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  As’Salamu Alaikum, SuhbanAllah, Allah has made us with eyes, ears, hands and feet and intelligence that lets us accomplish great things in life. Man has built great buildings, aircrafts, space crafts and all sorts of amazing things. We look below us, we see tiny specs of dust, small organisms and insects that look tiny compared to us. Plants, animals that we see around us make us think of the things we created as “big” and “amazing”. We begin to imagine ourselves as “big”, “intelligent” and “mighty”. Then we look around us and we see the vast lands, huge mountains and oceans. We get the feeling of how big the earth is. When we stand at the foot of a giant mountain, or at the beach of an open sea, we are humbled by its greatness.     Somehow we are still able to relate to the huge oceans and mountains and earth in comparison to ourselves. Then we look up to the skies. We see planets and stars. So numerous and shining And we ask Is Earth the biggest thing in existence? . . . . .  Certainly not ….. Allah Almighty created the planet Jupiter, the larger than earth by 1300 times!!! Pic 1: A real scale image illustrates the magnitude of the giant planet Jupiter with the Earth.... 1300 times bigger! Is there something bigger than Jupiter?
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