Water Cycle

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Water Cycle Earth’s water is always in movement and the natural water cyle also known as the Hydrologic cycle. And when it’s moveing its changing from liquid to vapor…
Water Cycle Earth’s water is always in movement and the natural water cyle also known as the Hydrologic cycle. And when it’s moveing its changing from liquid to vapor then to ice and back again. Evaporation helps the water vapor get back into the clouds this is called Precipitation. Water vapor when it gets cold it changes back into a liquid and forms clouds this is called Condensation. When water falls back down into a near by lake, river, or ocean it will become part of the groundwater.
  • Anemometer Measureas wind speed.
  • Barometer Measures air pressure.
  • Wind vain Is an instrument that tells you which way the wind is coming or going.
  • Thermometer Measures the air temperature most thermometers are closed glass tubes containing liquids such as alcohol or mercury. When the alcohol or mercury rises the temperature is hot when it lowers its cold.
  • Rain gauge Measures the amount of rain that has fallen time.
  • Snow gauge Measures the amount of snow that has fallen over time.
  • How-To Gather the things you’ll need. You need six objects and I’m about to explain each and every one of them to you. Supplies: scissors, tape, balloon, glass jar, elastic rubber band, and a straw. Ok lets get started you are going to grab your balloon. Blow up your balloon as much as you can but not to much or else you will pop it. You are going to cut your balloon in half. Discard the piece with the neck on it. Next take the remaining piece of the balloon and spread it across the rim of the glass jar. Keep it stretched firmly across and seal it down with the elastic rubber band again around the rim of the glass jar. To make an air tight avoid gapes between the balloon and the glass jar. Get a straw and a piece of tape. Tape the straw onto the balloon top the straw should be sitting one quarter of a way on the lid with the tape about two cm or one inch from the edge of the straw and that is sitting on the balloon lid. The straw is the indicator. Put the finished glass jar piece in a safe environment. Grab a piece of white paper it could be construction paper or even printer paper. Put the indicator the straw on the paper mark where that straw lieslabel that line windy. With the same length underneath and on top make the two lines. Label the top line sunny and the bottom line rainy. THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE BAROMETER! clouds
  • Cirrus clouds Cirrus clouds are thin wispy blown by high winds into long streamers.
  • Altostratus clouds This particular cloud covers the entire sky.
  • Stratus Light mist or drizzle may sometimes fall out of.
  • www.teachertube.c om/viewVideo Tornados First I want to say tornados are produced by large [super cell] thunderstorms. That grow over 40,00 feet. Tornados can cause damage to homes and people kind of act like birds and migrate. So people dive to other safe environments.
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