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SIZE REDUCTION SYSTEMS CONTROLLED PARTICLE SIZE REDUCTION. PREDICTABLE RESULTS. THE FITZPATRICK COMPANY THE PROCESS e COMãMIãNUTE ( kom ‘ noot’ ) tr. v. Controlled size reduction with predictable and repeatable results. Comminution has evolved into more than hammermilling or grinding. The Fitzpatrick Company has perfected FitzMill® comminution equipment to precisely control the particle size reduction process. Four equipment variables affect process results. THE FEED THROAT Introduces mat
  S IZE R EDUCTION S YSTEMS C ONTROLLEDPARTICLE SIZEREDUCTION .P REDICTABLERESULTS .T HE F ITZPATRICK C OMPANY  Comminution has evolved into more than hammer-milling or grinding. The Fitzpatrick Company hasperfected FitzMill  ®  comminution equipment to preciselycontrol the particle size reduction process. Fourequipment variables affect process results. THE FEED THROAT Introduces material on a tangentialpath to the comminuting chamber. BLADE PROFILE Helps determine degree ofreduction based on material being processed SCREEN TYPE Helps regulate particleoutput within a specified size range ROTOR SPEED Works with screen to regulateparticle output within the size range THE BENEFITS OF CONTROLLEDPARTICLE REDUCTION Particle size affects any number of characteristics inthe manufacturing process. Controlled particle sizehelps assure that your production will be consistentand repeatable with respect to: ã COLOR- uniform particles assure batch-to-batch colorconsistency ã TASTE- allows precise portion control for consistent taste ã FLOWABILITY- critical to packaging, tableting, weighing ã UNIFORMITY- consistent bulk density ã DENSITY- helps control shipping costs and minimize dust ã RECONSTITUTION- assures the desired dissolution rate ã CHEMICAL REACTION- vital for uniform, controlledchemical change T HE P ROCESS COM ã MI ã NUTE tr. v. Controlled size reduction with predictable andrepeatable results. kom ‘ noot’        e ( ) 2  THE FEED THROAT (SEE PAGE 10)Controllable comminution requires thatproduct be introduced into the processingchamber on a tangential path relative to themachine ’ s milling blades. FitzMill feedthroats provide exacting control over feedangle, assuring consistent, predictableresults. Fitzpatrick offers a wide range ofstandard and custom throats. If your processrequires heat transfer or introduction of inertgas, a special throat can be provided. LARGE ãããããããããããã SMALL MEDIUM ROTOR SPEED    %   O   F   T   H   R   O   U   G   H   P   U   T PARTICLE SIZE LARGE ãããããããããããã SMALL PARTICLE SIZE HIGH ROTOR SPEED    %   O   F   T   H   R   O   U   G   H   P   U   T PARTICLE SIZE LARGE ãããããããããããã SMALL LOW ROTOR SPEED    %   O   F   T   H   R   O   U   G   H   P   U   T BLUNTEDGEKNIFE EDGE PARTICLE ATLOW SPEEDPARTICLE ATHIGH SPEED LIGHTGAUGEHEAVY GAUGE Forward, vertical inlet -best for fragile materialFig. AFig. BHorizontal inlet - best forfine grindsThroat with automatic feed assuresuniform feed rate SCREEN TYPE AND ROTOR SPEED (SEE PAGE 8)For every combination of rotor speed andscreen, particles in a certain size range arepermitted to pass through the FitzMill ’ sscreen and exit the machine. Higher rotorspeeds flatten the approach angle of aparticle relative to a screen ’ s surface,effectively reducing the screen ’ s hole size(see Figure A). A circular hole, for example,appears elliptical, thereby allowing onlysmaller particles to pass through. At slowerspeeds, the approach angle increases,allowing larger particles to pass through. Asscreen gauge increases, opening size mustalso increase to maintain desired particlesize (see Figure B) . Variable rotor speed andscreen interchangeability make it easy for asingle FitzMill to produce a variety of results. ROTOR/BLADE ASSEMBLY (SEE PAGE 9)At the heart of the each FitzMill  ®  comminutoris a rotor and blade assembly. Blades maybe fixed or swinging, and can be eitherknife-edged for gentle granulation or impact-edged for more aggressive reduction.Blades with one edge type on either side arealso available for versatility. A variety ofblade profiles assures the best match foryour product requirements. ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã HOW ROTOR SPEED AFFECTS PARTICLE SIZE ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã ã 3  T HE F ITZ M ILL ® 4 QUALITY BEGINS WITH THE FITZMILLCHAMBER At the heart of every FitzMill is thecomminuting chamber. Fabricated fromstainless steel or special alloys, it housesthe rotor, blades and screen. FitzMills areengineered to make the chamberaccessible for easy cleaning, inspection andmaintenance. REVERSIBLE ROTOR ENHANCESVERSATILITY AND BLADE LIFE You can quickly reverse the rotor on manyFitzMills, thereby reversing the blade edges toaccommodate a different process (i.e., switch fromthe knife to the impact edge). Where both edges areidentical, reversibility can effectively double blade life. EASY TO CLEAN AND MAINTAIN Save time and expense. A FitzMilldisassembles quickly for fast, easy cleaning.Minimal routine maintenance is all that ’ sneeded for years of trouble-free service.
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