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1. Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475…
  • 1. Online | classroom| Corporate Training | certifications | placements| support CONTACT US: MAGNIFIC TRAINING INDIA +91-9052666559 USA : +1-678-693-3475
  • 2.  Magnific technology is a leading training institute in the online world  We provide work based training, according to your specific educational and technical needs  We have one excellent centre fully operational training  We provide 24/7 access server to help our trainees practice exercises  Magnific name : SAP TESTING24*7 technical support  Faculty : real time experience  Magnific trainings : it is a brand and providing quality online and offline trainings to students in world wide  We are providing best online training for SAP TESTING We offer investment options to our students, if necessary ABOUT OUR MAGNIFIC IT COMPANEY
  • 3. SAP Testing overview:- Informative performance test results rely upon sound test development. Each of the following stages contributes to generating meaningful test results: Test creation. You create your test by recording a session with the SAP GUI client. Typically, the recorded session starts when you log on to the SAP R/3 server. You then interact with the application in order to produce a relevant performance test, and the session ends when you log out. sap testing online training classes
  • 4. Test editing. After recording, you can edit the events in each transaction and SAP screen. With the SAP Protocol Data view, you can use snapshots of the SAP screen to edit the events. You can replace recorded test values with variable test data, or add dynamic data to the test. . Testing Optimization Benefits:- 1. Discuss the process flow with the subject matter expert. 2. Create a business process test case with detailed steps. 3. Run the steps manually within the test application to make sure the application generates without errors or warning messages. 4. Open HP Quality Center to view the list of your selected components. sap testing online training india| hyderabad,
  • 5. a. Drag and drop the transactions in the order that they occur in the business process. b. HP Quality Center includes a list of common screen commands, such as Open, Enter, and Exit. Move the screen commands using drag and drop as needed. 5. Parameterize the data in the Excel spreadsheet or the HP Quality Center database. 6. On SAP MDM, consolidate the data into a single component that consists of the transaction code and screen operations. 7. In the HP Quality Center, create a second business process script using the single component. 8. Execute the test script and review it for any discrepancies. sap testing online training free video
  • 6. SAP testing Course Curriculum:-- >Overview of Testing:- .Definition .Importance of Testing >Concepts of Testing:- .Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) .Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) .Defect Management Life Cycle/ Bug Life Cycle >Types of Testing:- .Different types of testing Ex: Black Box Testing, White Box Testing sap testing overview@ presentation,in ONLINE training
  • 7. Manual Testing and Automation:- .Definition .Automation Tools .Difference between Manual & Automation >Test Management Tool:- .Definition .Different types of Test Management tools .Introduction to Quality Center(QC) .Requirements .Test Plan .Test Lab sap testing training in chennai,
  • 8. >Brief Overview about ERP:- .Definition of ERP .Various types of ERP .Difference between ERP Testing and Other Application Testing >Overview of SAP:- .Definition of SAP .Architecture of SAP .System Landscape .Different modules in SAP .Difference between R/3 and EP sap testing training @certification
  • 9. >(SAP) ASAP Methodology:- .Project Preparation .Business Blue Print .Realization .Final Preparation .Go Live & Support >Types of Projects:- .Implementation Project .Support Project .Rollout Project .Upgrade Project sap testing training@ placement
  • 10. >SAP Modules:- .Human Resource Management /Human Capital Management .Sales & Distribution .Management .Finance Management (FI /CO) >SAP Testing Types:- .Unit Testing .Integration Testing .Regression Testing .UAT SAP TESTING ONLINE TRAINING TUTORIALS
  • 11. SAP Modules Introduction:- .HCM /HR .Administration .Organizational Management .Benefits .Time Management .Payroll .ESS .MSS >SAP Navigations:- Functions Buttons Screens >Sales & Distribution (SD):- .Sales .Delivery .Billing sap testing training in bangalore
  • 12. >Material Management (MM):- .Purchasing cycle for materials >Test Case Development:- .Individual Process .Integrated Business Process sap testing online training india,
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