The American Civil War Some Thoughts in Survey

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The American Civil War Some Thoughts in Survey. Dr. John Robert Greene Paul J. Schupf Professor, History and Humanities Cazenovia College. By Way of Introduction…. 30 th Year… Bachelor’s and Master’s, St. Bonaventure University Ph.D., Syracuse University 15 books ….articles…presentations
The American Civil WarSome Thoughts in Survey Dr. John Robert Greene Paul J. Schupf Professor, History and Humanities Cazenovia College By Way of Introduction…..
  • 30th Year…
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s, St. Bonaventure University
  • Ph.D., Syracuse University
  • 15 books ….articles…presentations
  • Most recent publications--Betty Ford: Candor and Courage in the White House; Profiles of an Era: The George H.W. Bush Presidency; Profiles of an Era: The Nixon/Ford Years
  • Media Pundit--Political Commentary (PBS; MSNBC; C-SPAN; NPR; Ivory Tower Half Hour)
  • Working this summer on: Profiles of an Era: The George W. Bush Presidency, and America in the 1960s
  • Chittenango, NY
  • The important role to the professional historian of the “Civil War Buff” 1. “Civil War Buff” “The nation had stumbled into armed conflict.” (Gallman, The North Fights the Civil War, 12)
  • The Inevitability Thesis
  • Lincoln and……
  • 2. Fort Sumter (12-13 April 1861) “Civil War Buff” 3. A Military Survey: 1861-1863 “Civil War Buff” 3A.”On to Richmond,” Lincoln’s Political Problems, and the First Battle of Bull Run (July 16-21, 1861) 3B. McClellan, the Peninsular Campaign, and the Siege of Yorktown 3C. Farragut and the Mississippi Yorktown 3D. Sam and Shiloh (April 6-7, 1862) Yorktown 3e. The Apex of the Marble Man: YorktownApril-December, 1862-The Seven Days Battle (July 1862)-Second Bull Run (August 30, 1862)-Antietam (September 17, 1862)-Fredericksburg (December 11-12, 1862) 3f. 1863 YorktownVicksburg (February-July, 1863) 3g. 1863 Yorktown-Chancellorsville (May 1-6, 1863)-Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863) 4. Some Extra-Military Issues Yorktown A. The Growth of the National State…or… Yorktown …how Salmon P. Chase financed the war. B. The Two-Party System, Democrats, and Copperheads Yorktown C. The “Draft” Yorktown “Most soldiers fought because they wanted to; most who wished to avoid service probably succeeded.” (Gallman, 71) D. Photographers Yorktown Selected Civil War Photographs Home Page E. The Emancipation Proclamation … Yorktown …as a military measure. F. Women in (and by) the War Yorktown
  • Not Heavy industryTextiles
  • Nursing
  • Dorothea Dix
  • 5. A Military Survey: Yorktown1864--1865 5A. “Total War” Yorktown
  • “Absolute War” (Carl von Clausewicz, On War)
  • James McPherson, Drawn With the Sword:
  • “no distinction between combatants and non-combatants”
  • 5B. 1864 Yorktown -Grant’s Assessment of “Total War” (103) -The Wilderness (May 8-21, 1864) -Cold Harbor (May 30-31, 1864) 5C: 1864: Sherman’s March to the Sea Yorktown 5D. 1865 Yorktown-Siege of Petersburg (June, 1864-April, 1865)-April 9, 1865—Appomattox Court House 6. Father Abraham Yorktown Your Thoughts. Yorktown 6A. The YorktownMarble Monument versus Herndon’s Lincoln
  • William Herndon, Lincoln: The true Story of a Great Life (1888)
  • Herndon: “Politics were his life” (124)
  • Then….
  • what were his politics?
  • 6B. Lincoln as “Grecian Tragedy” (Richard Hofstadter, YorktownThe American Political tradition and the Men Who Made It, 21)
  • “The greatest of the Lincoln dramatists was Lincoln himself” (Hofstadter, 122)
  • 6C. What He Was: The Unionist. Yorktown 6D. What He was NOT. Yorktown An Abolitionist.
  • Hofstadter: “moderately hostile” to slavery (139)
  • Your View on This?
  • 6E. What he MIGHT have been, but is Yorktownvery debatable…
  • …a great military strategist.
  • 6F. Lincoln’s Ambition Yorktown
  • A given. BUT..…
  • …one cannot, then, be both humble and successful in politics?
  • 6G. He was a YorktownWesterner.
  • Just like Jackson??
  • Jacksonians—property over liberty
  • Hofstadter—Lincoln's seeing slavery as a “menace to free labor” (153)
  • 6H. The Gettysburg Address and Lincoln's view of Liberty Yorktown
  • Garry Wills, Lincoln at Gettysburg(1992)
  • Wills: “Lincoln was an artist, not just a scholar.” The Gettysburg Address (Library of Congress Exhibition)
  • 6I. Reconstruction Yorktown
  • Ten Percent Plan (1863; Lincoln)
  • Versus
  • Wade-Davis Bill (1864; Radical Republicans)
  • Lincoln Pocket Vetoes
  • …and had he lived…..?
  • [email protected] Yorktown Questions? Yorktown
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