination myself, unless I can bring illumination to all beings.
  • If a person in pure land is not yet illuminated, the lotus will be closed. Surrounded by the sound 'all is impermanent, not self'
  • The Goddess of Compassion willingly comes back and joyfully participate in the sorrows of the world.
  • Destiny
  • Are you master of your own life, or victim of destiny?
  • Joyful participation in the sorrows of the world. Spiritual rapture every step of the way.
  • Your being is what it should be.
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