Regional Radiation CENTER Tokyo in the WMO RA-II

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Regional Radiation CENTER Tokyo in the WMO RA-II. Osamu Ijima Radiation Section, Atmospheric Environment Division, Global Environment and Marine Department, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA). Oct. 2010, IPC-XI, Davos, Switzerland. RRC Regional Association (RA) II (Asia).
Regional Radiation CENTER Tokyo in the WMO RA-IIOsamu IjimaRadiation Section, Atmospheric Environment Division, Global Environment and Marine Department, Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)Oct. 2010, IPC-XI, Davos, SwitzerlandRRC Regional Association (RA) II (Asia)
  • JMA (Tokyo) has been serving as RRC in the WMO Regional Association (RA) II (Asia) since 1965.
  • Region II ASIA MAPActivities of RRC RA-II Tokyo No.1- History and main activities -1964 Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : India - Japan (Pune, India)1965Regional Radiation Centre Establish (RA II Res.20, CIMO IV Rec.1,3,9)1968 Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : Thailand - Japan (Tsukuba, Japan)1970 Join in IPC-III (WRC/Davos, Switzerland)1975 Join in IPC-IV (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : China - Japan (Tsukuba, Japan) 1980 Join in IPC-V (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 1983 Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : Hong Kong - Japan (Tsukuba, Japan)1985 Join in IPC-VI (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 3Activities of RRC RA-II Tokyo No.2- History and main activities -1985 Join in IPC-VI (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 1989 RPC-I : Regional Pyrheliometer Comparison of RA II & RA V (Tsukuba, Japan) 1990 Join in IPC-VII (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 1994 Reference Pyranometer Calibration : Thailand (Tsukuba, Japan)1995 Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : China - Japan (Tsukuba, Japan) Reference Pyranometer Calibration : Korea (Tsukuba, Japan)Join in IPC-VIII (WRC/Davos, Switzerland)1996 Training for Calibration of Pyrheliometers : Korea (Tsukuba, Japan)4Activities of RRC RA-II Tokyo No.3- History and main activities -1997 Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : Hong Kong & Korea - Japan (Tsukuba, Japan) Training for Reference Pyranometer Calibration : Philippines (Tsukuba, Japan)2000 Join in IPC-IX (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 2002 Pyrheliometer Intercomparison : Hong Kong, China & Korea - Japan (Tsukuba, Japan) 2005 Join in IPC-X (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 2007 RPC-II : Regional Pyrheliometer Comparison of RA II(Tsukuba, Japan)2010 Join in IPC-XI (WRC/Davos, Switzerland) 2012RPC-III (planned)5Calibration system within the framework of WMOWorld Radiation CenterSolar Radiometry Section (WRC-SRS)PMOD (Davos, Switzerland)World Standard Group (WSG)traceabilityInternational Pyrheliometer Comparison (IPC)Regional Radiaton Centre(RRC)RRC-Tokyo (Japan), RRC-Pune (India)Regional Standard GroupRegional Pyrheliometer Comparison (RPC)National Radiation Centre(NRC)RIC-Beijing (China), RIC-Tsukuba (Japan)National Standard GroupCalibrationOperational instrumentstraceabilitytraceabilityConceptual diagram of calibration of solar radiation instruments within the framework of WMO6Regional Pyrheliometer Comparison (RPC)
  • RPCs are held once every 5 years, in principle in the next year of IPC.
  • Last RPC was held from Jan. to Jan. 2007 at Tsukuba, Japan with 4 NRC in RAII and WRC.
  • The next RPC is planned in 2012.
  • RPC at Mt.Tsukuba in 20077RPC at Mt. TsukubaMt. Tsukuba Aerological Observatory (BSRN Site: Tatenoat Tsukuba City)050kmMt. Tsukuba▲877mTsukubaCity●Narita●TokyoKeisei Hotel (560m)Mt. Tsukuba (877m)National Radiation Centre(NRC)
  • Intercomparisons are held once a year among the regional and national standard groups to maintain their accuracy.
