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Soundbites: February 2012 Sales Ford Motor Company posted a 14 percent increase in February U.S. sales versus year-ago levels, with 179,119 vehicles sold; retail sales increased 19 percent. According to Erich Merkle, Ford Sales Analyst, the Ford brand was up 14 percent, while Lincoln posted a 16 percent increase versus year-ago levels. Click on to hear audio. Use right mouse click to download. Cut #1: “Look at cars, we were up 16%, and trucks up 20%, so it was a really nice gain across many of
  Soundbites: February 2012 Sales Ford Motor Company posted a 14 percent increase in February U.S. salesversus year-ago levels, with 179,119 vehicles sold; retail sales increased19 percent. According to Erich Merkle, Ford Sales Analyst, the Ford brand was up 14 percent, while Lincoln posted a 16 percent increaseversus year-ago levels. Click on to hear audio. Use right mouse click to download.Cut #1: “Look at cars, we were up 16%, and trucks up 20%, so it was areally nice gain across many of our vehicle lines.” :12 sec.  As the fuel prices continue to rise, so does the demand for Ford’ssmaller, more fuel efficient vehicles. Cut #2: “ We saw consumers continue as the month progressed to movetowards these smaller vehicles more fuel efficient offerings, and the Focus is a reflection of that. Focus sales were up 115% theywere up over 120% in California, and it makes California our best-selling state for Focus sales.” :21 sec. However, America’s top-selling vehicle for 30 years, the Ford F-Series posted a 26 percent increase, in spite of high prices at the pump. Cut #3: “The F-series performed very well, and we’re very pleased,there’s a high demand out there for EcoBoost which was 43 percent of our retail sales mix for F-150, total V-6 engine take-rate was 57 percent, and that includes the 3.7 liter V-6 for theF-150. So the fact that we’ve had such an emphasis and we’vedone so much work in the area of advancing fuel economy with EcoBoost is really paying off for us, particularly in thisenvironment as gas prices are moving higher.” :35 sec. According to Merkle, Ford plans to add a second shift to theMichigan Assembly plant come this spring, where the Focus isassembled. Cut #4: “Certainly there is a lot of demand out there for Focus. We’re  seeing demand particularly from California. In fact they buymore small cars in the state of California than any other state inthe country. So the fact that we’re making great inroads withour small cars like the Focus, in California, really bodes well  for the future of Focus.” :21 sec. Ford Motor Company’s North American production plan is to build 730,000 vehicles in the second quarter of 2012, up 3 percent(20,000 vehicles) compared with the second quarter of 2011. Soundbites: January 2012 Sales Ford Motor Company U.S. sales totaled 136,710 vehicles in January, a 7 percent increase versus year-old levels. Erich Merkle, Ford Sales analystsaid the Ford brand totaled 131,589 vehicles in January, making it the bestJanuary sales month for the Ford brand since 2008. Click on to hear audio. Use right mouse click to download.Cut #1: We really saw growth in small car sales and we saw growth insmall utility sales, they really lead the way, really driving our  growth was the Focus. :12 sec.  According to Merkle, the Ford Focus contributed to 30 percent of Ford Motor Company sales growth in January, more than anyother vehicle in the Ford product lineup, especially on the Westcoast. Cut #2: Most folks will know that California is the largest new car market in the country, and within that market, small carsrepresent 30% of their total sales. Focus was up, in Californiaour retail sales were up 86-percent last month and thiscompares to a 55-percent increase in the fourth quarter of last  year. So certainly we are seeing continued growth coming out of the California market and this is particularly important asFord is not only worked to diversify its portfolio of products, but   also diversify its regional mix and expand to the coast. :43 sec.  At the other end of the spectrum sales of the Ford Explorer totaled9,966 units, a 36 percent gain versus strong year-ago results. Cut #3: The Ford Explorer was up 36-percent in the month of Januaryand what makes that such a stronger statement is the fact that last year the Explorer was up 76-percent so this is on top of a76-percent move last year, and now couple that with a 36  percent move this year, Ford Explorer continues to do very well in the market. :24 sec.  Merkle says the average of vehicles on the road is growing andcreating pent-up demand which should help continue themomentum of buying new vehicles. Cut #4: As confidence builds with the consumer they have to make anew car buying decisions, or car buying decisions, every day it happens across the country, many of them are choosing new asopposed to used. :12 sec.  According to Merkle, the country is seeing some strengthening inmany of the economic indicators that are helping push auto salesin the right direction. New 2013 Ford Flex Brings More Technology,Fuel Economy, Modern Sophistication toSeven-Passenger Crossover ã The new three-row, seven-passenger 2013 Ford Flex offers comfortand advanced technology in a distinctive package, including a sleek new front end, modern interior and six all-new wheel styles ã  New Flex features the latest MyFord Touch ® system, new safety anddriver aid features such as adaptive cruise control with collisionwarning and brake support, and Ford’s Blind Spot Information  System (BLIS ® ), as well as Intelligent Access with push-button startand remote start technology, rear inflatable belts, rain-sensingwipers, power tilt and telescoping steering column and power-foldmirrors ã Under the hood, Flex comes standard with a new 3.5-liter Ti-VCTV6 engine that delivers 25 more horsepower and 1 mpg better fueleconomy, or with the popular and fuel-efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost ® V6 engine  Flex offers the new generation of MyFord Touch®, rear-inflatable belts,collision-avoidance technologies, rain-sensing wipers, keyless entry, first-row heated and cooled seats, power-fold mirrors and an optional newappearance package. Login to download images. DEARBORN, Mich., March 7, 2012 – Fans of the Ford Flex have evenmore to love this year with an upgraded model with a sleek new look andeven more technology to make driving safer, easier and more fuel-efficient. “Flex appeals to people who want to stand out from the crowd, and it hasthe highest retention rate of any vehicle in the Ford lineup,” said Mark Fields, Ford president of The Americas. “With technologies not found inother full-size utilities, even better fuel economy and a more modern,sophisticated look, the new model offers people even more reasons tochoose Flex.” The seven-passenger, three-row crossover – which debuted last fall at theLos Angeles Auto Show – comes equipped with the new generation of 
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