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Some fine quotes collection on coktails
  “The problem with theworld is that everyoneis a few drinks behind.” - Humphrey Bogart  WHISKEY Whiskey was James Cagney’s favorite drink.Long before starring with Doris Day in “LoveMe or Leave Me”, he tended bar in New York’slower east side. He liked any Irish whiskey, andlots of it! “Lots of people drink to get drunk- I drink to celebrate ,and I like to celebrate all dayand into the night.If I can makeit that far.” -James Cagney WHISKEY Old Fashioned   10 Gentleman Jack Bourbon, orange, cherry, sugar and bitters over ice.  I n the early 1800’s, a “cocktail” was dened as any spirit combined with sugar,bitters and water. As new drinks came into play, the traditionalists longed for agood “old fashioned” cocktail. Plenty O’Toole   12 Bushmills Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, Frangelico over ice.  N amed after the iconic James Bond character in “Diamonds Are Forever”. Whiskey Sour 9 Crown Royal, fresh lemon juice and simple syrup with a dash of egg white . Simple. Smooth. Delicious. Classic! Perfect Manhattan 12 Maker’s Mark 46 Bourbon, sweet and dry vermouth and a dash ofbitters.   Named after New York’s Manhattan Club, this cocktail took over the lead role previously held by gin martinis. Sazerac 9 Old Overholt Rye, Pernod, muddled sugar cube, dash bitters with alemon twist.   The brainchild of a creole apothecary who moved to New Orleansfrom the West Indies in the early 19th Century. Its primary ingredient was changedfrom cognac to rye due to popular American tastes. Kentucky Champagne Cocktail   12 Woodford Reserve Bourbon, peach schnapps, dash bitters toppedwith champagne.  A southern twist on the classic champagne cocktail. Marlene Dietrich Cocktail   11 Canadian Club Whisky, Grand Marnier, fresh orange juice over icewith orange and lemon peel garnish.   Invented in a Hollywood nightclub inthe 1930’s. Legend has it that Marlene Dietrich used to suck on lemons during lmmaking to keep her mouth muscles taut for the camera.  BRANDY “Stingers – and keep them coming…” Cary Grant,Doris Day’s “Touch of Mink” costar, as a navy pilot in1957’s “Kiss Them For Me”. The famed minty “Stinger”cocktail doesn’t take its srcin from a famous bar or grand hotel, but was likely born during the prohibitionas a way to disguise the taste and smell ofhomemade hooch. It’s mainingredient has a far longer history. Stemming from theDutch word “brandwijn”,meaning “burned wine”,brandy was the inventionof a Dutchman trader, whohad devised a method ofremoving water from wineto ship it in limited cargocontainers, only to add itback upon arrival. “Stingers - andkeep them coming...” -Cary Grant BRANDY Stinger   9 Christian Brothers Brandy, white crème de menthe . This classic was born during the prohibition out of the need to disguise the taste of homemade hooch! Sidecar   12 Courvoisier, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice . The famed “Harry’s Bar” of Paris is generally credited with inventing the Sidecar in the 1920’s for a patron whooften rode in one. While many variations can be found, this is the srcinal, and it screams “suavité” Between the Sheets 12 Christian Brothers Brandy, Bacardi Silver rum, Cointreau, fresh lemon juice.   The name itself suggests you exercise caution (or not!) with this deliciously smooth Sidecar cousin. Widow’s Kiss 15 Calvados Brandy, Yellow Chartreuse, Benedictine.   This beautifully richcocktail with a hint of apple dates back to 1895 and has the aromatic repower of two venerable herbal liqueurs. As the drink warms, the taste develops makingeach sip slightly different to the last. Brandy Milk Punch   10 Christian Brothers Brandy, dark rum, simple syrup, pimento dram, eggwhite, vanilla extract, nutmeg garnish.  An oldie but goodie, this cocktail isa staple of New Orleans, particularly during Mardi Gras. Great day or night,particular by a roaring replace (so go and curl up in our Living Room with this one!)  GIN If the martini is the king of cocktails, then gin is thecrown it wears upon its head. The classic gin martiniwas a favorite of many Hollywood legends, such asHumphrey Bogart, Mae West, and Dean Martin, whofamously said...Ronald Reagan, who starred alongside Doris Dayin 1952’s “The Winning Team”, favored the OrangeBlossom, which he liked to drink with a side of jellybeans. “If you drink, don’t drive.Don’t even putt.” GIN Orange Blossom 9 Beefeaters Gin, sweet vermouth, fresh orange juice. Served with jelly beans.   Simple and tasty! From Ronnie Reagan to Snoop Dogg, the“gin n’ juice” concept is an all-around pleaser. Ramos Fizz 10 Bombay Gin, fresh lemon juice, heavy crea m, sugar, orange ower water, egg white, topped with selzer. W  ant to see your bartender shakefast and furious? That’s what it takes to achieve the foamy perfection of this smooth, creamy delight. Gibson 10 Boodles Gin, dry vermouth, cocktail onion garnish.    A common theory states this was named after a New York bartender who was tasked with “somethingdifferent” – so he placed an onion in place of an olive in the customer’s (magazinepublisher Charles Dana Gibson) gin martini. Singapore Sling 12 Bombay Gin, Heering Cherry Liqueur, Cointreau, Benedictine,pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, grenadine, dash of bitters.   The iconic Rafes Hotel in Singapore has ownership of this legendary cocktail, created in 1915to take a refreshing edge off the heat and humidity. Clover Club 11 Beefeaters Gin, fresh lemon juice, Chambord, egg white, simple syrupshaken vigorously and strained over ice. Pre-dating the prohibition, thiscocktail was enjoyed by the captains of industry, among other distinguishedmembers, of a famous Philadelphia Men’s Club of the same name. French 75   12 Plymouth Gin, fresh lemon, simple syrup, topped with champagne.    Another brainchild of Harry’s Bar in Paris, this tasty champagne cocktail packs such a kick, it was named for the French 75mm howitzer artillery piece!
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