Ruben Castillo Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

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,40 .~0 ] FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 2. Cour! or Organization U.S. District Cour~,N.D.of II 5). Rt’p(tr! Type (check appropriate [).pe) R,eport Required b)’ Ihe Elhic, in Government ‘4ct of J 97,~ ~e~’. ~,qolo[ I. Person Reporting (last name, fir’i.t, mlddlc inh;al) Castillo, Ruben 4. Tide (Arlidc Ill judges ir, dicale actl’, e or senit,~ stalus; magistrate judges indicate full- or pa~-limc) Acti~.cU.S. DisI. Judgc ~5 use. o~,p ~’,~ tot-t~t) 3. Dale of Report 04, 2
  ,40 .~0 ] FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT R,eport Required b)’ Ihe Elhic, in Government ‘4ct of J 97,~ ~e~’. ~,qolo [ FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ~5 use. o~,p ~’,~ tot-t~t) I. Person Reporting (last name, fir’i.t, mlddlc inh;al) 2. Cour! or Organization 3. Dale of Report Castillo, Ruben U.S. District Cour~,N.D.of II 04, 22.’20 l0 4. Tide (Arlidc Ill judges ir, dicale actl’, e or senit,~ stalus; 5). Rt’p(tr! Type (check appropriate [).pe) 6. Rt’porling P~riodmagistrate judges indicate full- or pa~-limc) ~ Nomination,Dam OI 0 I,’21)09 Acti~.cU.S. DisI. Judgc ~ Initial ~ Z .... I ~ Final 12/31/2009 5b. ~ Amended 7. Chambet~ or Office Address 8. On the basi~ of Ihe in[ormation conlained in thi~ Report ~ndm~difi¢~lions p¢rlaining Iher¢lo. It i~, in my opinion, in 219 S. Dear~rn Street ~ ith applicable law~ and regulalionl. Room 2378 Chicago, IL 60604 Revicssing Of liter Date IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying thief otto must he fi,llowed. Complete all parts, checking the NONE box for euch part where you have no reportable information. Sign on la~’t pag~’. 1. P 0 S I T ! 0 N S. ¢n¢p,,ra.~ inaivia.ot ,,,~,.; .,~ pt’ 9- t~ of firing i ....... ti,,n ~.) ~ NONE (No reportablepositions.) POSITION NAME OF ORGANIZATION/ENTITY I. Dircc~0r Consmutional Rights Foundation 5 ~ (:Vo eportable aL, reements ) -- ONE DATE PARTIES AND TERMS I. Castillo, Ruben  FINANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT r~ ..... fv.rso, a.~,or,i.g Page 2 of 6 castuvo, aut,,,n I 11. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. ¢~,.p,,.i,,g in,li~Muat and ,p ........ ;,~1 pp. 17-2~ t¢filing instruction,.) A. Flier’s Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) ~OURCE AND TYPE {yours. nol spouse’s) ~. 2009 North~csten~ University La~ Scht,~fl - Ad.i. Pmik’ssor $7,000.00 Y 4. B. Spouse’s Non-Investment Income - t/-.~,ou ,,.,,e married doting any pottion of the reporting ),ear, romplete thil NONE (IVo reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE I.2. 3. 4. I V. R E 1 ~,! B U RS E M E N TS - ,.a.~p ..... io.. ~.axi.~, 1o, a ...... ,~i ...... [~] NONU (No r~7)ortable reimbursements.) ~ D~TE~ LOCATION ~ ITEMS PAID O~ PROVIDED I. American Conference 01/26.2~9 - New York, NYEducational SeminarTransportation. Meals & Hotel Institute 01/28,’2009 2 tta~ard Law ,School 03/18/2009 - Cambridge, MAMoot Court Judging Transportation, Meals & Ho~cl 03q9.’2~9 3. American (.’orffcrcncc12i09/2009 - Ne~ York. NYEduc:~tional Seminar Tra sportalion Meals & Hotel Institute 12.q 0:2009 4. 5.  Page 3 of 6 cast,to, a dwendent children; see pp. 28-31 of filing NONE (No reportable g~s.) DESCRIPTION 1. 2. 3 4. 5. [~ NONE (No reportable lmbi/i~ies.) CRE1)ITQI~ DESCRIPTION \,’A I.UE I.2. 3. 4. 5.  I ame of Person Reporling D~le of Repor~ INANCIALDISCLOSUREREPORT [ C’aslillo, tlub~. 04,’22.,’2010 age 4 of 6 VI 1.1 NVESTMENTS and TRUSTS - i ........... ~..,, ........o., a.~.u~. ~ NONE (No reportable income, assets, or transctctions.) A. B C ’ D. fincluding lmsl assets)reposing period of reporting -(~) ..... ~:~ ~, -~ Place IX) a~ler each asset Anlounl T)pc leg. ValueValue exempt fiom prior disclosure [ C~e I div. rcm. C(~c 2 Mc~hod ~ buy. sell ~znm dd.,),~ Cotlc 2 ~ (’ode I bu~cr,’scll¢~ ~ A-Ill er int )(J-P) (ode 3 : rcdcrt}ptm:O (J-P) (A-IH ~ lifpri~atc I. Harris B~k - IRA - Non-Stock Acct. A Interest K I 2. l larris Bank - IRA NomStc, ck Acct. -] A Imeresl K I0.t2. t3. 14. 15. i6. 17.
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