The Allstar Alert Spring 2011 Allstar Martial Arts Academy

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  • 1. SPRING 2011 The Allstar Alert ALLSTAR MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY’S NEWS AND EVENTS ALLSTAR MARTIAL ARTS ACADEMY • 9128 FOREST HILL BLVD. • WELLINGTON, FL 33411 • 561-790-5422 WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/ALLSTARMARTIALARTSACADEMY 0 o INFO@AMAAWELLINGTON.COM WWW.TWITTER.COM/ALLSTARLORDS Martial Arts Lessons Build Character to think about it - your muscle memory EMPOWERED! Knowing you can Martial Arts training kicks in and the moves just happen. defend yourself from an attacker is life offers much more than altering - for kids and adults. The self defense. Character building is a built in benefit of martial arts No one can deny the importance of classes at Allstar Martial Arts Knowing that you can self defense knowledge in today’s society. Academy. Life long character traits From defending yourself against school are introduced and reinforced in the defend yourself against bullies or warding off a potential purse martial arts classes at our Academy. snatcher in the mall parking lot, self Some of these character traits are an attacker is defense can prove to be invaluable at some point in your life. stated in our Tenets of Taekwondo that the students chant at the end of empowering and life Kids and adults can learn age every class: C O U RT E S Y, INTEGRITY, PERSEVERANCE, altering. appropriate self defense that S E L F C O N T RO L A N D works. At Allstar Martial Arts INDOMITABLE SPIRIT. These Academy, self defense techniques are a tenets are upheld in every aspect of of a confidence that comes with that part of every class that you attend. The student’s training inside our Academy knowledge will have you walking taller, kids classes and the adult classes break and we emphasize the importance of holding your head higher, looking people down techniques and defensive students upholding these values and traits in the eyes - which, in turn, makes you movements that anyone can learn and outside of our studio, as well less of a target to those bad guys. It’s remember. Through repetition and never too late to learn martial arts and practice, the self defense moves you learn Knowledge is power. As you, the improve your confidence level. It may become instinctual, so that if you have to student, learn kicks, blocks and punches, save your life one day! Inquire at the defend yourself one day, you don’t have then incorporate those into realistic self front desk to find out how you can try defense movements, you become lessons and change your life TODAY.
  • 2. Upcoming Events at Allstar Martial Arts Academy APRIL 2011 Closed for Easter Friday, April 22 and Saturday, April 23 MAY 2011 Parent’s Night Out Friday, May 13 6:30-9:30 p.m. Pizza, Movie, Games, FUN! Ages 4.5-12 Members and non-members welcome. Advanced registration required. $30 Board Breaking Workshop Power Hour Friday, May 27 6:30-7:30 p.m. Perfect your board breaking techniques in preparation for your upcoming rank testing. Break real wooden boards. Gain confidence in your breaking technique. Details TBA closer to event date. Closed for Memorial Day Monday, May 30 JUNE 2011 Session 1 Summer Camp Monday, June 6 through Friday, June 10 9:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. Open Gym Friday, June 10 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Supervised free play, dodgeball, ninja tag, flag sparring and more. Advanced registration required. $20 Testing Ceremony Saturday, June 18 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Details TBA closer to event date. Awards Ceremony Monday, June 20 4:00-8:00 p.m. Details TBA closer to event date. Session 2 Summer Camp Monday, June 20 through Friday, June 24 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Fun Week/Buddy Week Tuesday, June 21 through Saturday, June 25 Makeup Testing Ceremony Friday, June 24 6:30 p.m. JULY 2011 Closed for Independence Day Monday, July 4 Session 3 Summer Camp Monday, July 5 through Friday, July 8 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Closed for Summer Vacation Monday, July 11 through Saturday, July 16 Reopen Monday, July 18 Session 4 Summer Camp Monday, July 18 through Friday, July 22 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Parent’s Night Out Friday, July 22 6:30 - 9:30 p.m. Pizza, Movie, Games, FUN! Ages 4.5-12 Members and non-members welcome. Advanced registration required. $30 AUGUST 2011 Session 5 Summer Camp Monday, August 1 through Friday, August 5 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Session 6 Summer Camp Monday, August 15 through Friday, August 19 9:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • 3. Buddy Week is a HIT!View the entire Buddy Week/Fun Week photo album here.The Nottingham Family taking part in Buddy Week. Students, Tridentand Dylan, invited their mom and sister to attend class with them. small taste of how much fun they have in Nothing is more fun their martial arts classes.than having moms and dads, sisters and During the months prior to the testing, students work hard, brothers, and friends learning their material necessary in your martial arts to earn their new rank. After the class with you. testing is completed, we take a “breather” from all of that training to have a little bit Following every Testing and Awards more fun than usual, before we dive intoCeremonies, we have what we call “Fun our new curriculum for our next testingWeek/Buddy Week” at Allstar Martial ceremony. Fun week is even more funArts Academy. During this week, because your families and buddies canstudents get to bring mom, dad, sisters, attend class with you. The studentsbrothers and/or friends to class with LOVE having moms, dads, siblings, andthem. Students have an opportunity to friends in class! Mark your calendars forshare with their families and buddies a our next Fun Week/Buddy Week - June 21 through June 25, 2011. You won’t want to miss it.
