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Eifel Response Algorithm: Ready for WGLC?. Reiner Ludwig Ericsson Research. Andrei Gurtov Sonera Corporation. Recall: The Problem (Spurious Timouts & Reordering). Spurious Retransmit of Entire Flight !!!. 1. Resolve Retrans. Ambiguity. Recall: The Proposed Solution.
Eifel Response Algorithm: Ready for WGLC?Reiner LudwigEricsson ResearchAndrei GurtovSonera CorporationRecall: The Problem (Spurious Timouts & Reordering)Spurious Retransmitof Entire Flight !!!1. Resolve Retrans. Ambiguity Recall: The Proposed Solution2. Restore CWND / SSTHRESH&Update RTT Estimators3. Resume “off the top” Timestamps RFC 1323“Heuristics”DSACK RFC 28831. SignallingorororThe RXT FlagOnlySpurious TimeoutsSpurious Timeouts& ReorderingOnly ReorderingEifel DetectionRFC 3522P. Sarolahti &M. KojoE. Blanton &M. Allman2. DetectionororEifel ResponseE. Blanton &M. Allman3. Response= Published RFC= I-D in WGLC= I-D in progressTo solve the problem you need …Reverse CC State& Adapt RTOReverse CC State& Adapt DupThreshEifel Response Limited to Spurious Timeouts
  • Adapting DupThresh is Controversial
  • Don’t want to Change DupThresh for Occasional Reordering
  • When to start Adapting? How?
  • Do we need a DupThresh Estimator?
  • More Research Needed!
  • This Issues was Holding up Progress of the Eifel Response I-D
  • We will Exclude Adapting DupThresh in the Next Revision
  • Eifel Response will Only Work for Spurious Timeouts
  • Addressing the Remaining Open Issues
  • Decaying of CC state after Detecting a Spurious Timeout
  • On 1st Timeout (the one that later might be detected to be spurious):pipe_prev  max (FlightSize, ssthresh)
  • Every RTO (non-backed-off !!) counting from 1st Timeout:pipe_prev  max (pipe_prev/2, SMSS)
  • On Detecting Spurious Timeout:cwnd  FlightSize + min (bytes_acked, IW)ssthresh  pipe_prev
  • Adapting RTO in Response to Detecting a Spurious Timeout
  • With Timestamps:Reseed according to RFC2988: SRTT  R and RTTVAR  R/2
  • Without Timestamps :RTTVAR  max (2 * RTTVAR, SRTT) and SRTT  2 * SRTT
  • Question to the WG:Given that we Address the Remaining Issues as Outlined, is the Eifel Response I-D Ready for WGLC?
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