South American Countries

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South American Countries. Breanna- Argentina Kristen-Brazil Tia-Columbia Sam - Cuba Kirsti- Venezuela. U.S. Diabetes Data 1999. U.S. Diabetes Data 2003. The Average American Family. South America. Countries: Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela
South American Countries Breanna- Argentina Kristen-Brazil Tia-Columbia Sam - Cuba Kirsti- Venezuela U.S. Diabetes Data1999 U.S. Diabetes Data2003 The Average American Family South America
  • Countries: Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, and Venezuela
  • South Americans eat three meals daily
  • Plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and Cassava flour
  • Coffee is consumed heavily in Argentina
  • The South American Family Argentina Percentage of Population with Diabetes Argentina (continued)
  • The most prevalent treatment in Argentina is insulin injections
  • 38% of the people in Argentina have a BMI of >30
  • The mean age of persons diagnosed with diabetes is 51
  • 53% have hyperlipidemia (an elevation of lipids—fats—in the bloodstream)
  • 51% have hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • 50% are considered obese
  • Venezuela
  • Very low diabetes rates
  • Main diet consist of low sugars
  • 7.3% are diabetic
  • 14.8% are obese
  • Venezuela vs. United States
  • The US has higher diabetes rates than Venezuela
  • US has a higher obesity rate
  • Venezuelans eat mainly organic foods and Americans eat mainly fast food
  • From the data about half of the people interviewed had poor diets
  • Venezuela Venezuela, 1998 Brazil
  • Today 8.5 Million Brazilians have diabetes
  • 90% have Type II and 10% have Type I
  • 10% are insulin users
  • In 2007, 31 Brazilians with diabetes participated in a research trial for a new treatment therapy involving stem cells.
  • Brazil
  • Diabetes is expected to affect an additional 233,333 a year in Brazil
  • By 2025 it is expected to effect 12 million in
  • 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 Colombia Things to Know About Diabetes In Colombia
  • 67% diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • 7% of the total population diagnosed
  • The age range of diagnosed 30 -64
  • 30% percent of those diagnosed are children
  • Most not treated because they can not afford hospitals cost
  • Cuba
  • Community-based educational programs are the biggest help in preventing diabetes
  • Main foods in Cuban diet include: beans, roots, vegetables, pork, and chicken
  • 1990-2000 (Special Period) rates death from diabetes decreased
  • Diabetes is now the ninth cause of death in Cuba
  • Diabetes rates are expected to triple by 2025 across the world
  • Cuba Diabetes in Cuba and the United States % per 100,000 References
  • References
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