  • 4. Study. Learn. Practice.What are those words that I hear in class? General knowledge for intermediate/The funny sounding words you hear in class are Korean advanced students.commands. Here’s a brief overview of those words. General Choi Hong Hi: Founder of taekwondotaekwondo: art of the hand and foot Chang Hon: Style of taekwondo we studycha ryuht: attention April 11, 1955: Date taekwondo was foundedkyung nae: bow Charity, Harmony, Justice: 3 main objectives of taekwondojhoon bi: ready position To build a more peaceful world: #1 priority of taekwondobah ro: return to read position Total number of patterns: 24seejak: begingomahn: stop Theory of Power, 6 elements:dojang: training studio Reaction force: every force has an equal and oppositedobok: uniform reaction forcekihap: yell Concentration: applying the impact force onto the smallest target area will increase its effect Equilibrium: a blow is most effective from a balanced bodyTenets of Taekwondo (the words we say at the Breath Control: a sharp exhale (kihap) at the moment ofend of every class) - a guide which all serious impact tenses the abdomen to concentratestudents of taekwondo should observe and maximum power, while a slow inhale helpsimplement in their lives. prepare for the next movement Mass: maximum power is obtained from using maximum bodyCourtesy : be polite, respect others weight and speedIntegrity : define right and wrong, and have a conscience Speed: the most essential factor of force or power. Force equalsPerseverance: set a goal and patiently strive to mass multiplied by acceleration (F=MA) achieve it; overcome every difficulty along the way Each rank level will learn specific blocks, kicks, and punches - theSelf Control: strength to conduct oneself in a proper students must know the names of these moves and how to execute manner each move, in order to be able to test for his/her next rank.Indomitable Spirit: persevering through tough situations, without Through repetition during class, the students learn their moves, fear or hesitation names, and proper execution; however, practice outside of the studio is greatly encouraged. As with any sport or activity,Patterns for each rank level: practice makes perfect. Any extra time spent training only helpsBeginners - Dan Gun, 21 moves to improve the student.Intermediates - Joon Gun, 32 movesAdvanced - Choong Moo, 30 moves This is a basic study reference only. This is not an all inclusive list,Black Belts - Kwang Gae, 39 moves & Choi Yong, 46 moves by any means. Students learn far too much in class to list here in entirety. If you need any help with pronunciation, just ask! Need a little motivation to help your child practice at home? He/she can earn patches for practicing specific techniques. Just log the practices on this Practice Patch Log, turn on the completed form by June 6, 2011 and purchase the patch. Your child can wear the patch with pride! Recent Testing /Awards Congratulations to the Allstar Martial Arts Academy students who recently tested and earned their new rank! You worked hard and proved yourself during the testing ceremonies. We are proud of you and you should be very proud of yourselves, knowing that you put forth the effort, trained hard, and EARNED your new rank. Hard work ALWAYS pays off - congratulations! A special Congratulations to our newest Black Belts! Tony Anthony, Maggie DeMars, and Cassie Husik have earned the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt at our Academy. They persevered through years of training and achieved their goal - BLACK BELT! The journey for them has just begun. Now, they must train and perfect their moves, learn more patterns, self defense, etc. to earn their next degree! It is always an extremely special and During a Testing Ceremony, students perform proud moment for the instructors of Allstar Martial Arts Academy to place a Black Belt on their patterns, techniques, self defense moves, one of their students, knowing the amount of work and effort they put into their training. sparring (if intermediate), and board breaking. CONGRATULATIONS! We know you will wear your belts with pride.
