The role of ICT and telecommunication companies as service providers Roundtable 6c on CIRED 2011 Frankfurt, June 7,

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The role of ICT and telecommunication companies as service providers Roundtable 6c on CIRED 2011 Frankfurt, June 7, 2011 Ulrich Reber Smart Grid Solutions Nokia Siemens Networks. Reducing complexity & controlling cost. Establishing sustainable role in the ecosystem.
The role of ICT and telecommunication companies as service providers Roundtable 6c on CIRED 2011 Frankfurt, June 7, 2011 Ulrich Reber Smart Grid Solutions Nokia Siemens Networks Reducing complexity & controlling cost Establishing sustainable role in the ecosystem Managing the “traffic” explosion Keeping today´s customers & adding value Driving efficiency & environmental sustainability Introduction of smart grid generates the need for ICT in the utility sector Improved operational efficiency & customer centricity with our solutions
  • Demand for ICT
  • ICT a key enabler for smart grid
  • Close integration of the electrical and ICT infrastructures
  • Significant similarities to Telco world exist
  • Telco assets will play a key role in the transformation of the electrical energy system
  • Smart Customer
  • Enable customers’ control and customer centricity
  • Rating and tariffing
  • Smart Grids
  • Communication
  • Demand control
  • Dynamic management of smart grids
  • Optimized processes and workflows
  • Smart Generation
  • Management of distributed energy sources, generation and quality
  • ICT role in smart grids Power utility – business challenge ICT enablers Communication Smart customer
  • Real-time monitoring, control and payments
  • Prepaid systems
  • Customer trust, privacy and acceptance for new services
  • Multivendor and multi-technology management
  • Billing and rating systems
  • Customer data management systems
  • Smart grids
  • Management of dynamic grids
  • Network balancing with unpredictable generation
  • Management of active distributed resources
  • Two-way and real-time network element management
  • Flexible control of active resources and demand
  • Integrated management of SG components
  • Smart generation
  • Collection and analysis of historical data to predict renewable generation
  • New management applications for distributed generation and customer demand
  • Management of consumer behavior and distributed energy sources
  • Renewable generation is by nature difficult to forecast
  • Distributed generation influences quality
  • Generation points may also be consumption points
  • Revolution of energy servicesEuropean market view Improved operational efficiency & customer centricity with our solutions Value added Smart appliances Ultra fast charging for eMobility eMobility ”roaming” Quick charging for eMobility Real time tariffs Remote management of consumption Slow charging for eMobility Longer-term Bonus programs Mid-term Control loads for B2B Basic services for eMobility Near term Management of distributed/ micro generation Today (additional) Energy services Connection for micro-generation Dynamic tariffs Today (basic) Prepaid Energy Selection by eGeneration type Day/night tariffs Market priced contracts Basic connection Remote metering Reports on consumption Basic Degree of utility control on service Direct Indirect Smart steps towards fully-fledged smart grids Real-time monitoring and billing to enable dynamic tariffs and prepaid energy Integration of distributed renewable power generation sources Provision of charging points & management of the related billing infrastructure Balance electricity supply and demand to reduce peaks and join in e-markets Full Grid Connecti-vity Support substation and distribution automation to ensure security of supply SmartRating Renewable Energy Managem. eMobility ActiveDemandResponse kWh Software – to enable value-add services and process high volumes of Smart Grid data traffic in near real-time Connectivity – to provide an overall infrastructure with bi-directional communication Services – expertise and support to build, run or outsource Smart Grid communications networks Rating and Billing related business challenges Prepaid Energy Solution Architecture ERP system CRM Customer Care Business Intelligence Customer Self Care ERP Layer Invoicing Reports Tariff Management: Time of Use rates Dynamic rates Basic energy rates Rating and Tariffing Top-up Bonus programs Notifications Prepaid Energy Basic energy rates Time of Use rates Dynamic rates Bonus programs Notifications Prepaid Energy Top-up Meter Data Management Meter Data Management Mediation SW Mediation SW VEE VEE Versioned data storage Versioned data storage Application enablement Application enablement etc. etc. DataCollection Meter data collection platform (Vendor 1) Meter data collection platform (Vendor 2) Connectionlayer Home Area Network Last Mile Wide Area Network Meters Meters Meters Meters Smart Grid Solutions – wide variety of projects and customers Telco-to-Wind application to extract data from various turbine vendors and normalize them into one unified view Jointly develop, test and install a smart grid in the Kalasatamadistrict of Helsinki, Finland World’s first WiMAX network for full remote smart meter management in Victoria, Australia Secure communication network to guarantee data security in the power distribution network of Turku Energia Field service management based on a SaaS modelfor automatic and most efficient allocation of resources Enabling eMobility by adopting proven mo-bile communicationtechnology to manage subscribers and payment New business models and ICT-solutions for e-mobility allowing attractive tariff concepts and value-added services Increase bandwidth of communications network to keep DEWA in control of data from a growing number of substations Thank you! customers
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