Semmel, Imperialism and Social Reform (1960)

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imperialism and social reform
  IMPERIALISM AND SOCIAL REFORMEnglish Social-Imperial Thought 1895-1914 BY BERNARD SEMMEL ANCHOR BOOKS DOUBLEDAY & COMPANY, INC. GARDEN CITY, NEWYORK-iii-  To My Mother    Imperialism and Social Reform  was srcinally published by George Allen &Unwin Ltd., in 1960, as part of the series Studies in Society under theeditorship of Ruth and David Glass. The Anchor Books edition is publishedby arrangement with George Allen & Unwin Ltd.Anchor Books edition: 1968Copyright © 1960 by Bernard Semmel All Rights Reserved Printed in theUnited States of America-iv-  PREFACE Curiously, very little scholarly attention has been given to so important afield of study as modern 'social-imperialism,' and that has gone, almostexclusively, to its German, Italian, and French variants. Both the subject of British social-imperialism and that of the development of social-imperialthought, generally, have been badly neglected, a circumstance which may beregarded as justifying a special study. This book grew out of a dissertationsubmitted in 1955 for the doctorate in history at Columbia University. Myinterest in the subject stemmed from an earlier study of the strange union of socialism and imperialism in the thought of leading Fabians in the periodbetween the wars. The ideas owe much to discussions with the late J. BartletBrebner, under whom it was prepared, and whose loss is keenly felt bystudents of modern English history. The present work is an expansion andconsiderable revision of the unpublished dissertation. The srcinal dissertation was read by, and profited from the comments of H.L. Beales, of the London School of Economics and Political Science, who wasVisiting Professor at Columbia University, in 1954-55; Professors HermanAusubel, R. K. Webb, and David Landes of Columbia University; and afriend, Martin Albaum. Of course, none of these persons ought to be heldresponsible for the boors deficiencies. I was enabled to prolong a stay inEngland to consult materials not elsewhere available and to complete thepreparation of the book because of a most timely grant from the RockefellerFoundation, for which I am greatly appreciative. For equally timely help andencouragement, I should like to thank Professor D. V. Glass of the LondonSchool of Economics and Political Science.I should like to make special mention of the advice and-v-  assistance, at every stage, of my wife, Maxine Guse Semmel. It was in thecourse of talks with her that the ideas took shape, and her painstaking helpon editorial matters was of the utmost value. She also typed several drafts of the manuscript.Sections of the book have appeared in Economica  , the British Journal of Sociology  , and the Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science  , and Iwish to thank the editors for permission to reprint material which firstappeared in those journals. Bernard Semmel    London, November, 1959   -vi-
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