  • Annual internal pyrheliometer comparison at Mt.Tsukuba in 2010Left: Regional standard group (pyrheliometers) Right: National standard group (pyranometers with collimation tubes)9Pyranometer Calibration ResultSun and shade method (ISO9846)Collimation tube methodReference(Standard Instrument,Absolute Pyrheliometer)calibrationcalibrationcalibrationReference(Pyrheliometer CH1: PKT10359)(AHF: 32446)Pyranometer (CM21:970409 CMP21:070107)Pyranometer (CM21:970409 CMP21:070107)Pyrheliometer(CH1 : PKT10359)Coefficient (mV/W/m^2)Structure of the Collimation tubeTargetBA(Opening full-angle5°Slope angle1°)DiaphragmThe scattered light is effectively suppressed by the diaphragms.PyranometerThe Pyranometer is set at the bottom of the tube, so it has the same structure as the Pyrheliometer.Comparison between the Sun and shade method (A) and the Collimation tube method (B)Mt.Tsukuba in 2009Calibration of infrared radiation instruments within the framework of WMO
  • The world infrared irradiance standard developed at PMOD based on the World Infrared Standard Group (WISG) in 2004.
  • RRCs are recommended to have a regional standard group of pyrgeometers and send them every three years to the WRC-IRS for calibration.
  • World Radiation CentreInfrared Radiometry Section (WRC-IRS)PMOD (Davos, Switzerland)World Infrared Standard Group (WISG)traceabilityCalibration ServiceRegional Radiaton Centre(RRC)RRC-Tokyo (Japan), RRC-Pune (India)Regional Standard GroupCurrent state of calibration of infrared radiation instruments within the framework of WMO12The regional standard group at RRC-Tokyoc
  • List of pyrgeometers making up
  • the regional standard group (calibration date)
  • Eppley PIR/32205F3 (Dec, 2006)
  • Kipp&Zonen CG4/010567 (Jan, 2007)
  • Kipp&Zonen CGR4/070037 (Dec, 2008)
  • Kipp&Zonen CGR4/070038 (Dec, 2009)
  • Kipp&Zonen CGR4/070039
  • (in calibration at PMOD, Now)
  • Each reference pyrgeometer is sent to WRC-IRS every 3 years for calibration.
  • the regional standard group in a desiccator13The pyrgeometer calibration procedure at RRC
  • Adopt the same procedure as the WRC-IRS’s
  • The pyrgeometers are calibrated outdoors by comparisng with the standard group.  traceable to the WISG
  • inspected pyrgeometersthe standard groupOutdoor comparisons with the pyrgeometer standard group14contribution for improvements of pyrgeometer calibration within the framework of WMO.pyrgeometer body temp.controller (bath vessel)data loggercavity temp. controller (bath vessel)Performance of JMA’s Black body (BB) cavityComparisons of mean difference from reference longwave radiation by class of pyrgeometer body temperature (for K&Z CG4 s/n:050798).pyrgeometersignaldry airdata loggerblack body cavitydry air temp. controller (pyrgeometer dome temp.)conical cavitydesiccantheat transfer liquidCalibration coefficients for Eppley/PIR (s/n:32205F3) by WMO/World Radiation Center(WRC) and JMAPpumpbath vesselbath vesselthermocontrollerthermocontrollerPertierthermocontrollerPC(cavity temp.)(body temp.)(dome temp.)Picture and schematic figure of JMA’s BB cavitySummary
  • RRC-Tokyo has been serving as RRC in RA II since 1965.
  • In January 2007, the RRC of Tokyo organized a regional intercomparison at Mt Tsukuba, attended by experts from China including Hong Kong, the Republic of Korea, Japan and the WRC. The report of the regional intercomparison has been published from WMO as WMO/TD-No. 1494.
  • Next RPC is planned in 2012 at Mt. Tsukuba. The details of the RRC will be announced to participants in due course.
  • RRC-Tokyo has established a pyrgeometer calibration procedure for Eppley PIR and Kipp&Zonen CG4/CGR4 pyrgeometers.
  • RRC-Tokyo would like to cooperate in calibration of radiation instruments for the improvements of surface radiation measurements.
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