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Patient Recruitment for clinical trials using Video Ad Networks (VAN) that install, monitor and run advertising on TVs within waiting rooms of MDs, Dentists and Labs in healthcare sector, as well as other sectors.
  • 1. SiteCloud(SM) - Patient Recruitment Advertising on Direct Out of Home Video Ad Networks February 2010 Daniel Weddle President SiteAvail, Inc.
  • 2. Background: Dan Weddle, President  Clinical Development 23 years:  CROs (Operations and Business Development)  Patient Recruitment  Imaging  EDC  SiteAvail, Inc.:  Investigator Document Storage services  SiteCloud SaaS  Business Development:  Innovations in Clinical Development  Site Networks  CROs 2 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 3. Video Ad Networks (VAN)  System = Server, HDTVs, Video On Demand technology  Content = video served over internet – education and ads  Installs @ MD, Point of Care, Lab, Pharmacy, Dentist offices  SiteAvail VAN Affiliates = diverse population targets  # of VAN Affiliate HDTV installations (US + Canada):  End 2009 ~1,400 sites  End 2010 ~8,000 sites (working on another 20,000)  SiteAvail acts as broker for:  New VAN network affiliates (…follow needs of sponsors)  New Installations at PI sites (10% interest so far…)  New geographies (why not?) 3 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 4. Value Proposition: All win!  Patients have a better experience  Current waiting time at doctor’s office is 20 – 30+ minutes  Probably increases before it decreases  Typically, no other dynamic entertainment options  Physicians enhance their office environment  Screens installed and operated at no cost to medical office  Can run national standard menu or select own programming  Opportunity for doctor-specific messages (“TV time”)  Off-hour use for training and CME  Advertisers reach targeted, receptive consumers  Ability to target narrow or broad audience  Captive audience + dynamic content = high recall rate  “Talk” to the patient immediately before seeing the physician 4 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 5. VAN Multiple Ad Opportunities  TV: 3 zone approach creates multiple content opportunities every second the screen is turned on Broadcast quality video (from 15 seconds to 3 minute info/mercial) Text advertising Sponsorship of in the news crawl time & weather 5 5 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 6. Quality Programming  Typical programming loop is 60-90 minutes  24 - 45 minutes of education and entertainment licensed from national health network  0 - 6 minutes of practice-specific content  Doctor introduction  Practice information  Community PSAs  30 - 45 minutes of advertising, incl. pt recruitment  Long-term, fixed-cost contracts with national Digital Health Networks (e.g. NBC)  Provides unlimited access to:  Video library of 1,400+ titles and growing  Growing Spanish language library (Telemundo) 6 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 7. Current Targets:  Patients:  Diversity of demographics  Ambulatory  Motivated  TV Installation Sites:  MDs or Point Of Care with >750 patients seen per month  US + Canada  Easily filtered by location, specialty, indications 7 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 8. SiteCloud Aggregator SaaS  What it IS:  Validated middleware and associated services  What it DOES:  Aggregates the marketplace for easy placement + management of Patient Recruitment Ads on VANs  Matches addresses/zip codes of PI/sites to those of offices with TVs installed by VANs 8 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 9. Local Model – TVs x miles from PI VAN TV (MD office) VAN TV VAN TV Principal (Lab Investigator (DMD office) Office) VAN TV (Type of Office) 9 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 10. 10 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 11. Proximity Report & Placement Option STUDY1 INSTALL # miles Type Specialty Yes No Site #1 VAN aa11 2.5 Lab none VAN bb03 6 MD Cardiology VAN as23 9.2 DMD none Site #2 VAN aa09 0.4 Lab none VAN cc99 4 MD Oncology VAN zz66 4 MD GP Report shows VANs that Client has ability to place meet Client criteria ads based on report 11 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 12. Process: SiteAvail, Client + VANs  Sponsor/CRO/PRO (CLIENT) manages creation and distribution of content to regulatory bodies/IRBs;  CLIENT sends addresses at which PIs are located to SiteAvail;  SiteAvail matches PI addresses to VAN #2 pt those where TV installations are calls VAN #1 pt within X miles from PI address; calls  CLIENT sends SiteAvail approved ad content; (end 1Q10 = SiteCloud)  Ad content placed appropriately at VAN VANs with proximal installations #3 pt (central + local video requirements); calls  Incoming calls / SMS messages with unique attributable IDs fielded by CLIENT;  Ad flighting to be updated by VAN based on actual enrollments To Client communicated by CLIENT to SiteAvail. 12 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 13. Risk Mitigation  OUTREACH – prospectively engage and provide info to VAN-installed MD offices to protect their relationship with their patients  AD REVIEW – educate VAN ad review boards on clinical research, volunteerism, need for patient recruitment advertising, and transparency with VAN and MD members vis-à-vis OUTREACH  CREATIVE – Professionals with CLIENT team create and manage ad approvals and release  SCREENING – Professionals with CLIENT team manage all patient calls to action 13 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 14. Pricing and ROI (1Q2010):  Range based on volume and terms:  30-second spot (price doubled for 60-sec spot)  3-month run term = $150/TV/month for 2 spots/hr, every day, (and even lower with volume + tenure)  Sponsor rates may apply already  Targeted to patients  ROI for responsiveness should be high…ad recall can be 2x that of traditional media  Free pilot for verifying responsiveness (5 PIs) 14 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 15. Meta-Analysis (Proposed):  Measure Responsiveness + ROI: total X direct and Y indirect costs over Z time vs. traditional media  Pilots conducted at:  Sites with TV  Sites without TV that have patients referred to them via proximal MD offices with TVs (X miles?)  Sites both with TV and that have patients referred to them via proximal MD offices with TVs  All 3 above with or without additional patient recruitment campaign tactics at site  Cohort analysis: (indication, specialist, demography, geography, proximity, Call Center vs. to sites, etc.)  Timing: 2010-2011 (CISCRP approached) 15 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
  • 16. Thank you ! Contact: Dan Weddle 508-653-5349 tel 508-736-1883 mobile All information included herein subject to change. SiteCloud is under review process for service mark. SiteAvail logo and confidential content herein is property of SiteAvail, Inc. 16 CONFIDENTIAL 01/29/2010
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