Terrance Cosgrove Shared some Important dates of History That You Should Know

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Go through this presentation created and shared by Terrance Cosgrove in which he mentioned some most important facts of the history. This presentation helps you to increase your knowledge about the history. You can also share some important days of the history through comment section. Keep visiting medium profile of Terrance Cosgrove https://medium.com/@terrencecosgrove
  • 1. Terrance Cosgrove Shared some Important dates of History That You Should Know
  • 2. The wheel is used in Mesopotamia, modern day Iraq 3500
  • 3. Egyptians create the 365 day calendar with the new year starting in June 2700
  • 4. Iron used for weapons and tools 1130
  • 5. Magnetic compass invented 1120
  • 6. Phoenicians develop alphabetic script 1100
  • 7. The concept of the wheel rolls into Britain, but not the Americas 500
  • 8. Persians use windmills to power irrigation pumps 550
  • 9. Greek astronomer Aristarchus of Samos born. He was one of the first to suggest the earth moved about the sun 310
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