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ISBN 978-0-19-478599-0 9 1780194 11 785990 THE MYSTERY OF MANOR HALL Tom and MiIly are staying at Manor Hall with Uncle Henry. Uncle Henry doesn't Iike teenagers, and he sometimes 100ks angry. Manar Hall is an old dark house with a mystery. There is a beaurifu1 music room. But the music room is a1ways locked and has 'Do Not Enter' on the door. One evening there is a full moon. At midnight
  ISBN978 19 478599  9780194785990  THEMYSTERYOFMANORHALL TomandMiIlyarestayingatManorHallwithUncle Henry.UncleHenrydoesn'tIiketeenagers,andhe sometimes100ksangry.ManarHallisanolddarkhouse withamystery.Thereisabeaurifu1musicroom.Butthe musicroomisa1wayslockedandhas'DoNotEnter'on thedoor. Oneeveningthereisafullmoon.AtmidnightTomand Millyhearsomerhing.Theycanhearsomeonesinging, andthenoiseiscomingfromthemusicroom. Whoissinginginthemusicroom? WharisthemysteryofManorHall?  JA TE CAMMACK TheMystery of ManarHall Illustratedby jérórneMireault OXFORDUNIVERSITYPRESS  OXFORD UN V RSITYPR SS CrearClarendonStreet,Oxford, OX260p, UnitedKingdom OxfordUniversity Press is adepartmentoftheUniversityofOxford. ItfurtherstbeUniversit:y'sobjectiveofexcellenceinresearch,scholarship, andeducation bypublishingworldwide.Oxfordisaregisteredtrade rnark ofOxfordUniversityPressintheUKandincertain other countries © OxfordUniversityPress 2013 Themoralrightsafthe author havebeenasserted FirstpublishedinOxfordBookworms 20131098765432] No unauthorized photocopyíng AlIrightsreserved.Nopartofthis publicatíon maybereproduced  storedinaretrievalsystem  ortransrnitted, inany form or byanymeans  withoutthepriorpermissionin writing ofOxfordUniversityPress or asexpresslypermitted   law Jicence or undertermsagreedwiththe appropriatereprographicsrights organization. Enquiriesconcerning reproductionoutsidethescopeoftheaboveshouldbesenttotheE¡;[ RightsDepartmenr,OxfordUniversityPress,attheaddressabove You must not circulatethisworkin any otherform andyoumust .imposethissamecondition   any acquirer LinkstothirdparrywebsitesareprovídedbyOxfordíngoodfaithand for inforrnation only. Oxford disclaimsany responsibílity forthe materials containedin anythirdparty website referenced in thís work ISBN: 978 O 19478599 O A completerecording ofthisBookwormseditionof The ysteryof anor Hallis .150 available inanaudiopack. ISBN: 978 o 19478601 O PrintedinChina Wordcount(maintext): ],390 words FormoreinformationontheOxfordBookwonnsLibrary. visirwww.oup.comjbookworms ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS nlustrations by jérómeMireault, CONTENTS STORYINTRODUCTION TheMysteryofManarHall   GLOSSARY ACTIVITIES: BeforeReading ACTIVITIES: WhileReading ACTIVITlES: AfterReading 25 29 30 32 34 35 ABOUTTHEAUTHOR ABOUTTHEBOOKWORMSLlBRARY
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