  • 5. Allstar Birthdays Allstar Martial Arts Academy Birthday Parties Happy Birthday to you!March(better late than never)Rose Bailey Celeste Ferrus March 1 March 2 are a Kickin’ Good TimeJoshua Zelevansky March 2Charlie Stober March 3Dror Gerges March 5 Elizabeth Mozey March 6Shane Drayson March 8Briana Yewell March 9Drew Smith March 12Julian Santiago March 14Valerie Betts March 17Callahan Burton March 21Vincent Federlein March 23Anthony Pietrafesa March 24Garrett Cohen March 25Carlo Ruiz March 25Mason Slavin March 26Hailey Lord March 27Hannah Lord March 27Shelby Adams March 28April experience. Your party will be hosted inJoshua Ruderman April 2 Action-packed party a large (2,700 sq. feet), clean, safe, airJensen Buswell April 5 experience your guests conditioned studio equipped with aJoshua Morel April 7 sound system and loaded with martialJack Thomas April 7 won’t forget! arts equipment. Your party attendees willSpencer Baimel April 10 be entertained and supervised by yourSean Thompson April 11 Give your child a birthday party they will party host and party instructors. WeJared Greenberg April 11 remember forever! Allstar Martial Arts provide you with the ultimate action-Jeremy Fairbairn April 19 Academy birthday parties provide you packed party experience, including theJohnny Weber April 20 with a fun, exciting and unique way to instruction, lessons, games, and overallCaleb Harris April 21 celebrate your child’s birthday. supervision—you supply the little stuffHarrison Jaffe April 23 (paper products, cake, etc.) The childrenBraden Strackman April 27 We lead and supervise action-packed will have a blast—while you sit back andJavier Keough April 28 martial arts games and activities, which relax. are always a huge hit, such as Dodgeball, Ninja Tag, Mr. Lord Says, Relay Races,May and so much more. Download the details of Allstar Martial Arts Academy Birthday Parties here.Jenn Peggs May 1 We entertain and supervise the children Call or email us for more informationMatthew Lord May 1 during a fun group martial arts lesson, and/or to reserve your birthday partyChase Cooper May 2 with the birthday child leading the way as date. 561-790-5422 orAndrew Weinstein May 3 the “Assistant Instructor” for the party! Hsu May 5Alex Sokoloff May 8 The children learn how to kick andBlake Webster May 10 punch the practice pads, in preparationQuinn Hartman May 11 for the grand finale, where they each willMelanie Servidio May 12 have an opportunity to break a realAlison Bailey May 13 wooden board!Sophia Araujo May 18Dawson Richert May 19 Probably the most memorable part ofMartin Miranda May 20 the party, however, is during the cakeGriffin Dale May 21 cutting, where the birthday child gets toZachary Engel May 23 cut the cake with a REAL SAMURAIBryce Carrabis May 26 SWORD!Hollis Brady May 26Olivia Esquivel May 27 It doesn’t get easier than this. YourPaul Goldstein May 28 birthday party at Allstar Martial ArtsWestley Fredrick May 30 Academy will provide you with an EASY,Andrew Riedell May 31 FUN, NO-STRESS birthday party
  • 6. Kids Korner Important Links Allstar Martial Arts Academy Class Schedule Summer Camp 2011 at Allstar Martial Arts Academy Summer Camp 2011 Registration Form - Allstar Martial Arts Academy Practice Patch Log Allstar Martial Arts Academy Color in Mr. Weinstein’s awesome flying side kick. Allstar Martial Arts Academy Birthday Party Information View the entire Buddy Week/Fun Week photo album here. Need directions to Allstar Martial Arts Academy, 9128 Forest Hill Blvd., Wellington, FL 33411? Find them here. 0 o
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