What do you want more of?

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What do you want more of?. ...fun ...money ...free time …travel …more friends ...youthful health & energy  ...contribution to the lives of others ...peace of mind . Let’s get started! Work Once - Get Paid Forever. Getting Started.
What do you want more of?
  • ...fun
  • ...money
  • ...free time
  • …travel
  • …more friends
  • ...youthful health & energy 
  • ...contribution to the lives of others
  • ...peace of mind 
  • Let’s get started!Work Once - Get Paid ForeverGetting Started
  • Complete your distributor enrollment at your sponsors’ website.
  • Enroll with your Signature Packfirst Direct Ship order andFree Distributor Kit.
  • Be your own best customer.
  • Convert your home to Neways products.
  • Next Steps…
  • Order 100 Life Without Limits Recruiting Tool
  • Visit neways.com/usa and login with your ID# and Password.
  • Create your iNeways website with the Life Without limits module
  • Review Take Charge Workbook
  • Get a biz checking account, use a contact manager system and get 3-way calling.
  • Next Steps…
  • Check the Direct Ship date for your state & customize your order for next month.
  • Write in all weekly & monthly conference calls and local meetings in your planner.
  • Register for convention.
  • Next Steps…
  • Make a list of people you know who would like to diversify their income and Live An Amazing life.
  • Block out 7 – 10 hours per week for your business
  • Know Your WHY Set GOALS Think BIG
  • Consider ManagerLeadership Position$600 to Start - $150 to Stay Game Plan to $20,000 per monthInstant Manager by purchasing $600 in products Instant bonus commissions of 15%Normally $3000 (Save $2400)Order 3 more signature packsFast Track To Executive Game PlanEnroll as a Manager($600 in products), Enroll 3 Managers in Two Months & You Become an Executive!Executive Bonus Commissions are 20-25%Recruiting Process
  • Prospecting Approach - Ask pique interest questions such as:
  • “Are you open to taking a look at an opportunity to create some great additional income?”
  • “Are you someone who keeps your business options open?”
  • “If I could show you how you can make money from home, would you be interested?”
  • “Have you considered having your own home based business?”
  • Present
  • Give them a Life Without Limits DVD/Booklet and agree on a time/date to follow up
  • Follow Up
  • When a person has any questions, have them review the Live An Amazing Life webinar at AmazingLifeWebinar.com
  • If they have more questions about the company, compensation plan or products, send them to your iNeways site.
  • Enroll
  • Enroll with 1 Signature Pack & Free Distributor Kit
  • Homework: Use the products, review training materials and Dream BIG!
  • Get Started Training: ImagineALifeWithoutLimits.com
  • Seeing ResultsFollow System + Experience + Belief =Success Rate There is no instant gratification… but the work you do for the next 1 – 3 years could take care of you for the rest of your life!Planning Your Neways FutureThese three major rank advancements in Neways will typically yield the following income:Executive $100 - $1,000 per monthCar Qualified Senior Executive$2,000 - $5,000 per monthQualifying Diamond Ambassador$10,000 and MORE per monthTreat this like a hobby – get a hobby income.Treat it like a business – get a business income!Maximizing the Pay PlanBecome Executive Maximize group development bonus (20 – 25%)12 $150 DS legs Maximize multiplex bonusesSenior Executive Additional 3% bonus plus car allowanceDiamond AmbassadorMaximize leadership bonusesBecome an Executive
  • Enroll as a manager
  • Enroll 3 managers within 2 months
  • Once you become an Executive
  • You earn 20-25% on personal group volume
  • Earn 5% on your Executive’s Leadership volume
  • Maximize multiplex bonusesDevelop 12 $150 DS LegsAs you sponsor wider, you get paid deeper and earn higher percentages.There is no limit to how wide you can build.Sr. Executive
  • Qualify as Executive Monthly ($1000 group PV)
  • 3+ of your managers have become Executives and qualify each month
  • Earn an additional 3%
  • When your income is $2000+ per month for 3 months, you’ll qualify for the car / home office allowance
  • Receive 15% of your monthly Neways income as a car/office bonus, up to $1000 per month!Diamond AmbassadorMaximize Affinity Bonuses with9 Qualified ExecutivesCollect on qualifying groups, rather than individuals, to create walkaway income.The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. - MichelangeloMillionaire Mindset
  • Commit to your own personal growth
  • Entrepreneur vs. employee
  • See it bigger than current circumstances dictate
  • Create urgency
  • You will be duplicated
  • Persist
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